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Will the quai54 get released on NDC?
For the crossover 2s is there anything you can do to keep the fit snug once the woven part starts stretching? Other than double socking
The code works on the mi adidas.  Never tried these on but I'm a 9.5 in the CE low. Do you suggest going down half a size?
Do you the specific store to price match in case our local stores don't have this deal?
 Did all of the Crazylight boost 2016 have continental rubber? Or only some models?
Did I miss out on the black/red crazylight 2016s? I thought they would sit for a long time
Holford is scared of lebron
Used the 20 dollar gift card for the grey pgs, and ebates is at 8%
Any kobe hoodies?
In a few years, there are so many of those on eBay
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