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Traction was great for me
I am too, I think it was the price. That and I didn't think I'd like the shoe as much as do. 
 You sound like a basher
 You Sir are the Bomb!THANK YOU!
The question was did I think they players were provided with different soles on PE's than consumers. I googled PE's and all I posted a few ofl the ones that didn't look like ones that were sold at retail to show that players were provided with different soles.I didn't intend to show only solid soles, I believe Jordan sponsored teams wore translucent soles.
Any heel slippage?
Just got mine in the mail, I feel the heel slip also. These might be going back, I have too many shoes to wear ones where the heel slips.Thatnks fr the advice, it helped a bit but there's still slippage. Might have to send them back.
Our discussion was whether NBA players had different soles than the pairs for the public.
[/quote]Probably won't use but thank you for the info!
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