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 only mobile link is working. i think nikes trying t fix it for desktop. i say this because i added on the nike+ app and when i tried to go to my shopping bag i got a message saying something was wrong and nikes working on it.
 what were the flaws?
 lotta people said they sold out cause they came out right when people were starting to get their tax refunds lol. thus some dubbed them as the income tax 12s
 i dont think hes doing it for the money. altho i dont mind that he gets something for doing all that for us. but i think hes posting it to beon the helpful side rather than on the get money side. its RD morning. lotta people gonna jump on here around 10 and go right to the last page of this thread. they might not wanna waste time going back pagesto find te links. i always appreciate babyjs links. saves me time.
 good luck with that.
 but it still wouldnt be a legit receipt for your pair. you had to go buy it from somebody elses pair. so technically the haters can stll talk ish cause your pair didnt come with a receipt lol.
 those true blue 3s are terrible quality/craftsmanship. sooooooo many different issues with them. rather have these than those. those sitting HARD. and tons of pairs got returned. jb took them outta the vault and then dropped the ball on em.
 to me that "S" looks meeeh
 yup. not worth it to me. just gimme the kicks. dont need em signed by penny lol. i hope nike is gonna send out nike+ reservations.
 the price wouldnt be the same probably if penny signed the kicks....
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