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He was QUICK to stop fights with Israel as a form a punishment. Had that itchy finger. A possible pandemic? Puts his head in the sand. His true priorities are showing in the second term. The administration stays reacting instead of being proactive. I dont even want to hop on the subway
Dantoni is a terrible ******* coach. His lack of an ability to manage egos is just one of many reasons for his sukitude. He falls upward more than lane kiffin. That snake oil salesman, potato chip selling, media manipulating ****
I knew that whenever wade was on the court he woud be drawing the teams attention. Did I know the level of the specifics you posted? No. I just don't think it would be the deciding factor of my decision making going forward or has that much relevance.
I cant believe someone called ska a kobe fan boy. Sigh i been here to long lols
Wade and bosh took massive amounts of pressure off lebron by drawing the defenses attention and spread the floor which led to championships. Nobody needs advance stats to know this.I'm ambivalent when it comes to kobe. Dont have strong feelings either way. Dont forget that maaaany media members are just as narcissistic and petty as people think he is
They are saying the guy who killed the soldier was a muslim convert jihadist. Im sure the PC police will say it has nothing do do with religion. More "workplace violence" since its being reported that he has a history of drug use. I wonder what the ramifications of two attacks in a week will be
Just read the same thing. Not a fan at all of that stance. While im sure ot it comes out good intentions, it shows extreme weakness. Its frankly an embarrassing response
There was a terrorist attack there monday that killed a soldier. The guy had tried to join isis and was stopped when going to Turkey Wonder if its a similar attack or a different cause.
Wow. Incredible win
Runs what? The hipster fan club?
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