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Congrats to the Sparks.   The Lynx have every right to be pissed about that basket not being reviewed.
    Naomi about that POV life?   That would be A-MAY-AY-AY-AY-ZING.                   [[SPOILER]]           
Pleasantly surprised about the news about the new CBA being agreed upon.   Really looking forward to this season.   Most excited for an NBA season since the Heatles came together.
Cam.   It's amazing how he has fallen off in less than a year.   Don't rock with his shucking and jiving act off the field, but I enjoy watching him play.
Congrats to the Indians.   Cleveland sports teams (Browns aside) flourishing right now.   What a time to be alive.
Finally caught up on this thread.   When dude starting giving his /5 rating I know he was gonna get a response.   Y'all surely didn't disappoint.
  Always loved this gif.  Keeping my expectations extremely low for Brock/Goldberg II
What's "No Neck's" real name?
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