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Man I'm still in awe of the finale.   Absolutely superb television.   Really thought Margaery had this elaborate plan with the way she reassure Lady Olenna and give her that note.   She was playing Connect Four while Cersei was playing chess.     @ Qyburn's little birds being more dangerous than the Unsullied.
 Noticed this as well.  Was kinda hoping the Guy got the 2k17 just for the awkwardness. 2k is probaby gonna have a story mode for Brock like they did with Stone Cold.  I'm hoping his matches with Kurt Angle are included because I would love to hear those trumpets in a WWE game again.  
How Bill Burr gonna prematurely off John Salley?   
Lyanna Mormont....    
  Varys mastered instant transmission like Arya did.
Man too much realness this episode between Lady Olenna and Lady Mormont.
 She learned that instant transmission from Goku.
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