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  This **** has always irked me.  WWE could have easily done a backstage segment where Brie and Nikki reconcile and patch things up on some "We're sisters, we fight, but at the end of the day we got each others' backs no matter what" but no they just make back up with no explanation and expect us to forget they were feuding in the first place.
  This can be said for the majority, if not all game developers nowadays. Won't pick up a basketball game around Black Friday at the earliest.
So when is this officially dropping?   According to Wikipedia the release date is August 7th, not sure if that's concrete though.
Thigh high socks man.
  It shows up for me. I added another one but it's grainy as hell.
  Sounds like heaven.
KD Live 16       KD Live 15      
There might be some truth in that article about LaMarcus, but ultimately that just comes off as some scorned lover steez.   What would that dude have written if LMA came back to the Blazers?
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