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It's all preference bro, I bought two pairs with full zoom and I don't even use them.I like the heel zoom much better
Grabbed the last 9.5 in Cerritos, I thought I was here early but they opened at 10 instead of 11. Luck
Same sizeI like the 11s but I swap out the insoles for one with the heel zoom.I tried the full zoom and I didn't like it that much
I've played in the both the 8s and the 11s, aces colorlway. (Grey solid outside)Traction is great for me.Can't really tell a different in the weight area.
Just got the fundamentals. Such an amazing shoe. Still need the details and I'll be done with the 9s
Backboards were at finish line and Ndc for about 100 a little while ago
Definitely over 400
If you can't return them just put them up on eBay I'm sure it will sell for retail
Size 9.5 gets dooped too, seen some good knits on eBay for 9 and 9.5 though
I'm still looking for a good pair of aces. Could have bought a nearly ds for 100 two years ago smh.
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