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It's like the west is its own league
Durant. Yikes
Goodnight sweet prince
i think you misspelled westbrook and coach brooks
George hill lol
That's actually... So true..... I can't eat it anymore. Used to just for chipotle mayo but now that's evrywhereeeeeee. I just need that sweet opinion sauce
I watched it quick oh I thought that was curry as a "twin"
What the **** now curry has a bro
Can't believe just how much people think racism is the driving force for people saying basketball puts out a bad product. Those people who watched in the 90s and stopped caring now didn't wake up and hate black people How can you really think its more about race than touch fouls, no flow, and crooked refs What other sport do people care more about next off season than this season? That popped into my head today. On espntans talk radio it's more about Phil Jackson, where...
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