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60 pages to read...repped..imma curl in my pillow and read da whole thing....anyone wanna post our other neighbors Boxden's links? i knoooow they probably got a big *** thread too.
wshh falling off cuz its genuinely bad now wit OD unsigned hype...vlad acting funny in da light can still give good interviews.and Tax effed if he got prints on those hammers.
that mustang & vette are pure sex 😩😩😩
Shyne rocking these to court always made em official to me.
looks like solange hiding in there..
i did twice...
he probably could've gone now...Obama let his nuts hangs and hair down.
u said "move" thou..Trump didn't instigate da initial skirmish...Lewis called him illegitimate to bait him, and set a land mine on MLK weekend knowing Lewis got street cred, Trump took da bait (cuz Trump always takes da bait) and to paraphrase, basically said to mind your personally i would've just avoided it, Trump doesn't avoid anything, as shown in this election cycle, so with da niece and MLK III neutralizing da lingering rebuke by matching civil rights...
u mean his retort on being called illegitimate? he just deployed it now with MLK III on MLK day...if u heard what he said about John Lewis when asked about his father and Lewis, he type let da air out da blunt force of Lewis directly challenging his legitimacy by said "heated rhetoric on both sides".
nah u respecting Trump's G move with MLK III on MLK day...that was ill.
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