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  All of this.  KD and to a lesser extent Westbrook were horrible in the 4th. Not enough can be said about Klay's performance tonight. He willed GSW to this win.  Nothing but respect for him.  Fully expect OKC to get skull drug in Oracle.
  Klay put the team on his back, and Curry finished off OKC with the dagger.
  The Warriors. Because them being down one is really them winning by 5.
This 4th quarter is gonna be something.   I'm not a fan of either team and I'm nervous AF.
  Damn. Literally wrong place at the wrong time.
  Most of the NT Cavs fan faded into Bolivian in the Mass Exodus of 2010. There are still a few around namely @FinallyFamous and a few others.
Wonder when the NFL is gonna unveil the color rush unis teams are gonna be rocking this season?   Me and the homie @An Armada are anxiously waiting.
  [[SPOILER]]      [[SPOILER]]
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