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feel like JB will milk the hype and make a yellow ferrari pair some where down the road and a black pair after that
Where are the official ones? Sooo many people have these around my way I'm 99% sure they are all fake JB needs to go back to the black light thing or something to show shoes are authentic I think the fakes have the stamp on the inside of the box now
idk my guess would be he got hurt n they didnt know his future plus the sell of the Revis 1 was low but thats marketing faultbut he bounced back in Tampa and now he is with a top tier franchise that has been bragging about how is looking on the fieldwish they would go ahead and give them the green light again cause Calvin Johnson shoes doesnt do it for meI hope they dont give Richard a shoe
I dont have them I passed on but I know for a fact of at least 3 nike outlets that had em. I dont remember if they were $80 or $40 but it seem like all the sizes was a size 10 n im a 9/9.5 a 10 would be too bigI only own 3 sample revis all size 9.5If i could find more in size 9.5 I would get themstill looking for Talarias and SnakesI have had the opportunity to purchase every Revis sample tho minus the Revis 2s
he is a NT member and they are worth about 650-800
in orlando they get samples all the time i came across some VTech Barry Sanders samples at a Nike outlet in orlando and the Green Suede Revis was at Nike outlets
she wont get half.some but not halfhe has to pay back his friends tho that loaned him the millions now to be driving Buggatti's and still staying in mansions
ThisI feel he should have kept the tradition going with the JayZ covers but he should stopped with Tha Carter 3 like Hov stopped with vol. 3now the "Tha Carter" series is so worn and played outTha Carter 2 was his best album cover simple and a nod to his idol
all stores in my area got 1 FSR and all did raffles these are kind limited around my way cause we got like 3 FSR in the 14s and Grey/Black 3s
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