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somebody finally beat the **** out of George Galloway
Been listening to NVC for about a year. It's awesome. Still freaking annoyed I bought the XL and I cant Xendoblade because of this apple type move SMH. At least put it on wii u console. Do a bayonetta 2 and include it SMH. First time I been mad at Nintendo in a while.
They need to relax with the revisions and just make a new handheld with a different name. Having exclusive game for the new ds just creates confusion and angers those who shelled out for a ds or xl How have they not learned from the wii to wii u mistake? I don't know what they are thinking.
I would buy spree and his gang of heffers drinks
Shake shack is wild overrated. I'd rather eat at 5 guys honestly. Or if I'm feeling frisky, Jackson Hole
Some "victory" Hope it was worth it "We will build and upgrade our arsenal to be ready for the coming battle" soooo see you at the next one? They could have agreed to this cease fire a month ago. They were simply running low on ammo
I liked contact. Shrug.
People are getting really liberal with the use of the word genocide by the look of some of those posters in the foreign parade. Been noticing it more and more in general. Anyway, it's crazy to think how arresting the cop right away would have stopped all the protesting. Even if it was a sham trial.
Hamas killed another 18 Palestinians who were supposedly collaborating with Israel. Public executions. Several top Hamas members killed. One of them has been a target for a very lomg time and it's unknown if he was killed 4 year old Israeli killed by a mortar attack. I would expect things to escalate after that.
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