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Got my 3's yesterday, 8.5 way too big.  Wore that in the 1's, 2's and the DSX, but will have to go down for the 3's.
I've worked out once in the DSX and I thought they performed well.  The workout involved rowing and some shuttle runs.  Typically my feet would cramp up rowing long distances in Metcons and I did not have that with the DSX.  Also, ordered the Grey, Volt, Gum colorway from DSG and I found a $20 off code, $116 shipped.  Ordered my normal 8.5 too so we will see how they fit.
Anyone know if/when other colorways are coming out in the men's and women's DSX?
Heard from Nike that the outsole is the Volt selection per ID, and if they were to remake them the same sole would come out.  I told them it was pretty poor that they can't keep continuity with a color, especially one as popular as that, between editions of a shoe.  This all makes sense, considering three of us have used the Volt selection as the outsole and they are look bad.
Every pair of 2's has it.  They vented that piece of material and the swoosh covers almost all of it.  Odd idea, but I think that is what is going on.
 I sent pictures to Nike and that included a picture of my OG's out of the box from February 2015 for comparison.  I'm still waiting on a response, but it's pretty obvious to me that they need to figure out a way to make the soles the correct colorway.  Bummed to see yours came out the same way, but I will keep you posted on what I hear.
In talking with Nike, I am returning them and they are going to reissue the discount code I used.  They also said someone will be contacting me to determine if this is a quality issue.  Hopefully my pair is the outlier and the rest of yours turn out OK.  If so, I am going to try to ID another pair.
 Yeah I am going to check with Nike and see what my options are.  I'm hopeful they'll take them back.  Ideally they'd make the pair correctly, but I don't know that I would trust it.  I have the gray/gold 2's so I wouldn't mind waiting for another pair.
 I have a pair of ID'd Air Max 90's that are 100% Volt and they look like real Volt, so my expectation was that these would turn out well.
Top photo is the new ID'd pair. Bottom is the OG. Pretty unhappy with the outsole, looks like more of a charge green or something, certainly doesn't have the Volt look in my opinion. Way too dull. Not sure if Nike will do anything, but I'm disappointed.
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