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controlling plants ain't bad.
douchebag move aside, i like monero long term due to da deep web cats using it as their new standard, and its tail emissions towards da end of mining so its not unlimited, but .3 coins will be made to keep up with missing/lost money.
that color is super poppin right now, bit in 1998? you couldn't give em away although da EARLY 90's had a fascination with mustard colors too.see olive IX's in 94 & 2002 before they caught fire da 3rd time
until they fix da picture gallery, nope.
basically what i said & meant.
JR smith, STAT, Billips, felton, Linnsanity.
u in d town thou... that's like saying i see made Foamposites, cuz im in NYC.
i like it cuz it ties more closely to da 1st gen LX chargers & i don't like da dart-esque tail lights.
if they keep da taps open on production expect da markups to be a short-lived things i.e. hellcat.
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