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 i was initially in for those and wouldnt have minded a reserve cause i thought they were the same shade of blue as the suede blue 12s.....but then somebody posted a pic of both pairs side by side and it wasnt the case
everytime i hit confirm after selecting size, it tells me error when setting size, please try again....ftl app is bunnzzz
 do both
i seen on locator all ftls around me doing fcfs. craaaazy lol. i just locked down 4 pairs for 780 shipped. i aint lining up bruuuh, i got ish to do.
 we have the same expectations for the royals. ive seen video reviews on em from shoetubers. quality on those are on point. gonna be waaaaaaaaaay harder to get than these tho obviously haha.
 jason markk works wonders lol i love their repel
 i mean, i get why people would complain about quality for the price theyre paying. thats fine. but what i dont get is people who still get surprised when JB takes a classic shoe, and throws some 2% leather on em. its been done many many many times to us already lol. dont getme wrong. i dont go into every release expecting cruddy quality by default. in fact, for every release that i want i hope JB does good by us. but im at the point where on RD when i get the kicks and...
so the lesson here is....always do your homework. even for people you think are legit. because everyone is legit until theyre not. there are well known scammers out there that were legit at one point.
 is that the mens version dropping early? if so i just may shoot down there.
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