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It pisses me off so much when these ego driven coaches abandon the run game. Michael Dyer should have ended that game with 250 yards EAAAAAAAAASY
... 👎
The photoshop boys in the recruitin office go hard !
O yeaaaaaahhh Nash duuuuuuuuke & Zuuuuuuuuuc
The funny **** about the hood kids in college, is when they pull capers they're entire mentality is hood. They don't realize that the white kids who just got "licked" while copping or selling drugs will call the police with no shame, unlike their hood victims lol
Ck20 & Moore wtf
Ryan tannehill? That was sarcasm right ?
He's nowhere near the hot seat. When the talent is there and there are no excuses, and people realize how awful the offensive game plans and play calling is, he will be firmly fixed upon it
Denzel Nkemdiche is out for the year. Jacques Patrick to announce for the Noles tonight. Go head boss, we'll take Johnny Frasier off y'all hands
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