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my hoh had pairs, 1 of every size 🤔
my connect sent me this picture he said his manager is waiting on a Pacific date smh I'm like good luck i dont understand why they just want sell them already? planty stores sold there pairs
ill be doing the same tomorrow morning but these gone sell out instantly
thats what im saying whats really taking them so long
I called my local footlocker & finishline they dont have no shipment yet they didnt even know they was releasing ...
my girlfriend cousin looked out for me for the banned 1s a couple months back I'm just so grateful that he looking out for me on this the way he just sent me this pic
i purchase these ovo 10s it's just weird to me that the price is so low ! I thought they'll be going for more I'm kinda worried they might not be authentic & the seller sent them out pretty quick
I seen some ovo 10s on goat app around 320-400 are they legit ?
damn ovo restock ! I would of thought that they would of been sold out & for high price maybe I'm lucky or something..its been shipped to goat I'm just hoping they tell me there legit
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