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FSU will win against the GatorsI think the GT game is gonna be close and GT will wear them out by the 4th qt add the weather in toowe all know its coming I gotta tip my hat cause most teams would have folded at least once by now but you can not keep "getting by" each game even Jimbo has stated that "we cant keep this up or we will go down"
I wanna face Arizona in the Pac 12 title
nvm found it how do the pull overs run?
Dont let that Miami game fool youJalen Rasmey couldn't cover a bed with a blanket even in Tally on ESPN radio they said thishe not even the best DB in the state of Florida let alone top 5 player in the countryname yo top 5 im curious
cant tell if seriousGators game?
not with that one dimensional offenseFSUs weakness is defending the pass they DBs been playing
DGs my boy Danny does videos for them and most of the sororities here
yeah dude is friends with people I know on facebooktoday campus had this ghost like feeling over itI woke up to my classmates texting me about it
nopeTwitter deleted ESPN issued statement that she was hackedstory over
Cook is speed not powerwe have the speed to contain himand our DBs > FSU WRs/TEsim curious to know how that horrid defense will handle Oregon signature offensethey let NC State, Louisville, and Miami put up points
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