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Think a while back I got a haircut with some not so clean clippers. Got acne where I get my taper at on the back of neck. Been using the Nuetrogena acne soap and face wash, slight improvements. Any recommendations?
I swear I might catch a few bodies if he does a video for TBTB.
I'm saying though. Dudes half my age getting paid to slang that bratwurst
Nah i'm in Maryland bruh
^ I switch between that cut and the Nas half moon. White folks loooove calling it a fish hook. ******* cornballs.
Hit it then dead her.
Think I may settle on Wells Fargo. Chase wouldn't even let me apply because of my location. Headed to the CU in the am when they open.
It's that time of the month for my girl, G. The urge is REAL right now. AAbout to play some 2k to hopefully distract myself until I go to work.
Found a local CU I may join next week. Called Nymeo. Now I'll probably do like suggested above and create an account with Chase and have the CU as my primary.
Co-workers who think they're above you because they've been there for 384838383 Years. Bruh relax. This isn't a career job. It's just thAt. A job. I'll spark that *** in front of people idc.
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