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All this Rocky talk, I'm probably the only one in here that hasn't watched any of the movies.   Don't have a desire to either.   Same goes for the Star Wars films.
Remember the Titans.    Great pick DSA. 
  Ghost Peep pls.   People were hyped about Shane being back in WWE, not for him wrestling again.
Missed the 4th quarter of the Steelers/Chiefs.   Kelce really getting on the refs for that Fisher holding call when Fisher had James Harrison in a chinlock?
@ giving Shane another WrestleMania match this year.
I've seen this corny McPick Two commercial at least 294985923852938935889 times today.   So bad.
Tough loss, especially after coming all the way back.   Jerruh needs to revamp the defense like he's done with the O-line.
Ugh.   Aaron Rodgers gonna Aaron Rodgers.   Amazing catch by Cook.   In a shocking development, the Cowboys defense was their ultimate downfall.   Dak, Dez and Zeke showed out.   Dak came back nicely from a rough start.   Congrats @fraij da 5 11 @LiCeNseD To BaLL @RetroBaller   @Jay02
 Game scressful bruh.
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