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the scanners saying they are negotiating with the other suspect
radicalas always
my comment was what witness who were in terminal 1 were saying "hey looked Muslim or Hispanic"
Estaban Santiago is the shooter he had military ID on him and surrendered after unloading all his ammo
another shooter just popped up just now wow this is crazy the first shooter is described as muslim or hispanic 5'7 in his 20s from witnesses
Just scooped these today. They run a little big but I can't wait to break them in. So far the 2014s have been my favorite cleat to date.
Thanks bro they hit me back instantly I got credit back and I got my shipping updated to 2 days all for freeTheir service is amazing
Man I ordered the military boot on Sunday for 350 and now they are 250 My Sunday order hasn't shipped or been fulfilled any chance they change the price if I say something?
im looking for some nike untouchable pro/vc2014 gold cleats or all white cleats now sz 10 is hard to find for low prices
still no word on the 1050 Boots?
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