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I really like the CVs.   Just wish the laces were black or a black/red combo similar to the LeBron X Pressures  
  Dat avy.
I think that's a sleep apnea maching Clyde was using.   On a sidenote, looks like Showtime isn't putting new episodes on demand anymore.
That Heyman/Reigns/Brock segment wasn't bad at all.   Like some of you said, Brock pitching up like that caught me off guard though. Had me like  
 Those you mentioned and Dolph Ziggler, Dean Ambrose, and of course Super Cena.
  I'm saying.  New season of Black Ink Crew is on, **** that.
@ the ballboy turning heel.
Ironic poster is ironic     This is some epic trolling by Vince.
Man as bad as the reaction to Reigns winning the Rumble was, the IWC is gonna go ape**** when Brock eats a Superman Punch and a Spear and gets beaten clean in the ring at the biggest PPV of the year.
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