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The recruiting was good when they had a dirty AD / assistant coaches lol just were stupid enough to leave a paper trail πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Until they sign a competent QB, UCF will still suck. There isn't one on the current roster nor is there one on the recruiting radar
No way.Les will be able to get a good gigIllinois is a cesspool and the entire athletic department is ****. They'll be lucky to land a competent coach
are they just getting off the ball 1st. A lot of times the interior guys are 1st out the gates especially on silent. Counts.
I read the other day that Canelo already said it won't happen at 160. So what exactly does "I'm ready" mean...
And his recruiting base is much smaller now that Ole Miss is back good. He should definitely jump ship now. His stock is probably as high as it will ever get in Starkville
That's how u know media hype is so real. The **** Dalvin does is RIDICULOUS. It's like watching **gulp** Marshall Faulk with the rock. I get so amped watching him run. My god.
Kovalev / Pascal was a really good scrap. Especially since it was probably Pascal's best performance in his career and it came in a Loss where he got KRUSHED. Kovalev/Hopkins was good technically. If ur looking for action pack it wasn't that, it was total dominance and showedKovalev's ring savvy & intelligence. I'd start with those two
I see they didn't include the best RB in the country...O well.
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