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the rain cover plus the laptop slot is clutchnot to mention all the pockets and slots for other thingsdefiantly got my moneys worth
its actually a legit group which is rare these days on facebooknobody is trying to knock you over the head for resell
uncle Phil might break out the check book
bruh we waiting on skb1065 reply
this should have been the album cover
your hats came separate ?
the classic replyPreme Lord?why do guys take on names like god and lord? I always wondered this like who started this trend? Lil B?
these have been my thoughts exactlyI always thought dude can rap but after his 1st album I feel he made a bunch of clown movesnow I feel he as grown so much since then and he made a solid albumim from Florida and have been to LA the past 3 years about 5 times so when I hear albums like this YG, Kendrick, Jay Rock, Schoolboy Q and so on it makes me feel like im right in LA like I grew up there all my life
mine wont be here until Wednesdaythe longest I ever waited for a item
me and my gut still here b read my post after...some of yall took me serious is funnyothers caught on to it tho
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