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Damn dog I didn't suffer through two a days for 4 years to not clap teacher yambs. Young mogs winning.
So that watching the video, that was my first time hearing that Tuesday track. **** is this ****??
Jet Fuel 
Just gotta          from now on.
 I cut my hair last week, but I would use the carrot cream at night after showering while my hair as damp, with a comb. In the morning, I would wet a wash cloth with warm water, press it on my hair, then rub in the smoothie cream. Wait about 5-10 minutes, then comb it. Would be moisturized and curly all day. Did that process 3 times a week, sometimes 4.
She'll probably come around soon as I settle down.
It's out (sorry on mobile)
Jodeci - My Heart Belongs To You
That Take Care cover sucks.
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