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Didn't know they used USPS still manReceived my kicks via UPS from them today so idkBut knew you would get em glad you didn't have to deal with the other BS
NoIf you're referring to phone order
You get yours from GOAT? Or was that someone else who's paid was lost for a second?
Footlocker had them for $59.99 last week and he most likely used a reward on themDon't think they're still on sale sadly
Yea I remember there was talk about that last sale because of some wording on the bottom of the coupon but never saw any confirmation if anyone used it at niketown or whatever I guess it doesn't hurt to try, would be kinda sick if it worked
Happy birthday and that MJ rookie One of the best M&N releases IMO
Of course Most that copped probably never even played the OG or even played the NES classic just copped to flip
Unless it changed it's always been outlet/clearance store only
This dude was 2-20.... Ok defense... wtf else is he in the league for? He's not even an elite defender
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