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U guys work with ppl like this and dont know it. Ive stopped caring aboit things like this
I had chills
I didn't know about basic voting rights? Okay brah. Lets just say **** it and have no borders. Everyone can come in. No countries. Have at it. It'll end well. A perfect utopia. Everyone against illegal immigration is racist. I've met more illegal Europeans than mexicans, but whatever you say.
You caught me. I had no idea they couldn't vote. you want to be smug or have a conversation?The kids that are born here or their legal relatives tend to vote democratic.many also believe that democrats want to give millions of illegal immigrants rights which would eventually include the right to vote and social security.It should be common sense to be against illegal immigration. i know legal immigrants who get furious over this conversation.
It's absurd that you think it's absurd. Maybe not fear, but the idea of basically having open borders is idiotic. I don't fear or hate the illegals, its the governments fault tor not keeping them out. Democrats want the votes and republicans want the cheap labor.
George hill is and always has been the weakest link
PP with no damns given. Always felt the ray allen classy meme was a bit overplayed.
If you dont have fun when visiting new york you're probably not doing it right. There are thousands of things to do.
cavs could beat the breaks off and sweep the hawks for all i care. Cant even beat the piece of crap knicks. East playoffs will be the most boring in a decade.
This tean cant even lose right. Its disgusting.
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