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The From Me 2 U Tour concluded last night. Was my first time seeing him live and it was lit. Energy was dope and a loooooot of people knew lyrics even from his old tracks (did some from LWN and his Address verse). Couple of tracks from Saving Yusuf. 808z love is lost my **** when he started a **** The Police chant Real humble dude. Chopped it up with him for a few minutes. Let him know that Savage Journey got me through that time period where I was homeless and dude...
Beat place to find a refurbished MBP? Need 8 gb RAM this time around
White folks who try to discuss racism. Hispanics dropping the N bomb.
Got DAMN it's getting real
Damb, Bobbito Garcia got hit with the real life gta combo
Just want wings and alcohol.
What y'all doing for Valentines Day? I need suggestions on something to do Saturday evening, DMV heads
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