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That **** ceased to exist. Cant remember thast time that happrned
That feeling when you forget there is saturday night football
That will probably be my first FF game. Probably pass on F Zero just too much of a backlog. At that point where I need to pick and choose much more carefully do to time restraints which sucks. Still waiting at least 2 years to get the ps4 probably just letting that library build up. Need to start playing peace walkers again eventually too.
Corporations and tourists pay for a large percentage of the tickets anyway. It doesn't really matter to them. Which is why I don't buy the garbage that NY can't handle a rebuilding team.
WE HAVE THE SECOND WORST WINNING PERCENTAGE IN THE NBA HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAA I'm just glad I gave up the season tickets I had with my friend this year. We all did. That would hav been awful.
I had to check the thread title twice to see if i was in the wrong one.
Yikes I was intrigued when I read that lomg explanation but the trailer looks horrible.
Terrible trade **** Boston lols Not a slam dunk chip of course but it's a great mov. East
Oh please. Another defelction. How about black september? Their own brothers dont help the palestinians. Just talk. You wont convince me that a place called Judea is occupied. Egypt and jordan were the most recent "owners" anyway not whatever u describe as palestinans. Even though i personally wouldnt care of they turned the gaza strip into a beautiful beach tourist site. As long as their is peace they can call themselves whatever they want. Even if i granted you that...
boko haram just killed 35 people and kidnapped over a 100 women and kids. Guess thats americas fault too
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