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You must not have got the memo. That boy BrickSquad Vol all day lol
We let them keep a little bit. We don't pillage and plunder erything. Just wait til we actually beat them boys... 💃
Lmao tanner glass doe! 😂😂😭 he is THEEEE WORST
Just wait until the tourney when the refs really take over and the coaches "over coach" more that they already do.This has been more than a year in the making. College basketball overall has been bad for a good 5-7 years.
Dopeman's son analogy 😂
Schools don't normally kick students out of school for accusations. Not sure how Duke does it but I've seen plenty student athletes off teams yet still enrolled
My bad on zuccs deal.
James shepherd & Carl Klindberg
When Ronda finally faces an opponent who tries to stand up and fight from distance, everyone will see That Ronda's work in the gym on her stand up game has basically made her unbeatable. Unless a legit one punch KO artist is brought Into the UFC. Btw I'm notbsure if that "bum rush" was cat's plan or her trainer laid that out as plan of attack but that was basically theeeee dumbest thing I've seen in boxing/UFC in quite some time. Either her coach should be fired or she...
As much as i love Zucs, I would have rather given up Zucs than Duclair. That future is too bright and Zucs will command $$$ in off season and we'll probably lose him anyway
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