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Concord Raiders
The davis family owns like 51% of the team. He needs to sell and stay on as minority owner.
Or Atleast stay as minority owner
Lowest winning % by a Raiders HC since 1963 Mark Davis needs to sell the team
He was 8-28 but Carr cost the coach his job. by far the worst poster on NT
Where would they go in LA? LA Coliseum?
Yea I doubt that man. I'll believe it when I see it
This is to replace Allen. You can't go and hire another HC in Week 4 when this team is not going anywhere. Our schedule is the hardest in the NFL
“@FallonSmithCSN: I've also been told Tony Sparano will NOT be the #Raiders interim head coach. #Raiders” If it's Olson, **** My ******* Life
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