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All drinks at McDonald's are $1 tho
4/20 - Even More Saturday Night Car Tunes
Only time it seems that I'm not angry is when I'm with my girl. I have got to change that Not a good look being an angry black man all the time. The gym, I can be angry in. That's what it's for. But at work, man.... Look. The demographic I deal with there are makes me have pure hatred towards a certain privileged race. Help!
I just miss you, that's all.
The way you shoot in GTA ion eem know if I should take yo advice, cuh...
What are y'all doing for acne? Face been breaking out like crazy lately. Especially my chin area.
Funny how I'm listening to the Tupac interview on Mortal Man while reading this. Soon.
I literally hate every cop out there. Good, bad, black, white, purple. Idc. I hate your guts.
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