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I never received a email on the vans release wonder why? I get all the emails
The one way you can tell if a seller is selling GM pairs is if he doesn't have sizes above 13 My friend gets about 6 to 7 pairs from a mom and pop well known store in Miami He is friends with owner and has been paying good money for years so they have built a system where soon as the pairs come in he calls him to pick up his 6 or 7 pairs. Sometimes he has them months early because JB n Nike send stores shoes randomly. So other times he won't have them until a week...
how does the DBZ collab fit? thinking about snagging the pullover hoodie my true size is a medium but I know Bape runs small just wondering is this collab run small?
Loving the adidas collab When is the drop?
if the Supreme Jordan 5s at 300-400 range then these will be 230-300 range snakeskins MIGHT be 320 tops but nothing more then that if you strike out just wait till around the release of the flu games or the next yeezy shoe the prices will be dropping like none other resellers about to get stuck with these especially with them being on Nike as well
I use view all when shoes dropthen scroll all the way downshoes are always at the bottom of the view all pageI have every sup Nike release (excluding blazers and 1st dunks) and every sup Jordan release all manual checkouthope this helps someoneIm still on the fencenot really a fan of 98s wish they were 97s... A part of me wants to own the whole Nike collabs collection so im torn
Usher was already solidified BEFORE Confessions as well he didnt NEED the extra controversy or buzz because he was selling units regardlesshe was the man in the music business and coming off of the 8701 album which some consider his best albumthe carters making chess moveswont be surprised if the album is about her father and other relationshipsjust like Irreplaceable had NOTHING to do with JayZ
Just got my shipping email on the denim jacket
Repped!I felt this was the reason behind the message and album titlejust how everyone talks about them being the illuminati and they both throw jabs about it in they songs and make money off it while laughing it offmedia/public gives them Lemons they laugh it off and make LemonadeUsher did it with Confessions and went diamond because of it and thats his staple album to this date with the biggest hitsThe late great Prince told yall....... Controversy
soooooo Hugh remains as Logan or we have a new actor?
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