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i just keep ordering drinks at the bar if you they see you gambling on the bar casino games, i usually play 50 dollars and order patron shots  #VegasHacks
Does anyone in here actually live in Vegas? I'm thinking of making the move by the end of the year from the IE since I want a diff scenery. Any tips or pointers will help and do you actually like it staying in Vegas?
That dude has 9 lives 
Duke tho 🤔
Andros was a pretty dope red ranger
Can't wait for Tyrion and Sansa reunion 😱 plus John snow since season 1
94 as the high today in SoCal, its about to be the hottest summer 
Its $2 steaks at the local stripclub on Tuesdays 
Let the games begin
What cleaner do you guys use to clean the white NMD R1's?
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