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  I know all y'all lying in wait with the Cowboys slander like   Had very low expectations for the Cowboys so anything after this is gravy for me. That said I would like the Cowboys to have a decent showing in the playoffs.
NFC East champs.
NFC East champs.   Was not expecting this type of season but I'll gladly take it.
Damn even Weeden cooking today.
For some reason I can't visualize Sterling just casually strolling through a mall.
Spray Tan.
NFL/NBA will keep me occupied all afternoon.   Will catch the episode when it airs on Showtime.
  Real talk.  Finding sz. 14 is a struggle at times, can't imagine a 16. Ole boy must have to take pics of a shoe to a shoemaker to get them made by hand.
  Yep.  Panthers/Falcons for the South Lions/Packers for the North.
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