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did u forgot da broader point of this discussion is both are part of a budget that needs to be trimed and reformed or they're going broke? goldfish memory so do fireman, police, and garbage man.... 😉
with da interest rates at basically zero? your better off investing da money to get a better return.some of ya need rich friends....
are u aware that "tax money" is your own money u made yourself?if u have more of it to keep instead of being syphoned off, you're gonna put it to good use.
it doesn't matter if more people pull out, u not gonna have medicare functioning... Obamacare is dying a slow death now cuz doctors are withdrawing, insurance comps are folding their coverages short to stop da bleeding, which puts cost in a death spiral cuz young people aren't signing up to offset da poor & sick.
more risk, more wtf...ya think rich people stay rich by doing nothing?
uhh yeah...thats how commerce works.cuz when they create jobs and employ people its in da pursuit of more profits.u think rich people just sit on their *** & wait for their fortune to be erroded by consumption & inflation? c'mon b....
too bad reebok botched that jersey when tbey took it from Champion
Columbias always been weaker than space jams though
rich people dont stay rich sitting on their ***...they create business opportunities to get more money."it takes money to make money"
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