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#BoyfriendDenim  [[SPOILER]]
Wearing mine as I type, I wear my 2016 1s more than them. Had to put them on today though.
I would be blessed to secure one pair, hopefully I will.
Whatcha talkin' bout Willis?
Saving most of my March paychecks to secure them for resell.
Ice Cube and Dr. Dre are the only ones in N.W.A. that I believe never wear Jordans.
I have a gift card code but I hate that it expires the 21st. I might give it away tomorrow to someone.
Hope these sit until Thursday because my next check is looking big (250 x 2). Rent and possibly sneaker taken care of. Wish I had a coupon to save a little more money though.
True, mostly retro plus colorways is what I see.
Nah, rather pay straight cash when it comes to shoes. Also, don't have the expendable funds to pay credit card payments right now. I have another paycheck coming next week but I have to pay rent, might secure in March since they isn't anything I want until the 1s release in April.
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