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well she's still not out da woods yet, which is da main point.
spiderman 2 is still da best wall crawler movie though.
they're still investigating her as we speak...if da new administration finds something, Political ties aint gonna save her *** this time...remains to be seen though...
thats really da last M&N jersey im waiting on.
yeah...eff that, imma b hooptie styling
this folks already sweeping da media collusion wit da DNC under da rug?
da Times makes a false accusation....if da horse's mouth says no dice, why is this still "a thing"and yet da actual substantive video calling BS on da article is on CNN... silence on that front ehh?like i said, back to square one.
actually i saw this live...try againso you'll believe a baseless times article but are skeptical from da actual horse's mouth...
back to Square one for some of ya...
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