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*Alicia Keys* NO ONE NO ONE NO ONEEEEE is building a program at FAU
Because he has not one guy with NFL level talent in the secondary . No talent on the back half in that conference is ALL BAD
Willie T's greatness man. 🔥 Started out pure west coast guy, saw his talent at USF didn't fit the scheme after a year, switched it all up I can get behind coaches who scheme according to their talent and not to the system they have always had
But not released in time to effect the Sooners PR smh shady
Trey's older sister is a Vol alum & she's Butch Jones' executive assistant 😂🙌🏾
What the ****!?!?
He's about to get a raise for like the third time in 4 years
He'll be by them in 2 steps.He's going for 2 HUNNA EASY
I'm now all out on Coach Mac after that fake punt call. SMH to actually Run that play after calling a timeout, Good bye Mac
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