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Still not feeling them After seeing raging bull 5s that's what my heart was set on It's like Sport Blue 3s vs Black Cement 3s Almost the same but BC3s just better Blue pair will be my choice
I don't care who Duff is going up against I'm voting against her   Duff will go down!    BY ANY MEANS
How you don't mess with Sorry! Future spilling his soul on that track!
When Selfish started playing     This man Future is Legendary!
Is Incredible a sample of that Chris Brown song?   I can't put my finger on it But it sounds similar
Got damn! Looking Exotic   Damage   
Yeah the shawtys gonna eat this up   planning on singing "I Thank you" to some yambs
Hallucinating is nice Keep Quiet   Not bad   But Future!!!! That was the streets!
So these beta simps gonna vote Queen Katy out    You all disgust me 
Shoes in the pic are exactly what was sent Down to the last glue mark Hangtag easily bendable Gonna cosign this pair as legit Vnds 9/10 condition
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