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So sad. Didnt think it would really happen
Damn man i really thought he would make it. Terrible.
How do u guys see white and gold. My GF said the same. its insane.
i was watching the parks and rec finale that i missed. Did the warriors really foul and reach that much or was it on some BS? I read that GS missed free throws and couldn't shoot for **** too Id like to see the Grizz plays thr cavs next.
Not for nothing... im not sure any ppwer forward or star for that matter will ever be able to live in the paint playing with lebron.
he's no Hubie Brown but im not gonna turn the TV off which i mighy do if Jon Barry or Reggie was announcing. Hes fine.
Lee "the doorman" > kevin Love
I straight up forget love is on the cavs sometimes.
Entertaining game. Got a bad feelimg bogut aint making it to the playoffs.
Wow... so rose is done. Thats crazy. Lucky he got that huge deal and will be okay financially. At least we can stop pretending the bulls were ever beating a lebron led team.
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