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if thats really her man you gotta ride to the deathMeek would have to get the inside scoop from Nicki and then go inNicki has footage and evidence of Drake from wayyyy back throughout they careers im sureand if Nicki has some ether like the ODB Jr pic it will be interesting
only way Meek can over come this is if he comes personal with stuff the public doesnt know behind closed doors about sure Nicki has some inside info about drake
I mean he does have 2 big songs with Drake and toured with Drake on a national tour and made those songs on the tour so maybe he knew something all along but never felt the need to go the meek route hence the line K. Dot spit "I swore I wouldnt tell"
Kendrick said the same thing Meek said"I can dig rappin'But a rapper with a ghost writer? What the **** happened?(Oh no!)I swore I wouldn't tellBut most of y'all sharing bars like you got the bottom bunk in a 2 man cell(A 2 man cell?)"
Just admit this man Drake plays his cards rightKendrick is like Em they are so good with the pen they will bait and bait and bait just praying you take it so they can chew you a new one
control verseDrake did a interview all in his feelings talking about kendrickKendrick ahs been throwing bait ever since ie King Kuntahe has yet to take the bait.i believe he knows whats up
Nahthis is not etherthis is not hit em upthis is not Dre Daythis is not no Vaselinehe spit some bars here and there but nothing aggressive that made you say "whoa"funny how he does 2 songs for meek but wont do a song for Kendrickdrake is a good chess player
growing up I remember Dip Set being big down here in FloridaI remember being a jit and seeing Cam and Santana driving on Ocean Dr and Cam was in a navy blue 4 door Bentley with the pink hat pink diamonds pink everything Miami was like Dip Set 2nd home
Factsoutside of Cali Dip Set was repping bloods heavyWayne was influenced by Dip Set and was running with them for a while and got sucked into that whole life style and image while in the process he was reaching icon house hold name status and Dip Set/The Game was only known in the rap communitywayne had the average white girl at my high school screaming suwooo
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