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I still haven't seen a better season of television since season 4 of this show. So authentic, from the classroom environment to the household situations for those kids. I wish HBO would've went thru with that spinoff about Baltimore politics. My god that would've been so good.
When this is all said and done, somewhere down the line we need a Spotlight-type movie about WaPo and NYT. They're doing some great work.
Meanwhile, you're doing the same thing. This **** goes both ways man
This is actually hilarious
I'm speaking on pointless comparisons. While debating Drake v Kendrick (for example) is entertaining, these two don't even make the same kind of music or pander to the same fanbase. We just compare the two based on the fact that they both happen to rap. That's where the comparisons stop, to some.Somebody a page or two ago said that we need to start judging these guys based on abilities alone and that's a great point. We compare, compare, compare, until we start to deem...
This is really it. We've been trained to always put something or somebody into a category instead of letting each artist stand on their own. The obsession with constantly comparing rappers to one another is really moot to me.
Crazy, but **** dude. I'll never forget his demeanor throughout that whole first trial, it was like a game to him. He played piru gangster when he had the whole world at his fingertips. **** his shorty too. All my sympathy goes to his child.
I don't necessarily discredit anybody because I don't care to read it. But it's not hard to read something and infer that maybe this person doesn't know **** about what they're talking about
I'm honestly blown away at the sudden need for objectivity. It's hilarious.
Bro, if you enjoyed something why even pay attention to the negative **** people have to say about it? Is it going to change your opinion? I'm not gonna sit here and take it into consideration "just cause."Y'all come in here trying to paint this picture of us not liking something strictly because it wasn't favorable to Kendrick. That's not true, dude's reasoning was dumb as hell.
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