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Hmmm Nigel warrior, Levonta Taylor and Mecole Hardman for 2016. I'll allow it!
Wow RAy Ray Mcloud to Clemson. He was a Gator lean for long time .
No way that happens.
Did you see dude wink at Roy while he was on the stool??? 😂🙈 I'm sleep
I don't see Bones losing. He will find a way. Elbows, knees, whatever.
😂 every time, hysterical laughter
😂😭😂😂😂😭😭😂 that Roy jones fight LMAOOO YALL MUSTA FORGOT HAHAHAAA
I can't even remember. I'd have to watch again.
He shouldn't have to, he won the first scrap *shrugs*
Yeah, it saved his ***. He was hurt pretty bad after kick to the body and he faked like it was low, ref gave him time and everything. Kick was nowhere close to low neither. It was desperation move that worked for him.
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