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I think this will be what his final form looks like
that and the CDC episode are my favoritethose episodes are the ones that got me hooked
nah they told the group they was headed to Bama to connect with some family memebersIm about to re watch season 1 and 2 this weekend seems like a lot of information was piled up in those 2 seasons and we just forgot about it
Hershal aka Scott Wilson will be in his hometown signing autographs saturday looks like im gonna go wonder if he still has info on whats going on with the show
*Rumored* Big news a character may be returning from season 1 [[SPOILER]]
Yes she is black and plays on the basketball team and apparently slept with 2 dudes that night the rumors was true she got mad cause he texted her to keep it on the low cause he was starting a relationship with another girl and she got mad
my guess would be Carol (they are prepping her up to have a final farewell) Bob (well we know this out come already) Shasha (one word Bob) Tara (just feels like she isnt needed much and they said a handful of main characters will die) Beth (everyone from the farm has died Maggie is only alive because of the love story) Glenn and Maggie will make it because they are the love story. I feel one of them wont go until another love story is gonna happen.
safe to say with this particular scene what happens in the comics will NOT take place 100% in the showthey said a good amount of the main characters will die this season and new characters will develop from the comicswho yall think wont make it?
lets hold all talk until about week 13 of the college football season by then we will have a better vision of who will be in and out and who is good and not
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