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Is your area doing FCFS?
Weird Season of Anime I'm liking Yuri on Ice was pretty cool Now I'm checking out Kuzu No Honkai and I must say I am very interested in the art style and plot Side note Anyone still reading Tokyo Ghoul Re:? I have gotten so lost It's all these characters popping up and Time Skips going on I ended up skipping a few chapters and it felt like I missed a whole Year worth of updates
Careful there famI'm just kiddingThe no fap bring the savage outThe boost in aura, confidence, sex appeal,Welcome to the super power club
^ I was just thinking about how proud I was of Buggy's new gig    Some screenies from this weeks episode 18's with the Sadist Motivation  Even had her Daughter with the assist              And come on now We know what a  "Paradise Plant" really is. OG Roshi with the OG kush       And It was Great to see Gohan actually get a few hits in on his Step-Father
 Gave him the old snip snip
  Broly is canon and Female   First SSJ Female Saiyan 
Next year is the 30th Anni of the Jordan 3    So maybe we get BC3's then
Careful with all that Olive bro Don't want to be walking down town like this  
Just looked up the site lol Yeah they go up to extended sizes   Cool beans    In the field first come first serve waiting in line
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