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Fox and Swanigan are solid but I wouldn't have drafted Giles in the 1st Rd and especially not over OG or even Semi. But what do I know... My team drafted Adebayo with a lotto pick...
Lottery pick on Bam, I'm sick
Damn C's wuter you doin' baby
That's Warriors whole bench
Heat would have 4-of-5 of the All-team irrational confidence with Dion/Young/James Johnson/Whiteside
Young should come to South Beach and try to play psuedo-SF like Rodney McGruder, Heat could use the shooting and that core can't possibly have too much irrational confidence
So Jackson trying to fall to Phoenix? They don't deserve him, Riles pls
BG and Harden would be something but Rok's need to do what they can to keep Beverly
Over Towns? Even if he can't defend, protect the rim or shoot
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