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Nah those weren't there, just the triple black version.
They have the all black colorway of the Air Unlimiteds at the Arundel Hills Nike in Maryland for $59.99. Sizes 6.5-10 and 13 and 14, good luck.
Thank you, I appreciate the help.
What insole did you buy, make/model?
Happens a lot on eBay, I call those people "eBay liars". They say "Only worn once"....but it was once a day for one month straight
I like them and will definitely be getting a pair, they look much better than the Kyrie 3's.
Two totally different shoes. 30's lockdown is amazing and so is the grip, just an all around great basketball shoe. 31's are more comfortable and a good shoe also.
That's what I want to know.
Russell not only has different outsoles, he also has different cushioning. Maybe it's the cushioning in the 31's that he doesn't like and not the outsoles. He plays on perfect courts so traction shouldn't be an issue.Regarding retros, they no longer make them for "Basketball", that's why most don't look at them as performance shoes.
Why are you selling, just curious?
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