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I really had to turn it off. SmhIt looks like summer pass skel sessions sheeeeeesh
This game doesn't even live up to the low standards I willingly stoop to in order to make an excuse to watch early season football
Max redfield kicked outta Notre Dame
Looked like His leg failed him on two of those
I had it similar to judge one but either way close decision was warranted and no argument for me Round 3 was close as hell to a 10-8 round for me. I saw it that way at first but talked myself out of it
He's got tools and No OLine. Going to be a big challenge to keep him upright.Want to see him win some significant games tho, he has weapons tho
If there's a 3rd fight, I expect Nate to try and keep fight inside. Clinch game, dirty boxing and grappling he is at a huge advantage. Gotta Crowd a counterpuncher and force them out of their comfort zone. I'm here for a third tho but man that's going to take 10 years off each fighters lives and careers Eeeeeeeek dat throw by Bortles
Cardinals gonna Waltz thru the west again. And man what if Aguayo does not make it outta camp ? The Bucs become the laughing stock of the league yet again 😂😂
The gameplan was an obvious one. I knew it, you knew it, we all knew what had to be done to beat Nate.The leg kicks kept Nate from being able to apply late pressure.Without those kicks, Nate woulda floored it with the combos and been able to execute most if not all of his take down attempts. Having no base will keep your takedown success ratio extra low.Props Conor!I re-watched it this morning and yea, this fight was closer than even I initially thought. I'm not mad at a...
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