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Quinshad, Shaq Roland, Shepard (twice)
I'm probably in the super minority but I do not trust Mack Alexander as a #1 CB. He got the Nnamdi treatment at Clemson I don't value CBs who don't create Turnovers. Bc even the best lockdown defenders still get takeaways .
2017 Tee Higgins de committed from Vols , looks to be Clemson. Amari may just rocking with Tee and Dabo
its obvious you have the pitch fork out. He OFFERS another QB, he didn't say we're signing you both. He OFFERED. You know, maybe just in case,And yeah, I'm giving black coaches more leeway (more specifically a good coach like Sumlin) especially since the white people with money who control the hiring and firing don't give them ANY shots.That still doesn't mean a second offer out to another QB is wrong. It completely is not.Example. Butch Jones told Carlin -fils, I'm taking...
Amari Rodgers gonna be a Vol?
Did he tell the kid i'm not offering anyone else or I'm not taking anyone else? Is the kid signed? Like how is this a problem. Come signing day, let this kid sign somewhere else and him have no offers out to other QBs. Y'all would be destroying him. And that would be way more appropriate than this witch hunt going right now
saying you're only taking one QB, that means you don't offer anyone else? I just don't get it Like how is this even riling anyone up? I've Never seen such silly **** ever in my life man. It's feb 3rd 2016.
That MPher was living the Life! 😂😂😂
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