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Right here Brother DFly.   Now things have been rough for you recently hope all is well with you.
Doesn't matter if  it's white, black or red, whole Rubber City XIIs are basura.   Why can't we get a solid black XII colorway without all those Hellraiser nipples all over them?   And I've done a complete 180 on the Wheats. My interest in them has waned significantly.
Completely forgot about the Hall of Fame ceremony 'til I came in here and saw 900+ new posts.  Finally caught up. Will run through the Crusher's and Medusa' speeches since they've been the ones most lauded in here.   @ "Paige is the blackest person in this picture." asdkfdskjfsdksksk @ the DSK Memorial Battle Royal on the NTWT Mania card.  @iLLoQuent aka DSK gone too soon man.   [[SPOILER]]
  Dekker had all the 2k shooting sliders maxed out to 100.
Finally caught up on the last two episodes. The struggle was real for Phil.  I give him credit for letting his intentions be know with Melissa, but he was coming on a little too strong with the falling in love with you stuff. That "No" by Melissa though, understated yet absolutely debilitating. She crushed his soul in like a second.  The subtle jabs at Todd throughout the episodes.    [[SPOILER]]
Finally caught up on this thread.   "Aberdeen Dragon"   Is the NXT taping from last night gonna air on the Network this upcoming week?   Completed the survey; have Reigns winning and no cash in from Seth.
  Lawd Jojo.
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