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I didn't see all this PR slander y'all talking about. I loved it from the jump. This album is so thorough though. In terms of his recent albums DS2 > Future > EVOL
Yooooo whats good on the 20 off 
I reserved mine within 30 seconds of the link going live and got my shipping last night around 9PM.
Happy I copped. Seriously considering doubling up though because of how dope these are. These quietly dropped in my area and when I was out and about yesterday a few stores still had random sizes.
The end of Zoom has a skit that sounds like shots at Desigiiner or am I reaching        Yo.... I'mma smash my girl to "When I was broke"  thats a beautiful song b
This is TAY, in our yambily we discuss both beauties and beasts. I think @DatZNasty should keep explaining his struggle because it is proof in concept of the saying "be careful picking who you have children with"
Dawg, that combo of tan skin, pretty eyes, and a fatty is like my kryptonite. I wouldn't be able to feel guilt at that point 
Been listening all day, his music truly takes time to digest. At first the beats were what stood out more to me but I'm starting to feel what he's saying on here.
And those girls are usually the ones talking the most about how they're freaks. That's why I usually hit them with the  
Sheesh thats a damn good thigh, hip, booty, waist ratio if I ever saw one  
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