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He can't beat anyone who's tactically good.I really don't understand why people just don't circle to his right and attack everything on his right half. He has no right hand or leg. It's sickening to watch .his Power is INSANE THO.But why would you shoot at him dead center .Dive for his right side and make him throw that left off wrong foot across his body.If OSP could throw a simple quick hard jab with his Right, he would probably kill someone in the octagon lol
He panicked once his face got broken. Was too concerned about trying to land one bomb and covering his eye.Btw , Lucas totally abandoned his body work or he would have finished Ruslan. Great show by the machine. I thought he won by at least 5 rounds.
Ruslan's face already looks swollen. Wow his skin is so doughy. How quick before he can't see out of both eyes? He's gotta win it early IMO
Meaning Canelo will get out boxed much of the fight but his output and strength will probably take over late
Cotto vs Canelo is basically Cotto vs Margarito I . can't wait
How you gonna scrap with dudes from that school THEN go chill on their campus? YOU DESERVED TO GET HOSPITALIZED. Lucky that's all that happened to them boys was a one hitter quitter Welcome to death row *no Aaron hernandez*
He's definitely the Slowest human being ever Nick named swift 😂😂😂😭
Same condition as Jarvis Jones?
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