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This ***** mr Marcus was in history class with Rashad McCants
Double Js I guess it's Better to scratch Duke than to send him down bc He can't return if he does. That's the only thing I can think of. He's going to play a good number of games, just bringing him along slow to start I guess.
Hey Bobby!!!
😂😭 so true
Jerome baker flipped from Florida to Ohio state.
Les recruited at okie state before okie state was okie state
Nash playing like an animal . I'm all for it
Word Dako. A chopping counter right hook/overhand That shot was ridiculous!!! Triple G is a sound fighter offensively. I want to see him have to make adjustments defensively tho. He won't e great until he is challenged
I'm taking TCU to find it's way into the playoff
Gary Russell and Walters?? That lil *** dude Gary gonna get earthed. U see how he mashed Nonito. Gimme Walters vs rigo . Eff anything else.
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