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Well if it helps I'm about 6'0 240 and a sz 52 fits me fine and 2xl fits me for the mesh BP's
Reggie Jackson and Nolan Ryan Astros for 98 shipped 
well when you say who got me, on a sold out product where do you go, plus I dont know who is willing to "hook up" for retail this day and age esp in that sz 13.  So I gave him the names of some places that might be able to help 
lol what??????
have you ever worn a baseball jersey,and not the little league ones, use this to help you find your size how big of a person are you if you dont mind me asking.
BAWHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, good joke man   try ebay, GOAT, SOTCKX, Flight Club, they got you.
go one sz up then
My exact same question..........
how do you want it to fit, sung or alil loose?
ya just trying to get an idea, have 2 pair and thinking about maybe doing something like that 
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