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Doubt I'll get another pair of the regular XIIIs, but I'm all in on the lows.   Hopefully that pair Lebby was wearing actually drops, but given the track record with the LeBron line that is doubtful.
Becky Hammon.
  That's like getting fired on your day off.
  Agreed. The posite piece on the upper irritates the hell outta my foot. That's the main reason I only have one pair of XIIIs.
  Can't wait for this to drop.  Haven't copped a MLB The Show game in few years because I was waiting to get a PS4. I have been slacking on updating the thread on here.  Gotta update that this weekend.
Someone was joking earlier, but this really is like a Yeezy release.
Goodness, Kiwi and Shaq just compared their hands and both are basically the same size.
Sucks for my dude Titus. 
Looking forward to seeing you fellas pics.
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