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I wanna try on a pair of the lows
McAvoy did great job but I want a fan of the movie. The ending seemed really thrown together. Reminded me of cloverfield lane.
That dr. Selbi video got me crine
Surprised it took this long since he been cool with Joe for a while now
Man, think about Georgina in the sunken place watching herself about to die when they were in the car right before it crash helpess. Ish is said.
-Easily going at drake but letting Sean know to stay in his lane. -his prophecy line was a reference to Kunta when he mentions "a rapper with a ghostwriter" -Ross gotta be upset right now
I think everybody was up (outside of rose) to keep Chris from leaving if he tried.
That Cass guy sounds just like uncle murda
Does he have to take that off at night? Or can he just durag that thang? Does he ever need a durag?
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