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Michigan's the 2nd best academic school in the B10. It's a top-tier public a la Berkeley, UCLA, and Austin.I almost went there for undergrad but I was getting hosed financially for being out-of-state. I had them, USC, Cornell, and Northwestern as my final hats, so to speak. Only the last school took care of me.
Had surgery to remove a benign growth at the base of my neck August 15th. I had to deal with 2 months of recovery and wound healing before I could fully get back into it at the gym. Did a bod pod before I started back up. Did another one this morning. Oct 12 2016: 176lbs at 16.1% BF Jan 20 2017: 178lbs at 13.6% BF 10 lb (+6 muscle, -4 fat) body recomposition in about 3 months. I'm very happy.
^Yes. Go to the signature lounge on thr 96th floor and grab a drink.Who told you this?Go to Giordano's downtown for dinner.
😂😂😂😂Funny post from r/cfb. Dude is SHOCKED at summer internship shenanigans. swear some of these people live under a rock and only come out on Fall Saturday afternoons. Le bag is amorphous.
That sounds like a Michigan name. Junior Hemingway, Fitzgerald Toussaint, Deommodore Lenoir. And you can't forget Mario Manningham and Adrian Arrington.
I actually used the credit card, not a balance transfer. No fee and you can get cashback and other rewards. That's over now though for federal loans. I only have 1 loan left, 5700 federal with Navient. It's at 0% until March 2018 (special deferment) so I'm not going to touch it until then. Hopefully the loopholes are all figured out by then and I'll have another 18 months at 0% to pay it. I'm thinking a credit card promo with visa gift cards.
As of 1 Jan 2017, we can no longer use credit cards to pay down federal student loans.In the past, I had Great Lakes federal loans. There was no option on the website. I had to call-in and talk to a rep. Absolutely no hassle nor fee but it wasn't something the company advertised (same thing with Navient supposedly). I found out about this through Reddit. This is why r/personafinance and r/churning are invaluable resources for me. These people live for these kinds of...
My brother uses my Netflix. I use his Amazon prime account (college student discount). We both use our parents' cable subscription for Roku/Apple TV apps. Nobody is touching my Spotify though.
Huh? How does this work? What exactly could he be threatened with?Also, I'm surprised he's just an asst hs fb coach.
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