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The Kobe XI zoom bag feels double stacked. I know the 7s are. The AD is a simple normal heel bag.
I think the IDs won't hit until Lebrons season is over. With only 7 possible releases.
Can anyone explain how the reserve on the Sneakers app work? Is it randomised? I checked my inbox and noticed that I had some reserves I didn't know I had. Can someone enlighten me?
I thought you couldn't do it....but I'll try.
I appreciate it. It doesn't cover the total cost. No reason spending money when I have the voucher.
I'm pissed. I have a $200 voucher to use. I want the Shining colorway that will release the 24th. But there's no option to input the voucher or gift card numbers. Just credit cards. Is there anyway to bypass this? I'm sure it will be a Sneakers app release.
Mine's popped the first time wearing them. Voucher is in the mail.
How long does it take for Kobes to go on sale on NDC? I have a $150 voucher to spend.
Those all white 14s remind me of the Xmas 13s.
Well.Guess I'll be making a claim to Nike. The small tendril that connects the zoombags ripped. The USA colorway which I've only worn twice smh.
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