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the fries with the ranch on the side
Universal owns all them while Wayne fighting Baby for who owns whoUniversal sitting back making money either way Its crazy how most look at Wayne, Baby, Drake, Nicki and other artist and think they paid while Lucian Grainge is worth almost 2 billion $ and owns all of them to an extent
that reporter that mentioned 2pac and inner city actually got Marshawn to talk just realized he times his self when on the stand and the iphone goes off timer is up
yeah Im sure they do as wellI was just making it clear to some in here because owning and running YM is totally different then owning the copyrights/publishing of YMWayne is most likely 50% owner of the YM the whole label with Slim and Baby getting 25% eachbut he probably owns 0% of YMs copyrights which Baby and Slim probably own all of....... no wonder Bird and Slim buying the most expensive houses in Florida in cash these dudes own the copyrights to 3 of the biggest...
he is such a good teammate he makes it about his play and about his team lets all leave him alone
He actually seemed mad like he is ready to get on the field and just let his anger go on the Patriots glad he finally talked and basically gave a huge middle finger to the media Media hates athletes who talk a lot (TO, Randy Moss, Richard Sherman) now they hate athletes who dont talk at all
Marshawn live on NFL network right now he is actually talking and spitting that real
the day Golden gets firedhe should get fired after the NFL draft and all that talent he had gets drafted
love the video I guess a man changes when he has a daughter what network is Ellen on?
yeah if he can translate his game to a national level with all of our skills guys being young and having Rose Bowl and National title experience.....I like itLet Travis red shirt then have him start the 2016 seasonedit:Dre I was telling FSU fans at the Rose Bowl and back in Tally dont worry yall will go undefeated and will be right back in the playoffs with that scheduleI expect Dalvin to have a Warrick Dunn type year
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