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What I don't get is how DJ Khaled is still a big dude. Even Rozay dropped serious weight so we can't say its time and genetics. Son been on the elliptical forever.
Her hips... that added momentum 
Them nights when you're too faded to care  
Lol the thread has been too lit the past week or two and people forgot what this thread was actually about.
Broke it off with nursing student girl    She took it badly. She was really in love and now I feel pretty awful. I care about her a lot but I can't confidently say I am in love with her. She knows it too. But she is still holding onto hope. I told her that I just need to figure my stuff out. I am not 100% on leaving her but I know its not right to stick with someone who is in love with you and you're like, mehhhh.   Probably made a mistake. But I've learned that they...
Mine are creasing about the same as my other 1s. It just seems more noticeable because the leather has a bit more shine.
"but those are better than air monarchs"
Who remembers the disgrace of a retro these were?       The originals were actually solid to play ball in. The cushioning wasn't super impressive but I remember the traction was A1.
I always disliked the narration style of Dexter  I got tired of it by season 2. 
I wanna know where this dude he running through the woods or something? No reason flyknit should just rip and fall apart unless a snag starts it. I have pairs I have ran couple hundred miles in and they're intact.
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