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if its les you think Jimbo would go back to LSU?
I know for a fact Mack Maine makes decisions on behalf of young moneyBirdman is the head of cash money and basically over see everything on the CM, Mack Maine is the head of YM and handles everything on that end, Slim is the head of it all.
I should have Halo early but dont know if I would wanna play it in fear of getting banned
you gotta dye your hair white or bleach it THEN put the color in to give off that effectbest way to explain it is when you coloring on paper the colors come out more when you use white paperthats why he had his hair person do thisi know this only because my mother in law does hair
Exactly dude was running the rock yesterday and in the 2nd half its like they just stoppedwhy is everyone over looking Virginia though?FSU isnt gonna just cruise to the playoffs by any means every decent team has given them a scare they just get by with some luck ie the fumble on the 1 and the INT fumble eventually the luck will run out
any one know where I can find a F1 pullover in medium or a box logo black hoodie in a medium?
I woulda copped COD if Halo: MCC wasnt coming out but that MCC gonna have everybody back in that old Halo era Nostalgia I just wanna play capture the flag and all the game types like odd ball those was back in the day
Rumored Cliff notes for Episode 4: Slabtown [[SPOILER]] If you see the promo vid it looks like the Cliff notes are spot on. The person who wrote them actually had the 3 leaked episodes.and this pic was taken this month
Overseas promo for Episode 4 [[SPOILER]]
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