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Try them on. I've been impressed with the fit. Don't get me wrong. On paper the Lebron has more cushioning. But I perfer the forefoot zoom in the PG1. I haven't wore the Lebrons yet.
Seen the Black Ice pair at FTL today. Very impressed with the materials. It feels like suede in the heel area. A $110 shoe with zoom I can feel. Thinking of returning my Lebron 14 and get these and the Grey pair.
Knowing Nike....the mesh will be violet,the sole will be black with a red Nike swoosh smh.
Once they receive it. A few days. I actually waited longer for the voucher to come in the mail. But once it's approved. They have it on file so you can order something without the actual voucher in hand.
I was given a $200 voucher for my KD9s. I was shocked.
The Kobe XI zoom bag feels double stacked. I know the 7s are. The AD is a simple normal heel bag.
I think the IDs won't hit until Lebrons season is over. With only 7 possible releases.
Can anyone explain how the reserve on the Sneakers app work? Is it randomised? I checked my inbox and noticed that I had some reserves I didn't know I had. Can someone enlighten me?
I thought you couldn't do it....but I'll try.
I appreciate it. It doesn't cover the total cost. No reason spending money when I have the voucher.
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