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i'll have to try these
never done Iguana's. but i'm guessing it's similar to La Vic's in that it's more about late night drunk food than being bomb *** mexican food. that orange sauce at La Vic's doe Loteria is my favorite for tacos. other than that, you can pop into a number of mom and pop spots and get a pretty good mexican.we're trying this contest at this spot called La Cueva...first time for me eating there
Taco eating contest at work today. going to some taqueria and loading up. dis gun b gud
@ the bold strategies section and emojis
@Elpablo21 Cavs in 7
go Cavs
what if i told you there was an advanced stat to measure grit??? it plays in to it. especially in a sport like hockey imo. but i know you're not a grit or clutch believer so not going to push that narrative on you.but the point is the same, the sens had those guys for more than just one year. and only managed one run to the finals, where they got washed. you need more than just elite scoring. same with the sharks.
doesn't mean **** when you can't play tough and as a teamsee the sharks teams all these years. loaded with talent. nada come May and June. not built to win in the post season.gotta have that combo of fire power, grinders, and toughness. Chicago and Pittsburgh the last few years...they've got all of that. Pittsburgh this year somehow is holding it together with the injuries, but guys in addition to Sid, Phil, and Geno like Rust and Sheary and Guentzel...unreal effort and/or...
he'll be back come NFL season i hope. either new SN or something...but we'll know
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