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okc lol Knicks smh
so is lebron still the MVP?
Media hates marshawn not white people.
I like having seasons. Need to switch it up
Quite annoying. it's like they are trying a prove a point for no real reason. There are plenty of other people more than happy to talk to you. Piss off you ******* weasels. Medi alcoves injecting themselves into stories. I don't give a **** what lynch has to say. I want to see him truck people.
he has a better chance at getting popped for HGH than winning MVP. And this is coming from someone who constantly says they are making it out of the east. He doesnt deserve it. At all. This team has underperformed so much and hes been a big part of it. Teaching lessons and ****.
Man i thought kobe fans were obnoxious. Lebron fans take the cake. Cavs win a few games and he's mvp. delusional.
Scheddy balls better return.
SNL aint been as good as this in years. This **** is hilarious.
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