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When the FEDs raided ghost crib wouldn't it have been a conflict of interest to have Angie there?
They need to come to kansas city and utilize the sprint center
Em verse on little Sean album was booty juice.
I heard there's a "4 point" shot
Man the list goes on and on. What makes Em so different in these people's eyes?
Those are all "white" artist that had hype at one point (one backed by Em) how aren't those the greatest examples? Insert Mac Miller and my point still stands. And Em's success proves your last sentence wrong. Em's content relates to his fan base exaggerated or not (it's more than killing his mom), and the same can be said about black artist and their fan base but white people are more prone to buy music over black people. Save the "he only sells because he's white"...
Explain bubba sparks, yelawolf,and paul wall then. Nobody wants to hear a white rapper talking about street subjects and nobody wants to hear a black rapper talking about their crazy mother and deranged wife. That's the point that I'm getting at.
Watermelon, honeydew, cantaloupe = gross So many people say if Em was black nobody would care about him. The same can be said if the top black rappers (Pac, jay, nas,etc...) were white. Tom Brady is overrated. Belichick is the goat.
Finally watched this on kodi, hilariously butt juice I'd be surprised if there's a sequel that makes it to theaters.
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