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The priest has something to do with the kid nappers Look at the cross on the back of the car window I bet some how he is connected with it N from the previews of the next episode looks like I was right the terminus group will try n attack Ricks group and probably turn while sneak attacking them and Rick is gonna realize it's them
My whole take on it is that Bob got bit when the walker was in the water. He knew he got bit and was about to turn thats why he was extra emotional with Shasha n left the church and was crying knowing he was fixing to turn. I feel like the ,terminus group just messed up by eating Bobs leg cause now they will all get infected and turn Maybe they start to turn when they go attack Ricks group turning while surprise attacking them would be crazyyyy
So far the summary is correct
Almost time
This episode seems like a filler and slower from the season opening but towards the end :smokin
Season 5 Episode 2 "Strangers" summary [[SPOILER]]
Man that was a good game I was sitting with the recruits and parents Sat in front of Rashaad Greene's and Karlos Williams family good funny people Man no one in the stadium liked the play calling or what the defense has going on surprised none of the parents care for Jimbo Just watching the teams body language they not a national title team ND was straight knocking them in the mouth to the point Jimbo yelled at everyone Dalvin Cook got laid out in the 4th quarter...
I guess cause he hardly plays when he does tho
exactly show they should have shown the % of the kids on those rosters that actually making an NFL team or practice squadafter seeing those numbers I see why Richard went off on Skip
I just looked this up it was 1939 hmmmm lets see what all happened that seasonAlbert Einstein writes to President Franklin Roosevelt about developing the atomic bomb using uranium. This leads to the creationHitler was aliveHawaii and Alaska wasnt even US statesA football game was 89 cents a ticketA brand new 6 bedroom host cost $6,500Al Capone was released from Alcatrazoh....and Oregon won the mens basketball national championship there isnt one soul living that can...
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