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Definitely PE's, look at the black soles.
Same can be said for any sig shoe.
Best colors so far in the lows
The biggest reason for the decline is the Warriors not winning the championship.the hype died down after that.
That's how it is for the majority of Nike's signature releases nowadays, everyone hates them at first but then is in love by release date.
If Nike doesn't want me to have them without jumping through hoops or paying $400, then I won't have them.
Nah those weren't there, just the triple black version.
They have the all black colorway of the Air Unlimiteds at the Arundel Hills Nike in Maryland for $59.99. Sizes 6.5-10 and 13 and 14, good luck.
Thank you, I appreciate the help.
What insole did you buy, make/model?
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