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Nicely done TPG.   Those Kill Bill are dope as well.
Heads up, a sales promotion on super hero games just went live today on PSN.   You can get some very good games at a nice discount; especially if you have PS+!/en-us/superhero-sale/cid=STORE-MSF77008-9_SUPERHEROSALE   The Ultimate Edition of Injustice is so tempting for less than $9   Was thinking of picking up Arkham Origins, but will with for the GOTY edition so I get all the DLC.
 Usually have it on as background noise.  Watch parts here and there, but don't really pay attention to it. The Molly Qerim appearances are the highlights of the show. Jaime Maggio needs to guest host.
Molly isn't gone, she was just on NFL AM on Friday.
 It's on Eastbay's  
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