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I copped with discount code tho from NDCyou think if I return without receipt they'll give me full price? not tryna pay outta pocket for em since I don't have a discount code again
He's saying there's an error with the transaction, it's basically showing him everything as if he's the buyer when in fact he's the seller
Ye thats usually how it goes but with nba and this stuff you never know. not like the Adidas jerseys have logos on them so they could just remove jock tags and show the jerseys like that. either way I'm just excited, depending on material used might jump back into finally getting some authentics again because rev 30 was trash IMO with the inconsistencies and being so hard to find popular players backwards type crap
contemplating returning my pure$ IV to nike and cop these, hmm
its basically coinbase except with graphs. you login with your CB info on gdax and able to transfers and sell and buy.
yes he did. He's been waiting to grab more and waiting to long. most of his stash he bought at $55 he woulda grabbed more at that price but CB gave him low *** limits
I think because some aren't as advanced and just using coinbase.would be nice if CB added price drop alerts and what not because my brother woke up middle of the night and saw ETH at $120 on CB
I'm far from an expert but some of y'all who been itching to buy ETH and waited til price jumped should be buying it up at these low prices since last night just my opinion. fapmaster posted good info which should help the gains, also another EEA announcement early June no excuses already re-upped last night. not gonna sit and complain when its over $200 again on how I didn't buy when it was under $150
the cyber Mondays are actually decent but its way to plain to be spending $150 on. they're still sitting at my store, id cop at $75 but I think we all know they aren't going that low. now the true blues at $130ish with the 30% off a few weeks ago was a great deal if y'all can grab em cheaper
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