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Can you explain why many officers might not be supportive of wearing body cameras? What do you do to de-stress after a rough shift? Have you ever let someone go with just a warning? What's your opinion on the blue wall of silence? Is it real? Any tips or recommendations on what to do or not to do, say or not to say during a traffic stop? Were you ever in a situation where you had to fire your gun? Should officers be held to a certain standard in relation to physical...
Just started Tomb Raider 2013. Been a minute since I played an action adventure game. Immersive story and voice acting. Graphics hold up really well.
Buying a 5k car is not a smart idea, it will end up costing you more.
So Pepsi, United Airlines, and Sean Spicer walk into a bar...
Doom $20 Nioh $40
The airline literally could not have handled this any worse. China is UA's second largest market. Also, he had a heart attack and transplant back in 2016, so doctors literally saved his life. This is sure a backwards way of showing his appreciation to doctors.
Can't hear my PC at all and it's on top of the desk running two cards. Noctua>*
They can redeem themselves by bringing Pepsi Crystal back
ME:A can't catch a break, it's already cracked on PC.
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