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He's a chef in Dubai
If he was smart, he woulda came out as soon as Tuesday blew up. Now he's doing it to salvage his stagnant career.
My biggest concern is shape. Which slowly but surely JB is improving. 
A barber turned rapper, I'd be surprised. But a hair dresser turned rapper.... nothing to be surprised about. 
I just wanna beleeeeeeeeef
Not gonna lie that dude not letting seizures stop him from performing was kinda cool  
I'm gradually texting less and using social media sparingly. The main girl I'm seeing is big into facetime. I hate that ish 
I use memory foam pillows as my mains. Honestly I have no issues with them. They've really helped my neck pain overall and every female I've had over was in heaven 
That's why I look at the attention I give as a commodity. You only have so much of it and you set the value of it by how you control its supply and demand.    I told myself I'm done with these girls that drop off and make me carry the entire convo. Its a waste of time. Either you with it or nah. When you convey that you ain't got time for that game, they tend to posture up or be gone. Either way something happens.   You gotta realize you deserve equal effort. Not some...
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