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Repped spot on I posted her on draft day and dudes was going in like she is uglyNT standards
Naw he been with her since high school he is a pretty humble dude he just likes to chill surf and golf. He reminds me of a Doug Flutie off the field just humble outdoors guy that cares less about the fame
that color way is on NDCso Nike is releasing NFL teams untochables from the looks of it so im sure we will get a few college untouchables
Dallas did ok with controlling Dez im sure Randy will be ok
I guess Super Mario won cause its official dude is number 8
Can't lie he look sharp in that uni
That's it im heading to publix to get some crab legs
hopefully the defense will hold up so all the QB has to do is game manage lolTrent Dilfer Ravens status
Jets got weapons on the low
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