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The hope is JG wins the QB battle bc Butch Jones doesn't know how to change/adjust attack for personnel but Dormady can slang it and would probably be better served at a place where he was just drop back less run/pass game
😂😂 ok my bad
Nope , Vols have more talent but the dumber head coach so it looks equal
I love the khan / manny match up.
Nothing is more memorable than every thing about the Michigan vs App State pre game and Loss posts . 😂😂😂
😂 Kirk did that
They've totally ephed up the AD hire. Blackburn was the no brain home run hire and they stalled on him. Now there's a search committee involved and fat Phil just may get the gig. I don't mind but Blackburn was assistant AD before and current SD at UT Chattanooga so he has experience and he actually WANTED the job
Been a fan my entire life, had a cousin play there. have a few ex players as real life personal friends. Dormady or JG will be QB. Ideally, JG bc he has similar skill set to Dobbs, but Dormady can slang it
He basically has to pull off a miracle to keep his job and I mean like 10-2 and be in the Sec Title game There will be a new AD & new chancellor. By the time next football season starts
That's why he will never get another major gig.
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