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 Oh, just wanted to have multiple options to save some money on them
True, I appreciate it. I'm trying to see if I can trade one of my $20 codes for a one.
I have about $30 saved in Winner's Circle plus I'm going to receive another $20 on the 24th. Can use them on the 1s that release the first?
Do you really have to sell them (Jordans)? I would keep them as a sort of family treasure, something that could be passed down from generation to generation. Think about it, make it one of the pieces you put in your household and then your children do the same, and then their children. 
One of the rarest colorways in pristine condition
No, they had locked characters in the NES days
Tobias Boon
Take a damp cloth and wipe it off, durabuck is what it implies durable nubuck.  You can get them dirty clean them with soap and water or sneaker cleaners and they will look like brand new.
Durabuck isn't like suede, it doesn't need that much protection.
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