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👜🔒 Guarantano put in work on Kyle today. 💃🏽
Pro got recently married and has a job that takes up a lot of his time.
No matter how many times ... 😂😂😂😂✨😂
Zenit 👍🏾
😂 blue blazer jokes. Smh lol
I'm not asking for Floyd may weather defenses, I'm saying guys get hit with punches due to amateur errors that are the basics.If your foundation is strong, you can carry past your physical limits.When you're sloppy... Well you know what happens
Ruthless is absolutely my favorite mmaer to watch. Wouldn't miss his fights for anything.
Not the tools, the Basic stand up fundamentals.It's not instinctual, its can't be taught, fundamentals can.And as a fighter who has to fight more than 75% of your fights on your feet, the least you can do is tuck your chin, move your head, give angles and levels and move laterally instead of straight lines
I never understand how they don't have the fundamentals down but it's so common place that I believe it has to do with getting a late start learning stand up. Wrestling 1st guys have a hard time learning the nuances of boxing
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