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Can't even stunt, Jay needs to let Drake live. I'm of the belief that Drake has a long way to go but picking a fight with him looks silly when you're the most successful rapper alive.
No lie, this is exactly how it happened for me too. My homies been tryna put me on for a while but I couldn't get passed the lil Ns voice, and chalked him up to being another gimmicky type of dude. Bag On Me changed my whole perspective on him, I'm a fan now.
Sometimes things like these simply come down to preception. It's just not a good look at the moment to be associated with the most hated man in the country, especially if you're in a group that he's insulted in the past year or so (which is just about everyone). Had she sat there and simply said she did it because she just wanted to, or because she needed the money, the backlash wouldn't be as severe. She was asked to perform, accepted immediately, and then tried to hide...
I feel you, but the dope thing about this show is making already established characters feel fresh and new. I don't think about the assassin Mike was in BB when I watch BCS, or see the scumbag lawyer that Saul was in Jimmy. I think they can do the same with Gus because his character is just as complex as those two.
He compared the reactions to the albums, not the albums themselves
Drake and Cole aren't even the same kind of rappers, man. I swear, Ns can't ever enjoy music without having to compare everybody to each other.
Everything he dropped after Everybody Lookin is top notch Gucci. Best point in his career right now.
I was referring to your Kendrick comment. We have to stop acting like he's the only quality hip hop artist out, of course he's on another level but he's not the only one making good music.Dude basically admitted to re-creating the whole beat lol. Sucks but both songs are fire.
Havent even listened yet, but this is entirely false
She's just cute to me. That's it. But I just cannot **** a broad who more than likely has a black man fetish. That is some weird ****
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