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I'm usually on in the evenings. PSN: KingJosef10
Got on Wednesday night, clapped two shoulders, and went back to playing The Show. Might play a little this weekend.
Coworkers with BO. I'm at the point where it might not be just silent judging anymore.
VIDEO: Voila  
I want to get back into graphic design so bad, but have no idea where to start. Help.
I'm averaging about 3.8 dump sessions during my work shift. Hardly ever dump at home, though.
Also, I miss my girl crazy like during the work/school day.
Here's the breakdown, fambs. My homie that I work with is going through some **** with his girl. She's talking to her ex, blah blah blah. Half the time he's up at night down because he as zero clue where she is or who she's with. That has me wondering like damn that could be anyone, or even me. Now I'm sitting here in class, or at work, or at the crib like what if my lady was like that? What if she's not where she says she is or with someone I don't know about? I'm trying...
Any female that wears a snapback or fitted.
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