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All of this success lebron is having with the leftover knicks just proves how much of a ringchaser he was with his ring chasing in miami. No confidence having jabroni
That's a damn sad story. i always get paranoid with that stuff.
You guys weren't kidding about P4G. First real battle came at just under 2 hours. Im enjoying the mystery though.
I will admit that i may be too easily swayed by watching the cavs play teams that can easily go through repeated scoring droughts. ESPECIALLY the bullies. trash east offense could have me overrating the cavs D. But i think its been pretty good in general the 2nd half of the seasonAnd i think the young squad theme is very, very true in this sport
I had the cavs going to the finals without love but that was an easy prediction. now i am not as sure but i have the cavs winning in 5 or 6. Young teams do not win in the NBA and the NBA would much rather lebron get this W. The cavs defense will be too much and they will destroy them on the boards.
Good to know. Im about to go into the TV i thinK.i can't imagine any way the last guardan lives up to the hype. This is detox and half life 3 status. But i don't care. I want it.Give me a ******* dark cloud 3 game too. i want to play the 2nd one and it isn't on PSN.Imagine if we get a portable ps2. I wouldn't buy **** new lol. Probably why they wouldnt do it
Just got persona 4 golden. Hope in not way in over my head compared ro FFX where i fared well enough. supposedly if i like anime i'll like this. Figured i would take a break before playing FFX2.
I want someone to point blank tell me the youngest team to win the championship wuthout some espn type average stat on a tuesday. have a few in mind but they are early 200s. Ir would have been a whule
Do you like RPGs? i just started getting into them alot. Hated them in my youth except pokemon.FF X X2 remake. And a bunch of other final fantasy games that are on the PSN to buy for cheapSuikoden 2 is supposedly amazingpersona 4 goldenUncharted and killzone have some aaa level gamesLimbohotline miami 1 and 2i hated hohokum but its acclaimedthat mexican wr3stler game i cant remember at the momentTearawaylittle b8g planetI get most of my games from ps plus
It would be a huge disappointment if the cavs don't win the championship this year. Playing a very inexperienced team in the finals with the best player on the planet? Gotta win. I have full confidence in lebron not to waste this golden opportunity. I wouldn't even blame the haters if they came out in full force if the cavs lost.
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