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He broke his cell phone like the Giants broke his heart.
Damn Thomas getting rid of the evidnce like Chico and Hillary. Not a good look.
This is pure click bait. But lets be honest, she could have said what the Hulkster said and gotten the black vote. Unless Sanders runs as a third partt. They aren't gonna vote republican. Short of being caught on tape murdering someone i don't know how she wouldn't win this cycle.
I had no idea. I did know that Brando basically improvised all the lines and was basically a huge jerk lol. Is it follows as good as triangle or cabin in the woods?
Melo is a good player but it really is an insult to put him in the same sentence as Ewing. Can't do **** in one of the worst conferences ever.
1TB black sounds good. I wonder if it changes anything else significant. Ill probably wait at least another year, maybe 2. But i love keeping up with all the news lol Wait a minute MGS 5 is coming to PS3? Is that true? Because if so it's def gonna be a 2 year wait to cross over lol
Has there been any word on the next ps4 model? Like the "slim" version? Everytime i think i will take the plunge i realize there is an old game I never played (Catherine) or a new game coming out that will still be available for PS3 (Persona 5) Gonna have some backlog to choose from when i finally go next gen
Watched the world's end. Pretty creative movie. I enjoyed it.
I remember thinking waltz was nominated in the supporting role just to **** over Leo lol. He was not a supporting actor in that movie lol. No way in hell. I remember not liking the aviator. Even if leo and jaime had equal performances, most people think Ray is the better movie.
Def one of my favorite scenes. The ending seems to be very polarizing of the internetz is any indication
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