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I was dissapointed too. Child of light was the only sale that caught my attention
If everything is as bad and unsafe for the people you are referring to, why would you want them to have pretend safe spaces in college when they clearly aren't going to have the same safe spaces in the real world? Wouldn't it be better to prepare them to face the real world which contains privilege and unfair practices?
Conspiracy or not. True or false. Whoever is at fault. All i know is **** is about to get real
Sounds like a mixture of shoot the messanger plus blind tolerance and moral relativism
I was actually watching the rangers in 60 against florida just now lol. Wild game
Yeah miami matches up well with us. It is what it is. Treat it as a learning experience
Whatever. Still happy with the record
Too much miami night life yesterday. That's what it looks like at least.
Yeah im very, very curious to see KP tonight. Not expecting a great game from him. Just a gut feeling
KP is in a unique situation. Pat had noone else to really take the slander. Melo is gonna be KP's slander lightning rod lol.
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