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Always get asked why I look so angry. **** out my face.
Been super busy with school. I'll be back at it soon. I always follow back.
Through 25 games in my 3rd year, averaging 33/9/8 so far on 53% I'm literally a clone of Melo. Wearing #7 for the Bulls, where he should've went Leg sleeves, shooting sleeves, JB athlete just like him Had to drop 54 on him though. On Christmas. On national television. Sorry not sorry. We going for back to back.
"Y'all are going to have some cute kids. When are ya getting married?"
______ people
So you saw 37 pics of Rev Run, and the fact that it's been stated multiple times that's his daughter in the three9, and still got Russell Simmons out of that? Come on, G.
She looks like she's mad annoying.
Thinking of buying one too. I need that b grade version for < $50 though
Y'all boys really out here looking dumb waiting for service for 20 minutes plus? After 10 of no show service, I'm gone.
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