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Just uploaded the gc on snkrs and paved an order, it worked.
D1 hype is always hilarious no matter who's bragging bruh never played a down. If definitely want to go into a challenge against one of the weaker opponents to get it over with. It's better than trying to hold on and potentially end up going against someone stronger.
I called and tried to get the $20 gift card applied to my order and it was a no go.
She sent that info in the text to see where your head was at, she knew what she was doing from jump. As for her commenting on your manhood, she did it AFTER you entertained her and kept poking at the "dream" thing. You a lame bruh.
I just received the ndc code also. I have a vip coupon got ftl too but I doubt they'll take it on these in store on RD.
If he's cheap id take him as a secondary wr.
Got my new Avi from this thread. Thank you NT.
Dammit yall, I had to contribute
I wish they would just auditon people for the challenge to go against the vets until they become vets, rinse a repeat. Forcing the show A vs show b with ayto people is not working. Viewers don't even know the ayto cast so I'd assume auditioning folks wouldn't hurt.
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