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He's going to be unconscious if he doesn't do Some form of surrender (shoot for double) smh
Porter can only blame himself. Thurman Had ear muffs a lot of the fight it was decent defense vs those wild wide punches.the one time Porter hurt Thurman was to the body and he never went back to it. I swear this generation of boxers have the lowest boxing IQ and I think it stems from our horrible amateur scoring system.
I think Porter will be counting the lights tonight
From Cali? Most of the fsmily still lives in pompano Fl Yeah I saw the Hurd one legged squats. It was like 250+ some chains. YIKESSSS
Gators land verbals from Z carter and Ventrell Williams today
The black Chris Rix 😂
Apologies, thought u were trolling per usual in This thread. Trey Lawson, trey Henderson, Jaquan Henderson and maliek grey are all legit and have big futures
Transition for Bama doesn't exist on the same level as everyone else simply bc their foundation is the defense and they're very plug and play. All the offensive peripherals are simply supplemental. QBs Are always interchangeably serviceable. The WRs are in place for them to do just enough to keep defenses on the wrong foot. Interesting to see how their secondary holds up tho.
Nah not at that position.
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