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keep trying. i was just able to add it. be patient! have multiple browsers
unable to add to cart... 
anyone with RC ub & kith RF ub mid? would you say to go 1/2 size up from RC UB for similar fit
how does KITH UB fit in comparison to RC UB for sizing? i'm an 8 in RC.
 Niiiiiceee... fit similar to uncaged? 1/2 size bigger/longer than regular ub1.0/2.0?
Does anyone with these know if they fit similar to all previous UNCAGED UB being 1/2 size bigger than Caged UB 2.0 / 1.0? aka similar to 3.0 UB fit
 been having this for last few months. tried 3 diff CCs, tried PP (cdn pp account) and on 4 different IPs. Is any CDN able to checkout on ADCusa 
This is exactly what i said earlier in this thread the other day i picked up from RC vancouver where everybody there went 1/2 to 1 full size down if you wanted similar fit to your ub 1.0/2.0..while some random dude said he went TTS. hilarious.
same - please dm group name. TIA
 The RC fit 1/2 size bigger. I picked mine up at the RC vancouver store and we got to try them on. Everybody went TTS or 1/2 size down depending on the fit.IMO they fit similar to UB 1.0 Wool Greys that I have (Wool greys fit bigger than 1.0 triple whites / creams) The RC primeknit is thinner but more stretchier also.A lot of people seem to be trying to trade/swap their sizes due to larger fitting RC = 1/2 size down TTSUB 1.0 = TTSUB 2.0 = TTSUB Uncaged = 1/2 size down TTS...
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