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Dude went old school and wrote letters of complaint to the NFL.   I respect it.
I haven't watched the episode yet, but I was afraid that Nora was gonna get got, when I saw that Mia Maestro was gonna play a recurring character on Scandal this season.   The whole auction thing was baffling to me when both Quinlan and Eichorst could just boss the book from Marlo and his crew.
         Is it happening @Mr DragonFly Jones?     [[SPOILER]]    Can't believe I missed it.   Must have been A-MAY-AY-AY-AY-ZING.     [[SPOILER]]
I thought the disc 2 was gonna have 19 tracks as well?   2 bonus tracks?
  Yeah been thinking about copping the black one. My mother is a breast cancer survivor so it hits close to home for me.
Steph really had to emasculate the New Day like that?
Vine of said plays?
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