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confessions slander. I'll allow it.   it's a decent album, a lot better out there imo.    Feels weird seeing it slandered because people love it.    Got a homeboy who thinks it's the best R&B album ever.  
are teams allowed to wear alternate or throwback jersey's in the SB?
  Matt Ryan top 5 ever.. yikes.   still, go falcons 
 idk either.. new boyz?
 please... just please go back to the NBA thread.   I'm sure they miss you
 while Brady wasn't a great QB up until 2007 his numbers were still better than smith's 
 GG homie. clearly the better team. Brady dominated. 
 your team didn't make the playoffs. didn't win the division. and lost to the ******* jets.  but the steelers are trash.   whatever makes you sleep better at night, duke
 but are y'all here? no?  did y'all make the playoffs? no?  oh ok.   GG @Rolaholic and @DeadsetAce better team won today
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