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Copped all four pair off clearance yesterday at my local Mr. Alans.
Found my original NIKE Zoom Generation fit from back in the day, in the back of my closet today.
 This man gets it!   Repped!
Here are the pants to the red suit. I'll have to take some pictures of my fit when I get home. But I would love to have the black version. I never knew there were pants for the 2nd black top.  
I just spoke to a CRS @ ShoePalace. They have not received the shoes in-stock yet. The inventory went up on there site, as soon as they received the shipper. The shoes are expected to be in house, in the next couple of days. And will be shipped out as soon they receive them. All orders placed will be honored. 
I just want JB to retro this outfit for the 4's again, I got a red one very similar to it, but I need that black one.   
LOL!! I gotcha! 
 So the question is, are our orders going to still be processed? Or should we expect a cancellation notice from Shoe Palace?
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