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Wow. Incredible win
Runs what? The hipster fan club?
Obama doesn't like to hurt feelings unless it's directed at allies for whatever reason. I would be pissed I voted for him except for the fact that Romney scares me more. Everything is PR with this guy. Yes I know there are no direct flights. That isn't the end of the argument by any stretch.
I want 60 games because i feel it would be better for the NBA.Less games = more meaning.Each team plays twice = no confrence bias.Lebron wants less games because lebron wants lebron wants. If he could play with the top 10 top players and zombie Wilt he would.If he could enter a cheat code to reality he would.He doesn't give a flying **** about anything besides having things be as easy as possible for himself. I don't even think he cares that much about ball. More rings...
100%I havent had a nintendo device since i think gameboy advance. Bought a wii u and DS and im enjoying the **** out of it. I just got sick of the constant FPSI became a sony kid because of crash, spyro, gex, ratchet, jax. And games like metal gear solid and onimusha. I had to switch it up. I dont think the ps3 library held a candle to the creativity shown on ps1 and 2 even though the media capabilities make it top notch and the graphical jump from 2 to 3 is...
I recently bought a second ps3 so im good with the media capabilities but i was curious. Waiting a few years until i grab a ps4 most likely. But if you can download movies and play them like with ps3 i may grab a ps4 earlier and leave the 3 with my girlfriend so i was wondering . I assume they will allow it one day but who knows
Can u play movies through the usb now too? Like .avi ?
Get a wii u. Or a computer if you have the money to spend. Sony and Microsoft systems are too similar to get IMO. I mean unless money is no option
Ive mostly only seen money moves. Not for the betterment of the game really.The jerseys mean more sales. Same with ads on jerseys. Sterling ousting was all money.Not even knocking him because thats his job but all the love is kind is ehhhhhhWhen he makes a season 66 games ill cheer h8m for makimg the product better
I saw slap shot for the first time Awesome.
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