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Word, we'll see.I said the same thing about exum lol
I see the Knicks ****** around and **** the bed again. Had the chance to pick up Dennis smith. Picked Dante exam lite. Stay safe bro @nickmaz96
Man I'm not even watching the draft. I'm at the Charlotte airport at the moment.I'm sure Lavar made a fool of himself tho lololHahahaha wow yo. Good thing his son didn't hit his head
Pretty sure that same news anchor did a tribute for phife when he passed away.
Luck throws 15+ INT's and struggles to go 9-7 in the weakest division in football. And then gets to the playoffs to get blown out by the patriots. But in all seriousness, every team in the AFC south is getting better. Colts staying stagnant.
Lol what?If you saw how well he played last season you wouldn't be saying this.
Man what? I really hope that person was serious and not trying to be funny.Rip to Prodigy tho. Pretty sure he was working on an album. Might've been featured on Nas' new joint.I hate how great rappers still active in their in their 40's just get taken away from us. First Sean P and now prodigy.On any given day the infamous could be considered the best hip hop album ever.
Catching up with 20 pages and my goodness that **** was funny. From the government sending 40 year old white dudes new balances and Kevin mchale DVD's To Eddie and chesters back and forth about a bunch of nothing 😂
Is it wrinkled or iron?
But you like metalcore tho b
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