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  In the situation with Devon and Leah, I was wondering where her mother was and why she didn't seem to be involved.  @ needing child support to stave off homelessness.
Heads up, the digital version of EA Sports UFC is on sale for $13.99 on PSN.   It should be the same on XBL.   The sale ends on 12/1!/en-us/games/ea-sports-ufc/cid=UP0006-CUSA00222_00-EASPORTSUFC14PS4
That How to Poop at Work guide is so on point.
  Morena Baccarin.
Shovel put the fear of God into Lillian.   I vaguely remember that. He'd just lost the title (can't remember to who and he was all in his feels).
XB1 Digital version of Live 15 for $32.99. This price will be available until December 1st. The update with these new prices should be up later today. 
None of the characters on Grimm are based on Frozen.   You're thinking about Once Upon A Time.   Grimm characters are based loosely on the Grimm fairy tales.
Saints' amazing home field advantage = Undertaker's Wrestlemania streak
@Mr DragonFly Jones A New Day debuts next week.
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