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Jdjsjsnsnssjjssksj Sark after Dark 😂😂
Tee Higgins and Hunter 2017 uh huh
Go huskies chant at a funeral mannnnnnn Whut!?!? 😂
Masnjssksnsnsksks Cardo spin I tried to tell him where Hunter was going. 😂 he tried to put "UGA" in the race on the sly too
When Ronda does fight cyborg, she will walk right thru Cyborg.
If your a coach at Baylor, you have to be transparent especially after the basketball murder and attempt to cover up an blame.
Ummm maybe my sarcasm meter is broken but if it isn't, that pretty much a staple at almost every major football practice in America. *shrugs*Especially effective for Running backs ... But I'll let yall get the jokes off lolJokes > facts
Yup. Unforgettable and unforgiveable. I haven't watched PTI or rea anything from him since. Respect is hard to earn and easy to lose
Mckenzie, Phillips & Tuttle are that deal. Period.Kamara doesn't count but from what I hear, Hurd may get 2nd billing
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