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I got my money on Tariq giving her that Dirty Sprite D.
Yep. Maybe 2 or 3 at times.
It's Ben a few weeks since I played Mycareer. Fired it up last night. I won the Finals my Rookie year with Justice, in PHX. I remember in 2k16 when you won the ring, next season's first home game they'd show the banner being raised and all that. 2k17, nothing. These cats are so lazy
That DeShaun Stevenson game winner had me hype last night
Any tips for removing bumps on the back my neck, right where my taper is?
Looking for a decent stand or something for my 55 inch tv. Any ideas? Not trying to break the bank here.
Charlie Murphy he looks so sick on the show.
Cash for the secret service security team? and yeah, why didn't Sandoval dump the weapon. That's going to come back to haunt him. And I hope they have Ghost with a raggedy *** shape up and scraggly beard in jail. Can't be in prison with the Paul George crispy line and waves.
This troll is still in here?
Watching videos, especially from QJB's channel, I think I'm going with Live this year. My only gripe is signature shots. If they add that in plus, it looks like Live actually consulted people of color for haircuts in career mode. Nas fade
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