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I wonder how much the media will report that Hamas did indeed kill the 3 teens. I guess the leader didn't get the memo that it was a made up Jew conspiracy false flag attack? Very curious to see if this gets buried on page 67
Yeah jeets
They put on a good show but that is not my **** haha Nas live in central park> with the stop ages and fights But for hills ******* insane man
Forest Hills on the map first time since Arthur ashe won haha hahaha. This dree **** is silly. Forest hills, Kew gardens, carona, Jamaica, far roc, white stone, atoria my muslim bros hahahhahahahaha
Chicago was not winning with melo. He would be foolish to lose that much money. If it was a difference of 10 fine take the risk. But 50? That's ******* ridiculous.
I haven't been quick to judge but from everything I have read it sounds like the kid was basically executed. Even more cut and dry from Zimmerman who should have been put away for manslaughter.
Just take the loss like a man. Admit you were wrong. It happens.
I think the challenge is stupid but it seems to be helping so I'm all for it. What's the connection to the water dumping and the disease? It seems so random
Slandering lebron is an art. Leave it to the pros.
and the sun hasn't set yet tonight. But it will
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