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Dude is 5'10 like Mike Hart was 5'10
The mediocre midget CB from Oregon
Best thing about Bones is he is a rare guy who has length who super effective with his short strikes. His elbows in tight are amazing. You can smother a rangy guy who absolutely needs space to get off, but walking in on someone who is comfortable throwing short fast shots is a different game. We'll see if DC can do it.
Is that dude even 5'7??? And he really isn't that good? Better hope he runs a 4.3
Jones will stun DC with some fast strikes, get him off his feet while dazed and then choke him FTW
LMAO ol ball coach class falling apart after saying he's out in 2-3 years. Now they trying to fool folks . My goodness
So everyone who came in contact with Sid te last two weeks is going to test + for it lol
Kirk & speedy. Who's the QB?
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