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Sergio is an old fighter. I don't expect much from him coming off a bad performance and a bum knee
Canelo can fight Floyd at 185 lbs and it wouldn't matter one bit because he can't hit him. Does Kenny Porter train any other fighters?
Last goalie I saw get pounded like this was Roy, right before he demanded the trade.
I've never seen anyone drop that quickly off a short jab like cowboy dropped, in any pugalistic combat sport. I don't even understand how he didn't see it neither. That one boggles my mind
saaaaaaaaaaan louieeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Did he not get the broken rib From kicks to the body?? So u can't use that as an excuse Dana. What a performance by Fabricio! Whipped the hypemachine's *** in every single facet
U should be really shocked that paulie got knocked out.
Big difference.Miami's standards dwarf most if not all state schools.
I read somewhere last night that Brook would step easily step aside for a lil chump change for Porter
Broner ain't even a poor man's mayweather. He's not slick, his defense sucks, he's not accurate at all. Nothing about his imitation of Floyd's "style" is anything close to PBF. It's a shame that people even put those 2 names together. Floyd Clowned him again on last nights show time all access
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