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FootAction is my area is doing fcfs So that Footlocker thing doesn't sound to far off
Hold up Hold Up Hold up   Are people comparing a Running shoe to A Basketball shoe?   Why would you wear a basketball shoe to a Running Marathon?
Laces still deadstock Doubt I use the blue ones anyway
Ask about the BC 3's
 Navy/ University colorway It's two Holiday 11'sI believe there is a thread for the previously mentioned colorwayAir Jordan XI RetroWhite/Midnight Navy-University Blue378037-123
Next week sizes are limited from what my stores are telling me gas is 2.10 i got a full tank let's do it!
Weak episode Not to many highlights   Gohan mentioned his sayian blood   Pointless back and forth between  Beerus and Goku   Oddly Beerus looks a little beefy (Drawn with more muscle)  in this episode   That's about it Might wait till the Episode with 17 and 18 
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