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sold 2 yeezys on stockx to pay for my correct sizes which i also bought on stockx so far nothing but good vibes
never had a childhood was ali, obama, jordan type famous since age 5 to age 50 celebs are screwed up mentally even when they have childhoods n periods when they are not famous so imagine going through that yo whole life... it takes a tole so no i dont find it weird his house was a theme park and he loved peter pan, disney, star wars, n video games what i find weird is the people who tried to leech off of him and when they got nothing tried to blackmail him and drag...
seems like we have the same shoe size...once i get mine in I will let you know
I need the JR Smith PE lows
waiting to see what most of these colleges will be wearing this year so I can get my hands on some of this stuff
I need game 5s bad
I'll take the flyknit strap ones
If anybody has sold on stockX before send me PM
my pairs from Footaction was already zipped up idk why his pair would come zipped down
same herei always try to work with peopleim not into getting low balled or into getting top $
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