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 ehhhh that sucks. they let u use the discount, send u some f-ed up shoes, let u return em, then hit u wit the "nah discount code is gone, too bad". nike jigging folks lol.
 exactly this. LOL @ wearing bigger size minimizes creasing.......dudes b making no sense lol.
 i would call and ask or chat and ask. makes 0 sense if they dont give u ya code back. thats the whole point of a refund. to give u back what u spent. to make you whole. shipping is a another story lol.
 if that is indeed true, they should change that and give your code back to you, or refund full retail. because at the end of the day, dude spent the bread and his discount code but only getting his bread back. that code is worth money too. ive returned something to eastbay before, and i had used a code. they not only refunded my money, they sent me a brand new discount code in email and labeled it as refund in the notes as well. thats the way i see it.
 yea that restock lasted like 3 secs tho lol. got the notification, blinked, and sold out again. yall know there a tons of dudes out there with their page monitors on that page 24/7 lol
 i think he meant there are alotta people out there who are sick that they slept on these. hence why he said there are some sick people who slept on em. like im sick that i slept on top 3s. you probably think hes saying people who didnt cop are sick in the head or dumb. stop overthinking it and chill out guy.
i know thats where my feet naturally flexes. its common knowledge that to keep creases at a minimum, u gotta get em snug/tts. stop bending my toes? u mean u want me to duckwalk like below? i walk how i normally walk. im not changing the way i walk for shoes lol... 
 i did the same with these. i have sneakershields in there and made sure the fit is snug. my pair is only creased at the top of the toebox where the laces are.
 to me, retail = msrp + tax
 i think youre late lol. those sizes show up as available in stores only...aka sold out. buuuut just in case im wrong....are u able to check out?
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