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I guess you didn't cop?
One of the easiest cops on the snkrs app.
Still upset he didn't do a TPAB tour
So their visors are removed when they're in the zords? Pass
I go to my boy who is in barber school now. When he's at the school it's $6 to the school plus whatever I wanna throw him, I usually give him the change from a $20 so $14 in his pockets. When he's at his crib it's $10 and I throw him a few dollars on top of that. His skills are A1 for what I usually want.
The girl is hip hop artist Rapsody. She's signed to Jamla(9th wonder) and roc nation. She was also on TPAB. The other girl is janelle monae
I see, I'm currently with my greatlakes and I'm using the snowball method within my loan groups. I also have a smaller private loan I'm working on and a perkins loan that I'll probably payoff with part of my tax return.
I really want us to try and get Joe Haden, we need a legit CB.
They did not respect our run at all with 5 dbs, this game was made for zeke and clock control. Byron Jones has to make that play on the last drive no matter how you cut it. Nobody else was in his zone. Byron tends to get lost when he's not playing man tho.
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