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Nice unbiased, insightful review @KingFoamNYC   Reading the initial impressions over at OS, they seem to mostly positive as well.   Given the debacle the Live series has been a few years that's a major accomplishment.   It seems like EA is finally going in the right direction with Live 15.
  Man I died when he hit her with the "What's up brother?" on Total Divas.
  Yeah it's been cool so far. That last episode though.  The Walking Dead would never have taken the risk that Z Nation did.
  Hulkbuster.   James Spader.
And the floodgates open.
 This man knows.
 Wasn't a secret when y'all revealed the DLC and Season Pass that doesn't include all the DLC like the term "season pass" suggests it will.
Kevin with that stupid laugh sounding like a chihuahua barking.   Ole girl who served Kevin that summons.  
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