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SupFLA in here
I feel cancelled orders is about to happen
im surprised not ONE Adidas Orginal store in the US is selling these tomorrow No NY No LA No Chi Town No Miami No San Fran No ATL I wish I could wake up in the morning with a tweet from Adidas saying "you can now purchase the Yeezy Boost at these select Adidas Original store locations"
Love the fact I copped the camo backpack 1st then went back and copped the black rip stop camp I knew the backpacks wasnt gonna sit they was too clean with a nice simple look plus the whole Laptop thing and extra compartments made people really want to cop it including me funny tweet
I knew Marcus would get a deal from Nike he brought us our 1st Heisman trophy and best season in school history I expect Jameis to sign with Adidas or Nike
Just got my black ripstop camp tracking # but I have yet to receive my Camo Backpack tracking # and I placed my backpack order 1st
got camo backpack and black camp
are those links legit?
any actual pics of the yellow camo camp?
I dont know which item to go after 1st do the backpacks sell fast? I never cop accessories just clothes n hats so I never really paid attention to how the bags sell on drops
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