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Looks like Charlie went out with a bang. He had me cracking up every time he was on camera.    They gotta play this after "Not guilty."   
Just think.    That's the same phone he wants world leaders to call him on.   Butt dials x100
He went on that show on his "I heard y'all was talking ****" steez, and let the verbal chopper fly.   Hero.
It hurts right now, but if you look at the poll, and the first pages... It was an incredible season.
So... If Mahinmi doesn't play g2, will he wear a ski mask or sunglasses/wig combo when he goes to pick up his check?
They pay $2 billion to air MNF, and the NFL rewards them with awful games that nobody watches. These layoffs are just an attempt to show a good faith effort at trying to cover their losses. The people that got laid off are innocent bystanders caught in the line of fire. There's no way those salary cuts help cover the money they have to pay the NFL and NBA. It's only going to get worse as people continue to cut cable, and ESPN still loses money. The NFL is slowly dying,...
You think that's bad?   Imagine Kylie in 8-10 years.
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