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Trump isnt trying to put em outta business like Hillary told da coal miners...Hillary bought & paid for by wealthy climate advocates who want fracking, natural gas, coal, GONE in da hell with who it puts putta business.
Da Internet killllllllllllllls retail politicians
*sigh*I own both diamonds by way of my piece & my moissanite styds. My earrings are pure quality.If we're talking science? Moissanite is a TOP ranking stone, on any measure.You're so out da loop that you think lab ground diamonds are less than their mined equivalent, another folly on your end.Atomically they are identical.
Cant hide behind a "vast right wing conspiracy" once da media no longer hides one side of da issue. Lets face it, da Clintons got a free ride on da press/media...Trump's media savvy negates that, and Hillary's arrogance towards it is to be done at her peril.James Carville gonna be rolled out in a wheelchair defending her on all da shows And that FBI investigation will be drilled on, Bernie gave her a pass.
You haven't learned anything have you You're conflating your liberal ideology with da platform of da democratic party.In 2008 Obama got to da white house because da majority of those poor white males that you castigate voted him in.By writing off da concerns and needs of these working class whites as simply bitter angry racists instead of GENUINELY looking at how da Democratic party as abandoned them, you're never gonna address da problem because you can't take off da...
We all know this...da Democratic Establishment shilled for hillary from day 1... Sucks ya never made da superdelegates an issue.
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