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Trump would be one to take the bait too The Korean peninsula's gonna be even more tense than usual over the next few years,especially once 45 has his shiny new military toys and wants to project power.
I really doubt that Trump and his cronies are competent and smart enough to get off scot free on this whole thing tbh Might take the end of a GOP majority in Congress to seriously accelerate the process but I find it hard to believe nothing's gonna come out of all these connections and "coincidences" We most likely won't know much until the process is near it's end and they've finished digging
Word to Bria Myles losing out to 2017 Not gonna be a single representative of the big booty coalition in the final 4
Also on an AHCA note,GOP members of congress keep warning the man...
I'd take Alie Brie from your gif over Margo tbh
EVERYONE hates the plan ,even the big hitters on the right like the Koch bros, Heritage foundation etc. For varying reasons on both sides of course but the bill is pretty much toxic politically at this point
Seems like there's bipartisan support for an independent commission now... 👀
Nunes is in some deep ****...
How you gonna accuse a man of being "touchy" when you talked about his kids and in a non-endearing fashion no less? Dude should stick to hyping up his kids + brand and leave other folks names out of his mouth
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