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Will do tomorrow or Thursday if I remember. I'll cop a $20 one or some **** **** it!
Good job Mitch
Sole strike is that good? First time I heard of them
Some tags say climacool When did they change tags since revolution 30 got introduced Is the Simmons with the jerry on the back? Which is the only way it would be accurate
well I think in the 7 it changed but Verizon would obviously work with T-Mobile and att Sprint always had low value because it only worked for that company, not Verizon or anyone else I think Verizon locked there phones or changed something now But if you wanted to switch to sprint, your phone was never gonna work Whth them in the first place
PayPal won't take anymore after you already received the paymentPlus any major sites you will be charged basically 10% in fees aloneSo it's either deal in person for cash or eBay, StockX and goat but if you're dealing with hyped kicks I'd avoid eBay with all the scams going on
Think they announce mid march according to email
My point is, I've went and got tickets. So it's not like I'm not trying You can't complain if you didn't try.No need for anyone to come at my neck if I'm driving hour plus to one spot just for a ticket. If I'm sitting at home and *****ing then sure but any release I'm interested in, I'm in my car and driving out and about to grab a ticket
We don't even have the app yet which allows these stores to do what they want and lie about raffle datesIf you knew how much time I spent for raffle tickets for the Breds just to come away with one pairI hit basically every spot there was so yes I can put work when it's required. Doesn't mean **** when the spots don't go by the rules. Chalk it up as an L Which is why I don't ***** anymore because it's all part of the game. Atleast now with the app people are fairly...
Why y'all ban freeze? I haven't been active in here but that's my mans
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