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 they cant do it, not wont. not possible. gotta choose 1 or the other.
i copped a pair of chutneys from a footlocker. box didnt have the usual FTL sticker. and below. whats the chance that sum1 returned fufus? lool...but besides that, these things are nice.  
 i feel the same way...but the way i made it affordable was get only a few at a time when i have the spare cash. if you try to get em all at once for your entire collection in 1 shot, yea thats gonna be a huuuuuuge bill. but 3 or 4 here and there and eventually youll finish.
 super legit. stockx and goat both 10000000000% legit.
 that was me. they sent me pantone 7s with the left shoes sole all black and clearly obviously worn. the first dude i spoke tried to finesse me me. told me he would review it with the inspections team and get back to me. he never called me back but instead told me in an email that all sales final on items purchased with 30%+ discount , but that they would do me a favor and authorize me for a replacement pair if i paid postage to send them back. i wasnt having that. i...
 thanks! reppd! i might actually order a pair from walmart. doesnt hurt to have a pair stashed for situations like this. JB be having the jacked craftmanship most of the time.
 thats true....but from homies standpoint, they also shouldnt just leave packages out in the open if its an area where anyone can just walk up and take it after the driver leaves.
 i will def try when i get home. i really dont wanna have to go downtown for a swap. too lazy thanks again, i appreciate the advice
 repped.that was my very first thought, but then i decided not to cuz the threads r not super long. i didnt wanna risk turning the chutney/suede part black lol. itll b game over after that.    repped. i think im gonna try that when i get home. how does it work out for u? u able to cut the threads down all the way to the end and have that part look normal afterwards?
sorry in advance if this is a dumb question do yall deal with loose threads? my chutneys came with several loose threads sticking out thats noitceable. theyre not super long so i cant really go at it with a scissor. i might try a nailclipper when i get home.
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