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There was a sale on ndc where the space jams were selling for about 100
So these aren't coming out?
Do the Jc 2.5 mid fit differently than the 2s?
No way over 300??? I could have gotten those for like 85
How much did you pay for these? They are sick 
I made an Id after that pure white Id was posted on here but I got the regular grayish white.It's probably a fluke but you might get lucky
Footlocker. Not sure if it's only to my account but I'm not going to use it.
Agreed not worth 200. Would definitely purchase on discount though.
A regular knife won't work. Idk about heating it up. A hand saw might work if you have the proper set up
Not worth it imo. Almost sliced my hand open trying that. It's a very hard foam to cut evenly.
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