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What the?
Blind man could see that goal coming.
I just meant the lack of a power play and scoring in general may have been torts
Damn man maybe it really was torts
Heat were coasting and wade will be fine. They have an easy rode I see no issues whatsoevr. Maybe NJ takes them to 6 if they even play them Big J go on real GM for 10 minutes. You will appreciate NT then Okc isn't that good. SAS is the only team that has any chance against the heat. And Memphis to a point of they were allowed to play defense.
What if I told you a strippper changed the landscape of the eastern confrence?
I blame lebron personally
Had to do gf stuff. Happy happy that flopper lost. You thoughti only hated lebron?
I'm american I want them to win. Doesn't mean I'm super amazed at the dream teams accomplishments or would want to watch that for 82 games and the playoffs over and over. I'd just watch the globetrotters play the generals of I enjoyed that Would people enjoy watching lebron, Durant, Westbrook, melo, Duncan, Parker, ibaka, wade, curry, and dirk oome team taking payouts? Yes or no? I never said lack or parity is bad for the NBA. I'm saying stars who decide it would be...
First off all those 3 didn't wake up one day and say hey we are free agents lets team up2nd of all we were talking about melo joining as well and all nba stars doing whatever they can do get a ringSome people in this thread would clearly enjoy Durant, Westbrook, melo, wade, lebron, Prime Shaq and prime Wilt with Magic and Hakeem coming off the bench.I think that's very strange. Especially of you aren't a fan of the team and just wanna see the inevitable backlash and hate
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