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flex got himself a new lane for DJs, dope.
they're modeled after each other.
i like da new era flag...not on on fields bit definitely everything else.
says who.
@ flying air buses & jumbo jets at a sustained 500MPH over thousands of miles at a clip using batteries that can't even hold condensed power now to go cross country in automobiles, and lithium will never be able to, its constricted by physics.wanna get numbers? find commerical airlines planes that run on renewables or even have it planned outside da pie on da sky stage.
trump is melting regulations as we speak, see EPA news today.his promise was to get Government out da way of energy production, and he's keeping them promises, you're da one moving da goal posts talking bout Trump guaranteeing their particular power as priority over another...nah b, he promised to removing da government's foot off their neck.
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