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Booty Tape going Gold 
I preferred the first picture then  That Pale Pink hue and off white cream laces really did it for me I can't stand them filters   EDIT:NVM looking at the SNKRS pics they do have a pink hue to the scales
Would it be possible that these change colors? Some pics it's a solid white I'm here for the light pink hue from the previous picture but not for that Snow White look
  X is just all over the place musically,    I'm more interested in seeing the direction he'll take with his career   Song produced by Travis would be pretty good.
That right there is straight sex! Interior Crocodile Alligator  Python skin with the pale pink swoosh   First day cop! not to wear just to look at. Nike pics made them look like a passBut those in hand pics!
You can't take all these NT-ers to serious   Half of em was calling AK thick a couple pages ago, The rest put Duff over Beyonce and KarrotTop,   We can just agree to disagree.     Vic interview was A1 though 
Who got them Nedeska Pool Party pics on standby?
But we can all agree on Nebreska being in the next NT most attractive thread though?
Y'all act like y'all don't be wanting to know why stuff be going on That's like watching the damn newsGet off me fam
I'm sure everyone knew what was going on in Chicago But to what extent? Did people know why it happenedDid people know what lead to this situation? 
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