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Still haven't watched season 1.   Glad this show is going the AHS route with no continuity between seasons.   See Andre 3000 is gonna be in this season.
Y'all some fools man.
  The Details 
Tapped out right as Raw was kicking off.   Aside from Sev coming back looks like I didn't miss much.
That Cam article.     Would've said ole boy some time if he just said "**** that ******." and be done with it.   Cam really irks the hell outta certain people. One of the many reasons I want him to continue to flourish.
  Who's he talking too?
  Very distressing indeed.
Man, I tapped out right before the Divas Title match, checked just now and     All the directions Vince could've gone in and they went with the status quo.   Could've had Jeans turned heel to reinvigorate his character because he's stuck in a serious rut right now but they're like:     They're really milking this "woe is me" gimmick with Reigns.
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