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Cut don't want the pressuresWith the talent on the Vols team he would get Ws but he'd also have to REALLY recruit and I don't think he wants to deal with everything that comes with coaching at Tennessee.
Butch Jones about to be fire and not be awarded a buyout. Apparently he gut punched an OL during camp trying to show guys how to be tough and the older OL all boycotted the next few practices and had to be asked back. Lol can't make this stuff up man. When ur winning this stuff is swept under the rug, when u suck, it's going to be used to get u ousted
Butch Jones gotta go
Mark D is just following orders from his defensive head coach. It's Golden's scheme and philosophy. Wilcox has been calling the same **** for 3 different teams. But he's reports by an uber agent so he will always be gainfully employed
I can't name a worse defensive coordinator than Justin Wilcox. He has no clue how to utilize talent.I told Yall when he got hired man. He will turn athletes into Boise St 3 star statues.How did he not attack a limping Hogan? Mannnnn wasting Adoree's talent
Me and 20 friends could beat Howard 28 - 14
Best thing 'ol Chollie can do is stop the Mack tradition of numerous Jr day commitments. Let these Mfers play out their seasons and fight for a schollie. That early **** added a built in complacency and supreme level of entitlement.
Who said Tennessee was back? And the talent is definitely top tier again. And losing to Oklahoma in 2OT is proof a team isn't back?
golden > Muschamp
Butch Jones is One more big game choke job away from being Ron zook status. He really lost me this past Saturday. All the recruiting in the world can't make up for **** game plans and zero adjustments . That game had no business of being anything less than 3 TD Win. That's how dominant **** was in the 1st. Then he got scared and peed the bed and got ultra conservative just like last year's Gator game. In game Butch is below average, and here I was blaming it on...
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