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i have owned iversons for balling only
Yeezy mafia saying all pants got canceled because of the price Doesn't make sense But I do know everybody that I know that got through on pants order got canceled
I really wanted the navy pants and the zine too Kinda ticked they got canceled I'm seeing eBay listing getting canceled left and right Which has me wondering are they canceling them all? If not who gets a shipping email congrats
Just seen 10 orders saying they over sold Just got a cancellation on my shoes and navy pants
Yeezy supply is canceling orders left and right
copped shoes went back for pants easy cop
who runs the YM account or is behind YM can NT detectives find this out? seems to me they are in the dark and just speculate 80% of the time
if the password got leaked they would easily cancel the orders because you would notice a bunch of items selling out
to clear it up F&F have a direct link and password to Yeezy Supply almost like back door type thing this is how Sami and other celebs or people in the circle get their Yeezy merch and stuff before the public Sami tweeted a pic of his Yeezy Supply check out screen which says Thank You at the end of the check out we (the public) wont see the site change on our end or have access to F&F backdoor unless you actually know some of the F&F and they give it to you
he is guessing off of Sami tweet of the Thank You pic Yeezy Supply does have a F&F online shop that you have to put in a password for but only F&F have the direct link and password
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