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By the looks of it, you guys could just share one pair..........j/k 
I'm liking the micro suede on the swoosh for the 3 blk
No not really but if you trying to do that, call asap that read bruh and maybe you might get what I was saying 😁
lol you must be atheist.........smh not gunna touch on that with you, good day sir
Well people in HELL want ice water but do they get it.........Patience is a virtue my friendPs.... I'm not concerned it's just shoes
You sure these aren't hyped, b/c I'm going to have to disagree with you on that one. Plus you should really ask that question as a pm, hype or not why would he want to give up his spot to you, not trying to be rude? But also that's how a lot of accounts get messed up by people giving the names of spot that sell early, plus if there is no "hype" then these should be pretty easy to get right, why do you need his spots name just wait till release day.
LMAO you asking this man to give up his spot so you can blow it up.........
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