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Man a lot of it has to do with your lifestyle and diet as you get older. If you on that fitness life, eating greens and generally healthy, you should be able to keep going.
Those are curb links, not cubans no?
That actually looks dope 
This is true. You got Js being served and P selling in broad daylight. It actually astounds me.
Not in a relationship but I've known a few.  How long have you known her? It takes time to peel back the layers. Chances are she puts up a good guard.
On the real we need an NT Seattle Summit. 
^ He was. He was posting the most simpish cringeworthy ish for months after they broke up too.
PMs >>>>
Gentrification is real. I live in an older building on first hill and its only a matter of time until I'm pushed out because luxury high rises are jacking rents up.
I understood it. I woulda dipped too. On the bright side at least she told you before you got down there and seen it in all of its foulness. 
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