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When has D-Mac ever made more than Earl? I don't even know what you're arguing about man?I called us not paying Chandler Jones also after he had a great season last year,just cause its become expected from Hoody.I'd have loved to have him sure but not at the expense of missing out on the defensive leader,Dont'a, and our best corner since Revis Still not sure what point you're getting on about since most fans know how cold and calculated BB is and have known for years.
C'mon man ,I wasn't trying to be deep. Just saying no way in hell would BB make anyone the highest paid player in the league at their postion which is what Collins is gonna get in Cleveland Think most Pats fans realistically expected at least 1 of the 3 to bounce anyway
Didn't say he's not worthy,he's definitely a stud when he wants.Just never ever expected BB to dish him anything close to Kuechly money right off the back ,especially when he still needs to resign Hightower and the Butler in the offseasonI knew some team would do it though,happy for him.
I wonder if Amare's also gonna go down as a Marbury type legend of the game with his own statue in Israel
More than Kuechly? Yikes More power to dude though,knew he was gonna cash out eventually . It was never gonna be with BB and Co though Hopefully that takes a little bit of the sting out of playing for the Browns
Did Trump and Melania do the walk down Pennsylvania Ave to greet folks face to face like Obeezy and Michelle did in '08? I remember being lowkey terrified watching that live thinking something could easily happen to them,thankfully those 8 years went by without anything of the sort outside of failed plots
Hang in there fam ✊ I wonder how many players are gonna boycott WH visits now
Exactly,he'd have traded one bench spot for another one in Paris I'd have felt some type of way about our last two no.7's being on P$G tbf I never got the Jese buy after you guys got Ben Arfa and I still don't . Has dude even started once this season? I hope you're right,dude has to be motivated as hell to put some damn respek back on his name. So Pep wants a summer clearance? Always thought Kun would end up with Los Blanco when he left Citeh
Wouldn't want a Putin puppet to be my President either
How is it hate?Forgot anything not praising dude is considered "hate" to you Doubt folks even care enough about him to hate on dude tbh
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