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Man where the hell do y'all work? We're lucky to even have vending machines at my job
Jackal got blown up by some clown during a mission. Mors won't even pick up the phone. Thought these **** ups over at Rockstar fixed this
Let Cristiano down.
10:30 EST
Oh yeah. Been in CC since cot damn 2009. Got kicked out in 2010 for grades and I just started back last year. Having to repeat the classes I effed up and seeing no progress is really getting to me. About ready to say F school.
No offense to you, but personally I'm tired of seeing this. It's not that simple. Everything doesn't always work out in your favor. Trust me.
Lazinesa Lack of drive Low confidence Procrastination Laziness Fear of leaving my comfort zone
You're alive
***** please
POWERade >>>>>
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