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#Next Tough win. *Booker T* Wisconsin, We coming for you Negus
TJ with the Onions!
KJ Costello committed to Stanford
Sony Michel broke his shoulder
If ever in his career Floyd had opened up and decided to be out on his front foot from opening bell, he would definitely be in the discussion for all time great. But he is/has been/always will be defense first. O well, what could have been ... Still wish we would have seen a Floyd vs Margorito or Punisher Match up looking back on things.
Lol cotto trying to get an easy $ W and stil be in line for a rematch with the winner of mayweather/Pac
St. Francis Prep > SJU WVa gotta make baskets in order to press doe. *shrugs*
It's zero drop off. Lol make those trips tho man. You'll see. Copious amounts of high quality tail at over 100+ D1 schools.
No it's not.
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