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Donuts in the break room at work:{
Down 13 pounds so far and I slacked the last two days
$20 is nothing for a cut G. Matter of fact, getting a cut tomorrow after work
Where can I cop
How often should I take that ginseng
Alright Bros. Tips for cardio? Jogging is cool, elliptical gets boring though
For groceries and stuff, wouldn't hurt to get a Sam's Club or Costco membership. Or shop at Aldi's if you have one near you. EDIT: Save money on cable and get a firestick
Just moved out a few weeks ago. My girl and I got our place together. I can say, that first week or two, it's nothing but doing things around the apartment after work. Picking up small things every day (rugs, mats, can never have too many towels, etc). I'm with a dog like you OP, but small one less than 5 pounds. He's usually only home in the crate by himself for a few hours at most. Yes there is an extra fee for a pet. I think ours was 250 up front, extra 10 a month which...
This just made my skin crawl
Wife? You sure talk reckless in TAY bro 🤔
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