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go and handle ur business.
tax stone huh....hmmmmm if he go quiet online they're maybe something to it.
bring these back wit black durabuck & they'd fly.
thats not what happened, i believe he was shooting back at some unnamed folks. tell you what, Troy gonna snitch & da other shoe gonna drop about who involved.
u can argue its already happened...cuz rap clubs are dead on NYC
i type think that was more of a CYA police gonna be crawling all over anyone that was there for a hot minute.
i wonder why da 2crews allegedly had beef (Maino & Troy Ave)
figure you might like this video....
dude is brolic now.
we can agree on this, but OP's point still stands cuz they're is a smug condensing attitude with folks who get it blue collar meanwhile completely oblivious that these jobs are GOOD money...i blame da education system as is now..back then there used to be shop class & autoclass more prevalent in Highschool.
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