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Yes. Live in Europe. Flown Ryanair many times. You have to print it at least 2 hours before.It's the cheapest airline in Europe. €40 round-up tickets if you are flexible with days and airports. But you get what you pay for. It's an incredibly cramped flight, there are exorbitant baggage fees, off-location airports, etc. But you can't beat the base price anywhere. Just have to be willing to deal with hassle.The person filming is an absolute fool.
Don't see the big fuss of a person in their 40s with 20+ years of ascending experience in and with the government getting a GS 11-12 position. I mean... okay? Doesn't seem like some big get.
^Back when I was a HS senior in 06, I wrote my common app college admissions essay on Bill Russell. I only started reading up on him after learning about his autograph policy from his SportsCentury special. His integrity and consciousness, for an athlete, blew me away. Hard to find people like him nowadays.
Hard work pays off.
Damn. Go cats!
Just got the 2015 mbp new. 128gb version (MF839LL/A). No taxes plus 10% off. Only $1160. This is my first Macbook. I've dealt with iOS devices before but never had my own Macbook. No idea what I'm doing honestly. I don't know what I don't know. Any particulary good set-up/familiarization guides?
Just saw a clip on mlive.He was coached well.
End the preseason. Start the season October 1st. Same number of games but now there are 3 more weeks to work with. That's ample time to work in a number of the coveted 3 day periods of rest. There's no way it can stay how it is. There is too much money involved. I completely agree with what Zeke said on Players Only this week. It's a partnership. Players have to show up.
I haven't seen that acronym in a minute.
Doing a body composition challenge with some of my coworkers and bosses. We all did a bod pod on Friday. Redo it in 30 days. Relative body fat loss. Came in at 14% at 180lbs. One of my coworkers came in at 39%! So if he loses 3.9%, I have to lose 1.4%. Another way to keep us motivated throughout the work-day, especially when people bring food. Everybody's wife makes delicious treats smh. Winner gets a half day at work and lunch. I'd really like to get into the 12% range...
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