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There has been tons of attention and thought paid to why bernie is doing so poorly amongst minority voters of color. But very little has been said about what, if any, impact his jewishness has on his inability to garner their vote. See incident below. A Harlem man demanded Sen. Bernie Sanders explain his relationship “with your Jewish community” at an event at the iconic Apollo Theater today. Mr. Sanders, the only Jew to have ever won a presidential primary, held the...
Good catch. Right has gone further to the right than the left has gone to the left. DNC has a better handle on their populist base.
Some Real revisionist history in here. Acting like clinton had it so easy lol they impeached his *** over a blowjob. They went at obama's neck from day one but i'm not gonna pretend like he didn't ram through ACA with pelosi's dumb *** singing we need to pass the bill to see what's in it. Obama is historically bad with congressional outreach. Including to his own democrats. He believes he is above kissing *** and making phone calls and playing the game. More likely to...
That article isn't even the biggest issue for him today. I think he made a fatal error with his abortion comments. I don't think he can come back from that in the general.
People should attenpt to be nice and respectful to each otherBut it's very obvious that there are alot of thin skinned yoyng people out there straight up LOOKING to be offended and looking forward to the next mass shaming.
The faux outrage over his campaign manager and this reporter is a little ridiculous. I'm more interested in the fact that he didn't fire the manager like anyone else in the would have. I wonder if that hurts him or not. Somebody up there loves hillary. All this trump/cruz stuff has completely saved her from any real attention.
Man i still don't have a ps4 i just wanted a slim with a gig or two. This ps4.5 **** got me all confused. It's a scary precedent too. Really not feeling the apple approach. Especially when so much of the library is damn HD remakes lol.
Look at love flourishing when the PF killer is out.
1 - i am aware of the different branches 2 - they targeted a bunch of christians on easter 3 - i'm just trying to see what the narrative will be since it's a bit harder to blame the victim in this situation. Maybe people will skip over that usual deflection and go right to complaining that Belgium got significantly more coverage
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