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No Laker colorways again smh.
Nike is just tugging our nostalgic heartstrings. These,the Vicks,Griffeys,the other penny models. Removing tech,replacing carbon fiber with hard TPU mimicking actual fiber patterns and color. I get that businesses need to make money. These are worth 125 max.
I can no longer play ball with my ankle in the shape that it's in. I purchase Kobes for casual use. With my favorite being the 7s. I do believe that retro's will come when Nike buys Kobes "brand". Similar to Jordan.
This thought just came across my mind. These websites that show the these shoes deconstructed...could there be any legal action by Nike?
So they leave the Carbon Fiber....and take away the zoom? I was hyped when the saw the original Orlando colorway. I'm curious to know if the 2s have forefoot zoom.
Since we're on the subject of reviewers. My favorite is Nightwing. His older reviews use to be almost 20mins long for each review. And very informative. But I agree he's biased to Addias because of Boost and Bounce cushions. I give him credit for calling out Nike for there BS. Which I'm sure Nike has caught wind of. Now to the Kobe A.d....this process of trying to improve on the previous shoe has to stop. The innovation just isn't there in the Kobe line anymore. The Kobe 9...
I've worn these about 5-6 times. At first I thought these had full length zoom. It's an ortholite insole (spelling). I wore the black white pair to work a 12 hour day. And these became so uncomfortable. The materials are nice but feels like the 2 retro without the clunky heel.
I commented a few times already about this shoe. It just feels like a phone in effort but Avar. One measly top loaded zoom bag. My favorite model is the had Double stacked heel. And a top loaded forefoot bag. Best zoom feeling Kobe I've had.
When I first saw these in person. I noticed the outlines for the zoom bag. Like the 10s,I put pressure with my thumbs to force the bag to collapse. You could see the fibers....I tried it on this model and I couldn't see it. Right then and there I was upset. But I'll cop a pair on sale.
This shoe isn't worth $160....especially when the KD9 is $150 and I'm sure it's more comfortable. Nike is a disgrace.
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