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Every time I seem to get in my zone, and forget about this chick, right on que I get a text from her. Might have to block that number, G.
That's where I keep goofing
Oops my bad. Mine is a 2010 MBP.
Trying to hook up my MacBook Pro to my HDTV. Which cable do I need? Wally World didn't have anything.
Can't get past System On Loud.
Haven't been this excited for an album in years. Finally came home from class to see my pre-order package waiting for me. About to let it ride in iTunes for now. Whip test later tonight.
 ****** around and caught feelings a little while back. Got put in the Zone. Haven't recovered yet.
Still need help getting over this chick I caught feelings for Man. **** us rough. Can't eat. Can't sleep. Can't focus. Tried to distance myself, hurt even more. Hitting the gym only feels good for an hour or 2 before I'm back in a slump.
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