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  October 24th 1984.  A day that began like any other. A day that could easily get over looked in the countless pages of history. A day whose importance would not be fully realized until years and even decades later. A day of destiny. For on that day, a conflicted young phenom from the University of North Carolina made a decision that would change the course of sneaker history forever. On that day the young president of Jump Inc., inked a deal with a then struggling Nike Inc., that would form a partnership of monumental proportions. On that day, the Air Jordan was born.... read more


NIKE AIR RAID    Designer TINKER HATFIELD & MARK SMITH     Original Release Date 1992   History The Nike Air Raid, originally released in 1992, was a signature basketball sneaker designed in collaboration by Tinker Hatfield (yup, him) and Mark Smith for Tim Hardaway of the Golden State Warriors and legendary "RUN TMC" trio.1 A direct order from the upper management of Nike, via a yellow sticky note2, Tinker Hatfield and Mark Smith were tasked with creating a basketball shoe specifically for "OUTDOOR USE ONLY".3  Looking for inspiration to draw upon, Mark Smith... read more

Air Jordan 13

Welcome to an unedited NikeTalk Shoe Wiki Page! We are undergoing a massive community project that will require everyone's participation. If you feel like you have some insight to offer into this shoe, please edit the article and add your expertise. Some things to make sure you do:     Tag this article with the appropriate shoe product page     Add images!     Link back to the appropriate content pages that would be parents or children of this one Shoe Name he got game, Breds holograms   Designer tinker hatfield     Original Release Date 1997     History     Who... read more

Nike KD 3

Shoe Name Nike Zoom KD 3         Designer   Leo Chang         Original Release Date November 26th, 2010   History The Nike Zoom KD 3 was designed by Leo Chang. (Chang was responsible for the previous two Kevin Durant signature models and would go on to create the next 4 models for Kevin Durant)   The shoe was Kevin Durant's first low cut signature sneaker. It features Nike's low-profile Zoom cushioning in the forefoot, which can be seen on the bottom of the sneaker. The upper is made up of Nike's lightweight and sturdy flywire technology, which is... read more

Midsole (Materials, Features & Enhancements)

Nike categorizes a shoe by three basic components. Upper, Midsole & Outsole. Nike also thinks the best way to think about this concept is by referencing a Car. For example- Upper = Body Of Car / Midsole = Suspension Of Car / Outsole = Tires Of Car. In this particular article though I will be writing about Midsoles only. The Midsole is the layer that is in between the Upper & Outsole of the sneaker. It is the MOST IMPORTANT part of the shoe due to the fact that it provides Stability, Cushioning & Shock Absorption. Also the Midsole usually incorporates some type of Nike... read more

Nike Foamposite One & Pro

Nike Foamposite one & Pro   Designer   Eric Avar   Original Release Date   1997   History 2014-2015 NikeTalk Thread   Back in 1997, Eric Avar created a shoe that still hits the shelves to this day and still make sneaker fanatic around the world line up to get their hands on a pair. The beetle was one of the major inspiration for the foamposite (with its hard exoskeleton).    Penny Hardaway made the shoe famous around the world, but Eric Avar didn't design the shoe for Penny. Originally, the shoe was suppose to be for Scottie Pippen.    The developpment... read more


Shoe Name Nike KD VII Designer Leo Chang Original Release Date June 26, 2014 History Original NikeTalk thread.   Kevin Durant's seventh signature shoe brought back the midsole strap from the KD II and KD IV, a feature that many fans of the line were happy to see and that Durant himself requested1. Nike continued the overall "weather" theme that has become a staple of the KD line. A successful follow-up to the very popular KD VI was very important to keep the momentum of the line going strong.   The construction of the shoe brought some previously unused... read more

Air Jordan 3

AIR JORDAN III     Designer Tinker Hatfield   Original Release Date   1988   the 4 original colorways :   White cement :  Black cement :  Fire red :  True blue :    back in 1988, the retail was set at 100$. It may seemed very cheap for today's standard, but back then, a 3 digit price tag on a basketball shoe was something we never seen.    History With Michael Jordan wanting to leave Nike after the Jordan 2, Nike needed to make sure to impress Jordan with the third model of the line. They sure did a good job by putting Tinker Hatfield on the... read more

Nike KD VI

Shoe Name Nike KD VI Designer Leo Chang Original Release Date June 29, 2013 - July 18, 2014 History Original NikeTalk thread.   Kevin Durant's sixth signature shoe takes much of its design cues from fine watches1. Hexagons are seen on the outsole of the shoe which tie back to the number six. The tongue logo shows KD's number 35 and the number 6 in the negative space. A lightning bolt on the heel of the shoe ties back to KD's team, the Oklahoma City Thunder. Many of the colorways continue the "weather" theme that is a signature part of the KD line going back to... read more

Air Jordan 2009: The Start of a New Legacy

AIR JORDAN 2009 : The Start of a New Legacy DESIGNED BY JASON MAYDEN (FORMER JORDAN BRAND SENIOR FOOTWEAR DESIGNER)         AIR JORDAN 2009 Dissected:       Key Design Elements: Part of Nike's "Considered Design" ethos (environmentally preferred shoe development & construction) Employs new tech: Articulated Propulsion Technology "APT" Implemented luxurious materials like satin pleats & panache leather  Thermo Plastic Urethane "TPU" chassis with "blown glass inspired pattern" Carbon plate instills rigidity and locks... read more

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