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Idk man. My head hurts from this ****.
Her grandfather passed not that long ago. That's his claim for it. Sure.
Nah I hear ya. I'd never throw hands over a chick I'm not married too. "***** can get you caught up" - Big K.R.I.T. We'll see how things go from now on.
Made shorty call this ***** up while we're in my car. Had her put him on speakerphone while she told him what it really is. Son tried to get short with it, but once she said "I'm ******* him and him only. Any more questions?" to him on the phone I knew the **** was how I needed it to be.
Nah. **** is in line now. Necklace got hail mary'd onto I275. I ain't with that **** ****.
Nah I feel y'all. She's getting off work in a few and I told her earlier we're having a serious sit down. I should have called down by then. I admit I think I did act out of anger, but I guess I gotta learn how to deal with that within before taking action.
I'm not fighting anyone But I told him straight up to fall back. Stay in your lane. He caught feelings so quickly it was crazy.
Bruh wanted to fight me so badly. But my boy was in the whip behind me. Straight hood status and he thought twice about that. Didn't lay hands on him. I just laid down the law. Whether he takes his one warning seriously or not is up to him. But next time won't be friendly. I talked to my girl on the phone. Told how it was and how I feel. We'll finish our discussion at dinner tonight.
I feel y'all, son. I'mma take the advice y'all spit to me and sleep on it. I see son tomorrow. I'mma keep it Rated PG13 for him now, but keep it in his ear I'm with the ***** if need be.
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