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Hope you didn't pay retail for any of em. Jordan jerseys selling for $200 or less, majority of the time less especially in the most popular sizes 40/44
They don't careI message them soon as they pay telling them tanks and that I'll be shipping that same day or nextMessage me when I do ship and just saying I left you feedback once you get the item please do the same. Take careSome would respond with yes I will once receivedThose that respond never do
Copped off jimmy jazz this morning, got shopping email an hour after I copped Can't wait to see these
I stuffed so much that box couldn't move so I don't wanna hear any excuses. Box had no tears or anything since I've probably taken them out of the box twice, once when I got em and the second time was for goat pictures
You saved $13 bucks, I think you did good. Don't see it as a big deal at all
Lies or fakesI'll take a pair of beluga for $500 doe
30ct of $11? What a rip off
That's what I had assumed til I saw people Grouping them with boosts right now
I didn't even know alpha bounces had boost
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