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Who said this? Ns just don't want songs about ex's and generic songs about haters bro. It's been corny, but now the music is starting to suffer.Y'all love calling Kendrick "fake deep" because he actually talks about ****
Not to mention that lyrically Drake hasn't improved much, if at all, over the last 8 years. He raps about the most generic **** possible and it's really just surface level relatability. Very few of his recent songs top his old ones. Rehash of the same old ****.
Yea, no point in continuing this conversation
You're saying this like Kendrick isn't currently one of the most popular artists in the world right now, along with your beloved Kendrick is currently carving out his legacy and proving his longevity. It's not his fault Drake has been doing this longer.
Drake doesn't beat his chest? The man who said "last name ever, first name greatest" on one of his first major songs, and has been lightweight running with that ever since? (see the "I'm not top 5, but I'm top 2, and I'm not 2" line off More Life). Ya boy is constantly trying to force himself in that "best rapper" conversation man. Stop it.
Are we talking in Hip Hop terms? Or overall?That's the issue when speaking about Drake. The lines get blurred and we start talking about hits and mainstream numbers, pop ****. But if we start talking in actual Hip Hop terms, how isn't J. Cole the better HIP HOP artist over Drake?
Drake's status in Hip Hop is confused because of his pop/mainstream success. He gets compared to Kendrick/Cole because of this reason alone, not because his skills are on par with theirs (their not even the same kind of artists). Right now, at this moment, he's not a rapper. He just happens to rap. He's made it increasingly clear over the last year and a half that he doesn't want (or need) to make rap records, I think he does it at this point because it's what people...
Gyalchester is so hard man
Only thing I didn't care for was the way they forced the 5 together, Zack and Trini kinda came outta nowhere. Other than that I loved it. Elizabeth Banks was DOPE
If I'm Big Sean and a squabble with Kendrick is what I really wanted, I'm striking back while it's still fresh. Gives him a chance to remind people of his capabilities while also associating his name with one of the biggest rappers in the world. Then again, do you really want these problems?
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