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Finally finished the 1st bayonetta and can start the second. What a game. Highly underrated as i'm sure the second one is as well. Crazy bang for my buck to have both games in one package
I knew that strange timeout looking sign was gonna end up getting a real timeout called. Cant even blame the ref . I saw him do it earlier in the gane and i was like badddd idea Giants always play down to their competition in the regular season. I honestly thiught we would lose yesterday and win next week
The journalist being held in Iran (Jason Rezaian) has been found guilty. And Iran just fired long range ballistic missiles which is against the deal. I'm honestly a little suprised just at how many damn's they don't give.
It's the first time i really wamt a ps4. MGS5 and the news sports games ate putting me over the edge. I don't know what sony is thinking. Get that garbage COD 1 TB system the **** out of here. What a waste
I hope he thinks he should have fired his agent for telliing him to push for a trade as opposed to waiting for free agencyAnd firing his agent for telling him to take more years than bosh, wade, and bron
Awesome news.Also random but i think uncharted 3 is incredibly overrated. Still haven't finished it.Uncharted 2 >
I really want to play a single lerson campaign using those graphics. No need for multiplayer star wars. But i like single player games in general. Want to be left alone lol
Hoyer jersey sales coming. Coach took some real chances
1 TB ps4 cuh-1215a Where you at?
That is pretty interesting. Came here to post that as well. Wonder who wins. Both parties have been moving to the far side. Bern got Hillary coming out against the trade agreement. I wonder if it will have real implications on either side or just get the base out to vote.
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