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New deal thru 2022 and maybe the new imprint & design & gear will be dropping soon
From blocking a kick!!!!bones is theeeeee greatestCoasted to a shut out W! Lol
It's because he went on tv after a fight and said I'm ready for GGG.He brought this on himself
If Wade wanted to get his check and dip he woulda stayed down after 1st knockdown. That man threw everything he had at GGG
Wade did his thing man. Can't complain about his effort. Time for GGG to hit a home run and face Ward. Forget Canelo, his people don't want that fight
Nahhhh man nahhhh 😂
Both young Mexicans, Ramirez & Valdez were spectacular last night. Bright futures
*rings bell* I don't care how exciting or how popular or unpopular ward is, the **** he does in the ring is unmatched by anyone fighting right now including Bud. The most technically sound fighter in the game. How many punches did he slip with just slight movement last night. **** was beautiful
Triple G ran from Andre man. Lol I ain't mad atcha Gelady! Go head and fight canelo!
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