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trash should have been a EP with only Glory My Heart Races London Roads Living Right (feat. Wiz Khalifa) D'usse bumpin Dedication 1 n The Suffix right now Wayne will never return
glad yall all eatingjust wanna help the fam outtoo many NTers these days all about selfI believe in good shoe karma
we as company get everythingall Yeezy 1sboth Yeezy 2sYeezy Boost 350Royal 1sBred 1sChicago 1sShattered backboard 1swe pretty much get every hyped shoe
You wont see them on displayyou gotta ask the person at the registeract like you know they have em
glad to see everyone cooking at DTLRs all around the US
no prob
told yall just be patient
OK since everyone seems confused let me clear this up DTLR gets mostly all Jordan 1s we never received shipment on Shattered Backboards or didnt have ANY word from corporate if we would be getting them in time for the original release date most stores found out over the weekend (yesterday) that our shipments was delayed and we would indeed be receiving Shattered Backboards and would release them as soon as the come in FCFS most DTLRs receive shipments around 12 noon to...
no prob bro just trying to help outI would suggest going in the store instead of calling
I cant 100% confirm because im not at work at the momentbut I know a good chunk of DTLRs are getting they Backboards today and tomorrow when shipment comes inour shipment is not in but should be here this after noon and its FCFS
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