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18 years oldat 18 I was doing dumb stuff just like this running around trying to "fit in". Difference is I got older, wiser, more mature and got the opportunity to change. He didnt get that opportunityshould he have been arrested? or seen his day in court at 18? yes he knows right from wrongshould he be killed in the middle of the street? No
I meant wins/loses and scores
was set on getting another 60 inch Samsung but after watching this whole thing go down and knowing we (the minority) basically keep these companies alive this will be my 1st year im passing on black fridaybeen waiting for forever for them black 6s to release but I gotta stick to my word
go on twitter type in @leslifrye and just scrollshe had a series of tweets last night when the news brokeher tweets quickly spread across twitter and started to trendby the time buildings was burning in the middle of the night the twitter universe found:her addressher school addressher cell numberher schools numberher principal and guidance counselors emailapparently she has applied to colleges and the students at those universities have written emails to the universities...
I said nothing about height I was correcting someonehe only had mace and his gunhe did not have a stun gun on him
no stun gunjust a gun and mace
thats America for ya
the irony someone just posted a pic on twitter of her at prom with a mixed guyi looked at her friends twitters and they all joking about she wont be able to leave the house now
basicallygo back to AfricaYour own people sold you to usWe should have never bought youand some more racist stuff
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