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That was a good Article on Haymon Thanks Mike
Preston Williams and Biggie Marshall are grown *** men dawg! Why they didn't match them two up? Mannnnn they was supposed to wanna go against each other. biggie looking NFL Ready eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek
Is Manny campaigning strictly at 140?
You feel like Bradley won the first fight?
What could Algeiri do that would be any different from Bradley vs Pac? Throw more jabs maybe? Don't think he could keep Pac off his ***
Love the Scarlett pick up.
"Wanted"Past tense. Apparently Jauan Jennings isimoressing at QB and he is an athuhlete'TG6 overplayed his stroke by not committing while te getting was good. Now Auburn, O$U & Vols aren't friending for him
Blah will be some "He can spin it " ratings bumps and some "his arm is so lively" eating bumps.
It's all basically working/worked itself out. locksley's decision will make waves and the rest ride the ripples on in.
Maybe. He played freshman at QB last yr.
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