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at least i can go to bed and not worry about missing a good game
Come on......
what a weak foul
I was at the rangers game and knew there was a 90% chance we would lose. They wanted it more. We scored in the first minute and were lethargic the rest of the game. Not even mad. Hope it wakes them up.
Bought it for vita. not getting a ps4 for 2 or 3 years. Got a ds, ps3, wii u too and a backlog. Simply dont have the time. Plus nothing has made me freak out on ps4 even though i know some great games are coming. The best games are remasters.Almost bought it on a whim a year ago but the media playback fuctions went backward so i passed. let the library build and eventually get since im really loving FF X maybe ill get into the series. sure i can find most final...
Won my first game of blitzball
Credible argument that nash stole some mvp's but he's an incedible pg and one of the best shooters to play.
I don't know what to think about the new system. Gonna patiently wait for more info. I love the gamepad. If there isn't some type of way to p,ay off screen I'll be very upset.
Not sure why this is a ririvalry game but i can dig it my biggest concern with the rangers is the same as its been for years. Simply wont score enough.wont be able to won everything winning 2-1 and 1-0. well i mean. We can. But still.
Thanks. Thanks an insane deal. Just bought it. Played it for about 30 minutes and couldnt get into it but it was a borrowed copy. figured i wpuld give it a try again one day. Cant pass up on a deal like that. especially now that im getting more used to RPG's playing final fantasy X and beat mario and luigi superstar saga.
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