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Dre, is Nick waisome getting any burn?
Lorenzo Lingard.
What y'all do to Johnny Frasier that got him calling our staff??? *Kermit*
No complaints. Lane exploits his explosive players and Amari is EATING.He gets a mismatch schematically nearly every passing down do far this year.
ECU should have defeated South Carolina. carden peed the bed to start the 2nd half wit two bonehead giveaways and they were still in it until the 2nd to last drive
Gotta get a new offensive coordinator and play caller. It's the Major deficiency there above anything else
That would be his captains at the coin toss. The refs even tried to help them out an they still ****** up. Chollie went off on them on the sideline lmaoooo
Effin ridiculous
Just last week justin Wilcox was national assistant coach of the week thanks to the Stanford gift giving. 🙈
You thought Margarito beat Manny????? *Grandpa Simpson gif*
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