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lol np damn good price tho
ADC or packer shoes
Simple and can be summed up in one word......uneducated lol ijs. A come up is a come up don't matter if it's 5 dollars that's a W
Can you
Gotcha, you know everyone trying to get a quick buck, just wait till refund checks start coming, now that will be entertaining
nice I got mine for retail  x2
If your talking about the 93/17 then I understand what your saying not a fan of those, but the support ultra PK, thats a different story, it's a clean shoe imo.... hope that answers your question 
Too much lol, I think some was looking at a pair for 330 or something like that, but that a steal price, plus I maybe a lil skeptical about that price but that's just me.
If you know anything about adidas the EQT is a very classic silhouette, just like the air force is to Nike, it's all a matter of personal taste. I haven't bought any boost since the 1.0 and plus I really like the king push EQT but I refuse to pay resale.
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