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let them find it on their ownnot spoon feed it to themim all for sharing and helping with info
too much info is being slung around for lurkers I know its info thats easy to find but at least make the lurkers put in work for it if you have questions hit the PMs or the group and talk to each other
depends on how Adidas drops them on their siteat this point its up in the air
looking at those numbers you can expect for ADC US to be similar just tripled which means are chances would be better just checking out the normal way unless somebody is gonna be brave enough to get the site key and risk not being able to check out
not everyone needs to be added to the group just gonna put that out there
Im down to help I pretty much taught my self how to use his script and landed pairs of the V2 off of it wouldnt we need the Adidas style number too?
I feel the site is gonna be soooooo slow come Thursday with 5 colors dropping Any one familiar with ADC Human Race or NMD releases PM me I haven't copped a major release on Adidas outside of the Yeezys All my adidas purchases are mainly in stores and raffles so with out a Yeezy like splash screen idk what to expect
martyr off twitter??? Dude helped a lot
wondering the same thingdo human races have a wait screen like Yeezys?been calling stores trying to get this green pair bad
that red is growing on me what time yall think they dropping thursday on ADC?
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