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Where is the Nike ID for goodness sakes. The Kyrie,Lebron and hopefully the PG1 needs to have a release date.
Any Nike ID information?
lol....but seriously. He claims to put time into his reviews. Weeks before putting out a review. And thats fine. Some reviewers who are well known who doesn't even know the Tech...Delz is annoying with this. SB does the same.
I don't understand the hate regarding Nightwings reviews. We're around the same age...and share the same love for shoes. Now the Sole Brothers are annoying. I can relate to Nightwing and look forward to every review he puts out...regardless of brand. While Sole Brother's puts performance reviews out every day. Run around the court,do a couple of drills and thats it.
This is embarrassing. A piece of foam shaped like a forefoot zoombag. And for $190.
No Laker colorways again smh.
Nike is just tugging our nostalgic heartstrings. These,the Vicks,Griffeys,the other penny models. Removing tech,replacing carbon fiber with hard TPU mimicking actual fiber patterns and color. I get that businesses need to make money. These are worth 125 max.
I can no longer play ball with my ankle in the shape that it's in. I purchase Kobes for casual use. With my favorite being the 7s. I do believe that retro's will come when Nike buys Kobes "brand". Similar to Jordan.
This thought just came across my mind. These websites that show the these shoes deconstructed...could there be any legal action by Nike?
So they leave the Carbon Fiber....and take away the zoom? I was hyped when the saw the original Orlando colorway. I'm curious to know if the 2s have forefoot zoom.
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