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You know how cell in dbz was composed of the genetic material of all the good guys, but was inherently evil and a threat to humanity?  That's her.
Last episode had an Israeli girl say that a Jew and non Jew dating is just as bad as the Holocaust... Her Grandmother is a Holocaust survivor. huh.
Press setting him up with the Russia questions...
at the electoral votes question
 Looking at the responses to this online, it's funny how people are ignoring the obvious....that most of them probably don't want to live next to black people *right now*
I kept seeing pictures of her, and I was like, "she's kind of cute.."Then I found out she was 13, and I did a real life Abe Simpson .gifI can't rock with any attention this little girl is getting This song pops in my head when I think of her fans
Spiceman on fire right now
He LOVES ******* with people.   He was walking around the stage unassisted during his last tour.    But I'm pretty sure he's blind.   I also know that Stevie would fight dudes in the studio, but to make it "fair" the other guy would have to be blindfolded...Stevie would whup them.
This is the greatest Oakley story though, I've posted it before. I got it from okp sports a long time ago and I HAD to share it with nt. 
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