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Jordan XI Premium Shoe Bag - A Quick Take on the New Release 12-11-2014

The Air Jordan XI is one of the most iconic sneakers around. The shoe was designed by Tinker Hatfield in the mid 90s while Michael Jordan had retired from basketball to pursue a short career in minor league baseball (and we All know how that went ...). Popularity for the XIs gained much interest after many got their first glimpse of it in the 1996 mild block-buster Spacejam starring MJ and the Looney Tunes. Though the Spacejam and Concord versions are known and loved; none seem more revered than the Black/red/white – Breds combo. The Air Jordan XIs sports patent... read more

Running? Get fitted, then get fit!

So I decided to create a page about something I learned to love a lot over the last few years, running. Hitting the pavement can be such a freeing experience for the mind, body & soul all at once, it's inexpensive to dive into, needs no real investment from others & requires little to no equipment(I mean stripping everything else away, you could literally wake up & go straight to the pavement outside your living area with no clothes or shoes if you choose to). For some, me included, it's a perfect way to relieve stress & pressure that can build during a day/week whether... read more

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