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  I only have one pair of 13s, The Written In The Stars. Not because I don't like the shoe, but they're so damn uncomfortable. The posite piece on the upper kills my feet. That's why I've only worn it a handful of times.
Gonna be absolute chaos the next few days.
Fitzpatrick really feeling himself.     How can a QB so bad be so entitled?
  Probably my favorite non-Cowboy player. Tough and gritty, carried those Titans teams back in the day. Jeff Fisher owes his decade+ of mediocrity as an NFL coach to McNair and that Super Bowl run. Really wish he won game. RIP. 
  On the original schedule there is no Sunday night game, but NBC usually flexes one of the games with heavy playoff impllication to SNF.
Aside from Game 6 in OKC, I stay missing when Klay blacks out like this.
  Man I missed it. Gonna need a gif or vine.
I need to finish up TLOU.   Started it a few months back.
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