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i care about my money b....some of ya employers do Obamacare news.. good luck on that.
u know both sides of da isle enjoy Saturday night live right?
probably a twitter type deal, some things trend higher with lesser mentions because a certain faster speed of adoption at a shorter clip.
its da #1 video on YouTube in da world...
it was lowkey sabotaged by delays... think they only exist in uptown NY is naivete, philly & DC also got a decent base as well.
#1 trending video in da world on YouTube at da moment, part 3 birddogging project veritas.
u know any other brand that commands what pelle pelle can ask as huge ticket prices, cater exclusively to urban hood markets, and been around as long? i'll wait...
they didn't start hood...da hood commandeered da brands, da brands got seduced to sky rocketing profits, said brands got played out in da hood, upper crust folks don't wanna be associated because of hood stigma, brand falters as hood moves on as locust to suck up another brand dry.very few brands can directly cater to urban consumers and still maintain heavy relevance for a long amount of time or have a elongated legacy.New Era, Pelle Pelle are notable outliers.other...
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