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Water in take. It happens all the time. Not even a masking agent. If your pee is too clear there will be no result on a drug test. Usually takes an hour to get back to normal levels. Smh it's a dumb controversy and some **** that means nothing
How could you fight Porter and not throw 1000 jabs. He walks in behind wide *** punches. Punish his ***. Dot his eyes. I don't think he's a hard guy to beat, the more skilled disciplined fighters beat him.
Anyone have any spring ball vids?
JJ a Bawse 😂😂😂 double moved that Ninja right out the 1stround
He'll end up being great for 8-10 years
I think Zay Jones best WR in this draft
Mike mamula 2.0
In 5-7 years, Tennessee fans are going to look back at all the talent on the 2016 team and curse Butch Jones name from here till eternity
You know Kamara is really with the migos. I thought this was common knowledge
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