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Three pastors, a rabbi and a religous choir. Is this a government function or a church service smh.
A lot of gems.
I DVR'd it but I hear it felt like a funeral.
Biggest concern is getting game audio and chat at same time. Nintendo should have at least made the voice chat be streamed through the Switch console, not your phone, with the option of using a Bluetooth headset.
So now I need to juggle two devices around to be able to play online and chat. An elegant solution would be in incorporate this all into one device. There is nothing Nintendo can say that will make this sound reasonable.
Continuing to read up on the switch and saw that Reggie mentioned that matchmaking and lobbies will be done through a phone app.....what?
A yellow Saturn.
Save on fruits and vegetables using grandmas garden. Bought .25 worth of gas once. Wanted to refill in NJ. Rewear certain clothes. Sew clothes that have holes. Fly coach. Complete DIY projects, other life hacks. Bought a deep freezer to buy food in bulk.
Sharing Netflix, Amazon, and DirectTV with fam.
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