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if you got the 3 dots refresh if its just sitting there it works
pretty much
its bot central now after the V2s dropped
nopeGG are liked more by majority and they tanked in priceexpect that with theselook to pay around 1000-1200anything more is a no go just wait and watch how fast the prices fallits always good to hold out until the next yeezy drops because people try to sell quick to buy the newest yeezy which will be black friday
yeah im waiting for the blacks to drop
i live in florida and love the boots I just wore my 950s last weekgonna cop these season 3 boots
Dez for Frank Gore What y'all think about this trade?
I mess wit gaga let me liveher supreme shoot was
we need a Dre and Snoop Outkast Missy Pharrell Kanye they need to drop that Lady Gaga a Beyonce one would shut down the site with her cult fan base
that bleacher report vid looks like the old Chco 750 not the new "light brown" one releasing
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