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You really need to open up your hips and focus on keeping your knees out You're not hitting proper depth right now. It looks like your catching yourself before you reach depth. It doesn't look natural. How are your knees holding up? I would deload and work on depth. Watch squat tutorials on YouTube. Alan Thrall is a good one.I'm in the go as close to ATG or die tryin' camp though.
^Maybe he used the duffle bags as extra padding after he emptied them. #allpurposebags
Can't really argue this . I haven't been on campus in a few years. But let me try to explain! Only 8k undergrads plus super tough academic standards/atmosphere. It wasn't terrible when I went there (Class of 2011). Still had a good amount, usually concentrated to a few choice sororities, the theater/arts crowd, and sports teams. But the admit rate was around 25% when they took a chance on me. The admit rate has been less than 15% for 5 years now and it'll probably be under...
How is Notre Dame still pulling such good classes with this coaching staff? I'm surprised to see them at #11. Vatican bags?
Red, black, and white Chevy, now I'm riding Dion.
Michigan's the 2nd best academic school in the B10. It's a top-tier public a la Berkeley, UCLA, and Austin.I almost went there for undergrad but I was getting hosed financially for being out-of-state. I had them, USC, Cornell, and Northwestern as my final hats, so to speak. Only the last school took care of me.
Had surgery to remove a benign growth at the base of my neck August 15th. I had to deal with 2 months of recovery and wound healing before I could fully get back into it at the gym. Did a bod pod before I started back up. Did another one this morning. Oct 12 2016: 176lbs at 16.1% BF Jan 20 2017: 178lbs at 13.6% BF 10 lb (+6 muscle, -4 fat) body recomposition in about 3 months. I'm very happy.
^Yes. Go to the signature lounge on thr 96th floor and grab a drink.Who told you this?Go to Giordano's downtown for dinner.
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