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Since I upgraded to a PS4 the majority of my games are digital.   It was the reverse on my PS3.   Buying new games over here in the Bahamas would run you at least $100. Because of this I would cop the majority of my games of Amazon; after paying customs fees on the games it would cost me ~$80 which still isn't bad compared to buying them locally.   Nowadays we have stores that sell games closer to the US price ($65), but I find buying them digitally to be more...
Cavs are gonna be looking absolutely pristine and immaculate come playoff time with all the washing they're getting right now.
Graves laughing when Enzo got washed with the ladder.
All types of shenanigans tonight.   Booker dropping 70 and the Bulls bench auditioned for America's Best Dance Crew.   That Wilt-esque pic with Booker and the Suns in the locker room.
Can't wait.
Damn my dude TripleHFly taking away title shots to book himself on NTMania.  
MLB The Show 17 Trophies
RTTS Gameplay:  
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