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15Ms is 15Ms and that program ha two new big sport hires and have to support all title IX . Money is Money
Very suspicious lol I hate to do this mannnn but this era, I believe No one making these strides late in their careers
Nash actually dumptrucke dude on the one v one. I LOVE IT. get the **** out the way small fry Keep this **** up u mental midget !
I haven't done any in years. Before this fall I'll hook the thread regulars up👍🏾
Roy Jones is begging Kovalev for a rematch for Pascal. Dear Jean Pascal, Roy is Not your friend. 😂 pascal fought probably his best technical fight and couldn't put a scratch on Kovy. leave that Man ALONE
Rick Nash is Arod on Skates. I've never seen a worse playoff performer in ANY SPORT. At least last season playoffs, he had some quality shots and rushes. Now everything is deke , weak backhand, finesse horse ****.
We watched Miguel Cotto get his face beat in with plaster of Paris hand wraps and he didn't have as many excuses as Pacman. This is comedy now
Lmao manny is a clown Andayweather got Burger King and Hublot money for the fight. Both companies met his demand of million up front . I say he more than gets sponsorships
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