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Royal 1s,Cherry 12s,pure money 4s,& flint 13s is what I'm going for 😍
I would like these instead of the pure $ 4s do you think these the ones thats gone release ?
my son is 6 months should i go with a soft bottom or hard
thank you
your ticket was guaranteed right ? Is that donate a toy thing over ?
you should at least get a ticket or some type of paper that says your guaranteed a pair but some villas are different then other's you shouldn't be worried tho I think your name is on they list but this is what I got from my local villa
Do anyone know if any stores doing raffle tickets for infant sizes ?
it's guaranteed your pair right if you donate a you ? I'm thinking about taking a trip to my local villa tomorrow morning
They sold out pretty fast it's a 14 left smh
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