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I hope that blue paint is for reals. Glad to see you guys holding the thread down. I can't take the insanity on a daily basis anymore lol. All i need is something worth watching. I dont want the season over after 3 weeks
Lack of boss fights and story got me nervous. I really wanna hear your guys opinions when people start playing more. I mean those are the best parts of MGS imo...Playing peacewalker rght now on vita. Pretty damn good even with it's hardware limitations (PSP)
Anericans hate the media and with good reason. Wouldn't be shocked to see his numbers go up. Ramos was acting like a spoiled brat anyway and couldn't wait his turn like everyone else in the roomTrump's popularity boils down to the following (imo from what i hear)1- can't be bought In the same way as other politicians (like bloomberg)2- doesn't use newsspeak to the point of insanity. I mean people getting offended at "illegal immigrant" is hilarious to me. No no no, call...
Not gonna lie, im pretty pissed off reading that the story takes a big back seat. That doesn't sit well with me at all. I want Meatal Gear not GTA Im sure its still incredible. But that sucks.
Im suprised at how terrible he is at campaigning. Also Walker looks terrible. I feel like Kasich is the most normal candidate but he is getting no play for some reason. I thought Pataki would be somewhat involved too. It is clear that the republican side wants no part of the establishment. Which is part of why trump and carson and Farina are doing so well. Democratic side is just boring at the moment. People concentrating on the rmails when the most absurd part of the...
Anyone know if the toonami version of attack of the titans is dubbed? Just watched the first ep on netflix but its not
What did u think
For all the negative wii u talk ot has an insanely good line up. Soooo many solid games. And the gamepad is awesome i don't care what anyone says. It's great as a secondary system. Ps4/wii u or xbone/wii u. Both xbone and ps4 have been pushing many, many remakes. Console wars are fun but things woukd be HORRIBLE for the consumer if your favorite system actually "won"
Yeah. I really doubt i would vote for sanders but i do not find him untrustworthy or shady. I don't trust a word that comes out of Hillary's mouth. At least Bill was personable and persuasive... very charismatic.
She shouldn't be able to pe eligible for president. Look how they did petraeus in comparison. Shouldn't even be a partisan issue. One of her minions like Huma may go down. She is teflon. Too many people protecting her.
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