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I got through would have been 10:59 but site was going slow so im 11:00am lol
hats always sit for at least 50 seconds
reppedthats the color i was looking to getI heard bad reviews and after seeing the pics I agreepass
anybody have actual pics of the windbreaker dropping
Im a Madden addict one of the only reason I own a vidoe game console and I will admit EA is too comfortable with Madden because we are basically getting little features at a time with no visual ground breaking updates I think if you throw 2K sports in the mix it will force EA to push the envelope Us football fans deserve this 2k is very capable of releasing a way better football game then Madden when NFL2k5 has the same exact screen cuts and camera angles as Madden 16
I NEED THESENTers point me in the right direction
Thursday night AT Arizona Stthats the ONLY game that has me wishing that Oregon has it circled because Arizona St will be waitingif we can get past that we will be just fine
yeah for that price I would rather cop a Bape one
Anybody know how it is copping on a iPhone? Just found out I have a doctors appointment when it drops tomorrow and normally cop on the computer PM me tips
Compton = Aftermath album Pt 2 Hopefully the movie and buzz surrounding everything has him wanting to create more then maybe we will get the follow up of 2001
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