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Im at work someone provide some cliffs!
I would gladly go with thibbs and he may be the best bet. I just don't want everyone to be delusional and act like he is the Messiah. He isn't good with offense and runs players down. Could pose problems
Thibbs is not perfect. He really isn't.
Jackson is poison. Walton is unknown. I go thibbs in a heartbeat. But i think melo moght die on the court and porzingis would be run into the groundI wonder if blatt will get an interview. Doubt we would want his supposed Princeton offense thoughDamn i want brad stephens.
I feel like we just won the SB Just don't be stupid and hire mark jackson or george karl or some **** like that
But no one on her campaign had engaged in such an extensive takedown until Sunday. Bill Clinton himself was significantly more restrained while campaigning last week in Iowa, according to Politico. Clinton on Sunday also accused Sanders' supporters of being sexist and attacking his wife's backers online. "[Those] who have gone online to defend Hillary and explain why they're supporting her have been subject to vicious trolling and attacks," Clinton said, calling the...
I doubt peyton is bragging about this performance any time soon. Whole family knows he played like trash. Wasn't even all that in the first SB
That was a pretty bad game but whatever that broncos defense is incredible to watch at least. Peyton was garbage but history will be kind
Wow cam ran away from the pile
That **** qas uncatchable lol
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