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You'd swear there wasn't a Xbox One thread with the frequency it's talked about in here.
So this is the Dubai thread I've been seeing comments about in other threads.
@ the headline of that JJ Watt article.
Damn Chico, you scary.
@swendro88   Dell is offering a $25 gift card if you pre-order Bloodborne.
  Amazon has it for $53. Not that big of a deal but at least it's something.
@ the Grey Worm censoring on the Missandei pics.
  The title, "The Walking Dead" was never referring to the zombies themselves, but the people living in a world of zombies and the effects it has on them.
I understand Ceasar's point with Ted about family sticking together, but he can't dictate to a grown *** man who he can and can't be friends with.  O'**** really getting another chance. This dude really has 9 lives.     Dutchess looks nice, but her attitude is a huge turnoff. Sky is alright I guess.  Donna comes off as a STD factory to me, just looks straight up unsavory.  Alex was bad too, but she's been gone from the show. The girl who O'**** was messing with and got in...
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