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There's a spot in my area that considers themselves an upscale barbershop... $50 a cut, and services wine/beer. I came in asking for a taper, dude pulls out his iPhone. Asked him his credentials and fam tells me he's been doing hair for over 25 years... I desperately needed a cut that day, many spots were closed. Told him to just **** my **** up.
Got ME2 for free last year. Haven't played it yet, but it's the best one from the series?
Fighting games need dedicated servers, p2p ruins them. The host always has the advantage. Online for me was never appealing more so a game to play when friends are over.
DS3 DLC almost here.
Called out but job opened at 10:30 and announced an early dismissal at 3.
In the end PC always comes out on top.
New version of Cemu will be available next week to the public. 4k
99 days till e3.
In at 24.17 (50) out at 27.08. Quick 145.50
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