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Rusty a chip off da ol' Dyson block...but yo, imma need a gif of minister Farrakhan nodding in approval
convos w/ cosmos & mikah were attracted to Clinton's campaign....nobody here talking bout painting her an "extremist apologist"so stop doing it wit Trunp.
ahh..this thread is back to being fair and balanced. sidenote:bernie supporters chanting "lock her up!" right now at da DNC convention.
more like folks care about jobs vs grievances.u get folks good paying jobs and 90% of this social unrests dissipates.
i want home girl on da left to choke me with her thighs.
i thought Trump was da "doom & gloom" rhetoric leader what are black people so mad at Trump for? even Mexicans & Hispanics overall are polling higher, with da Wall rhetoric & all.
Shultz gettin thrown a life saver via Hillary letting her be da chairman of her campaign, to da chagrin of Bernie supporters...
i mean c'mon....da threat of a *** whoopin is still pretty effective
they always do, check Modells when da whole shebang is done.i need pics of this asap
rockers were fly back in da day... someone should tell these goth kids metallic & megadeath bandmembers wore jordans lol... question, what event was Pippen in with all his old shoes in da background & what bball even Dave Eaat & jada playing?
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