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Whut! What! Whut!
Al starts, Lammons plays sparingly. Both those things may change by next week
mannnn how u get beat that bad on a fade inside the 5 lmashshanaamamss a No wonder they stayed in zone all 1st half. No Vic Hampton, no bueno
Sumlin = the UF Steve Spurrier LMAO
No. They're just playing dumb *** Zone and letting the WRs get free releasea
South Carolina DC is playing scared
Put it on mute
Average? Prescott is a Bum!!!
Like bawses.Elliot and Evan both in two deep and both will play a lot early
When I was like 8 yrs old I jumped off the top of garage on to a mattress and broke both my ankles lmao Moms sat me In the window everyday just so I could be mad and watch all the kids play everyday all summer while I was laid up 😂
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