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Yeaaaa let's go. It's cool pierce. You can end your career in the 1st round 😎
😂I'm pretty drunk.I just think carver is 50 Tyson lowkey
Isn't 50 Tyson from Minnesota? Y'all ever seen @Carver and 50 Tyson in the same room together?
my dude tarik cohen got drafted 
Sup fellas.   House hunting is no joke..   I see my steelers took dobbs. Don't know much about him.
I mean I can't complain..I haven't been keeping up with it since day 1.Saw that we took juju smith in the 2nd.. could've taken someone for the secondary.It'll work itself out tho
Can we get a secondary.. PLEASE
wow Marc stein?!   but SAS and sage steele still have jobs at ESPN. 
giants trying to draft every offensive position but RB 
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