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These are two of my favorite basketball sigs.        
  I think LeBron's crown logo is nice too. Simple, but clean. I hope he keeps that one and doesn't go back to his old 23 logo since he's wearing that number again. 
 I agree with you there and have done that before.  I picked up the Space Jams and Cool Grey XIs for about $260 each online when they retroed. I knew the stores over here probably wouldn't have them and definitely not in my size (14), and I wanted to avoid the hassle of trying online at Eastbay, Footlocker, Finishline etc. because it's absolute chaos on those sites when XI drops. When the Concords dropped again in 2011, I could've gotten them from the same site I got the...
^ I know.   Had the Answer III, IV & IX, but never the Questions.
 This man knows.  I never had a pair of Questions.
  Good for you.  I'm not paying $500, $700 or $1,000 for a pair of shoes no matter how much I like them and it has little to do with whether or not my "money is up". If I miss out on a shoe at retail, I just chalk it up, and move on to the next one.  I might want a shoe, but I don't need it, especially at them reseller prices.
 Not only a sig shoe but the ASG version of a sig shoe. You see how hyped up the ASG versions of Kobes, LeBrons and KDs are now.
  Nah, aside from the soles separating the zoom air bag damn near disintegrated too.  Had this colorway  Wished I had copped these when I had the chance.    I miss the days when you could just walk in a store and pick up a pair of kicks you wanted with no hassle.  Nowadays you have to deal with raffles, Twitter Link Only, RSVPs and bots just to try and get a pair of kicks.
CPisha.   Hope the little one if alright CP.
 Loved these.  Especially this colorway:       The soles separated on my LeBron IIs couple of months back.  Had to throw them away.
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