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Why do you keep brining up jon Stewart like he's king of the Jews. Is his opinion worth extra points or something?
the most biased ones in here are crying about bias. Egypt doesn't open their borders because they don't want the palestinans in their country. it's not that complicated. blah blah blah "propoganda"
So you think it's a good idea to have two separate threads where people can read/hear what they want... and not have to ponder the other side? this is healthy to you? whatever. enjoy the circle jerk and patting each other on the back. no more posting from me. see you
I have no idea what MCHG is but it's definitly the sleeves.
It's always nice when advance stats and the eye test agree
They didnt even need to take most of it. Parts were bought and parts given to them.And Israel had their land taken from them . Oh wait. Maybe it's the Romans' land. Or British? Maybe Americans should go find the nearest native American and sign over their deed. Maybe texans should hand over their homes to Mexicans. Do you know how many groups can claim land is theirs?Look at the last names. People in "Palestine" came from Egypt, Syria, Saudi Arabia etc. It was a region it...
Can't debate. Just throw a tantrum. Why isn't Hamas wearing uniforms? Numbers don't matter... But they matter. Just all over the place throwing **** at the wall and if you say something enough times... It doesn't make it so
I know we talk about money under the table but honestly billionaires don't just throw out money if they'd not have to. If they are convincing players to take pay cuts I'm not not sure if a few years later those players are really getting 20 mil in a duffle bag. Once their value is used up... Not sure what happens besides a job within the organization.
The heat index is still up? Strange.
Here's a brilliant idea to protect civilians. How about the members of Hamas throw on a ******* uniform? Hmmm I wonder why they won't. Maybe because they WANT civilians to be killed?This guy AT say that the leader of Turkey is condemning the "genocide" TURKEY?!They still deny the Armenian Genocide that they committed. A REAL GENOCIDE.Some of you have no grasp of global politics. And those are the loudest of course. Every nation has an agenda. And so does every leader. He's...
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