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I buy bothOregon has been my school for obvious reasonsFSU is the home team n where I will be finishing school once I go backOn FSU game days at the stadium we actually have a Oregon tailgate section which is pretty coolI plan on taking pics of my Deion's with my Oregon Zoom Revis samples like a nod to both schools n 2 of my favorite football players
In person they look wayyyyyyyy betterI thought they would be dark but they really pop and the quality is good paint and everything is good on my pairThe small details with the tribe print and spears are a nice touchI will take better pics with my canon outside to give you a better view
Got mine here in Tally at Champs store is dried up now tho Sorry for the bad pic I'm on my phone To my surprise the line was a big melting pot. I seen a older lady bout in her 60s cop a pair
I still have a pair of emeralds DS and another pair NDSWhen they dropped I scooped 2 cause I had a feeling years later they would dry up
Only champs no Nike stores?
Tallahassee will have them I know that Im just seeing will other stores around the country have them?
anybody have any stores in there area getting these?
wonder what stores will be carrying these on the 28h
A Diamond Turf FSU colorway is longgggg over due
these will be hadmaking some phone calls now
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