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Curtis Samuels legit and he doesn't get near enough touches. Might have to let him straight up play RB and move him around occasionally But he should be a 25 touch guy including passes and returns... and why doesn't he return kicks?
You had to know Sparty was gonna suck when one of their players got slapped and choked by draymond green and he called the police on him lmao
5 carries/5 yards is nothing. Fine get other people involved but for Trae to not play again until the last 2 drives is bad management. Most RBs need carries to get going. The guy is a home run threat who Changes games. Ford is a plodder and is a non factor in space and in the passing game.
Someone explain to me why Tray Williams isn't playing? Is he hurt or suspended?
You sure about that? You can't go low on change of possessions like Ints, kick offs or punts.On running plays, you can block wherever however as long as it's not in the back.The only time a low block is illegal is when a WR outside the hash blocks down inside on a crack back block
Mcaffrey has been hurt for the past 3 weeks
Bama is going to miss 34 If he can't continue due to that targetting hit.
That pass to 9 was definitely incomplete. How the booth missed his foot on the sideline is ridiculous. There's almost zero point to having replay in college. They blow these calls and afraid to overturn their on field brethren
Great formation/motion on that 4th down call to completely **** up saban's defense
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