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Tired of winning *shrug*
  Aww man, it's all love.   They got my old man believing in them weeks ago, I wouldn't budge.   But tonight, I'm a believer
Alright...I'm all in now
It's a shot in the dark, but does anyone have that ps comic that some Nter did after Cam dropped that Jay-Z diss?   It was like a frame by frame breakdown of what Cam said ("I seen the ***** throw up the roc"), and the last frame was Jay in a cosby sweater on the phone with Nas.   Someone else has to remember it.
I can't believe it. They got to Mr. Moral Orel.*Shrugs*  Oh well. Never forget
Impressive win.   Started off super hot, and then they fell off damn cliff and almost *Wiz'd* it. But they recovered, and managed to hold on.   Oh yeah @JJs07...that Ernie twitter account has been suspended. You were right. 
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