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  Smart man.
  Dat look on Naomi's face.
Thought the shenanigans would be over once the WTLs dropped, but it looks like it was only the start.
I could see the TDM's getting that "limited" treatment. They give off that vibe to me.
Anxiously awaiting pics for these colorways dropping next month.
Some impressions from a recent 2k community event.    
 Until one of these colorways get hit with the limited tag.
The Lion Hearts, The Datas and maybe the Dunk Force for me.   The potential XII IDs though      
Not gonna front, I'm intrigued as hell in finding out if @BarbarianBob's girl did indeed get him the WTLs for his birthday.   It's like a soap opera cliffhanger.     *disembodied voice*     "Did Bob finally get the kicks he coveted for months?"   "Did Mrs, Bob solidify her reputation, as an A1 girlfriend?"   " all hope lost? "   "Find out Friday on As the WTLs Turn!"     Hope she come through for you.
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