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Guess ima be at the mall right when they open for the khaki joints
it happened guys been raw with my 6S plus since march 21 phone slipped out of my hand while sitting in the computer chair and it landed face down hitting the top left corner smh some cracks  what am i looking at to replace? might just rock it like this until its bad lol
Lens V2 is dope! trav did his thing
word is pahse 2 is k dot x travis 
You might he right. I mean the cream color one is nice but I'll probably pass By any chance does anyone know what these are?
Yeah those 420 ones are basura Busted these out today on a beautiful sunny day in SoCal. I really like the color way
L  i feel like they are slighty too big and could go down .5 but didn't want the hassle of selling and then buying so i just tie them a lil tighter than i would normally do
looking very good might wait for disco but might be down for retail
those the space ones?? meh
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