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Rogan saying "Damn!"watching the PVZ beatdown of Herrig.
  Man I wish these, or a variation of would officially release.
They haven't really addressed his pacemaker after season 1 until the most recent episode.   Guess he's better.
 That is her. Nosy *** Nancy couldn't mind her own business and got her and her husband got.  This dude Theo though. So much for him caring about his family; he deaded them with the quickness, literally. Glad he didn't kill his kids.That warning to Ryan though.  How ole faulty Life Alert Pacemaker having Ryan Hardy suppose to go up against the dude who erased himself completely off the internet?   Ryan better bust Joe...
   This is a prime "Nope" gif candidate if I ever saw one.
In all honesty I know where that gif came from but I can't recall ever watching the Predator movies.
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