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did we ever get an explanation to why the calabasas Adidas pants got canceled? Kanye has this line all over the place... they just abandon the 750 line... never release the 1050 boot.... butchers the 350 V2
just go to starbucks and cop thats what I did with the yeezy 750s after be banned from adidas
so ready for these
Can y'all legit check these for me?
any body in here good a legit checking off white tees? DM me if so
I didn't see a Off white thread on NT Anyone in here can legit check some Off white Tees for me please DM asap
We need some Eugene people on here who attend the surplus sale lol
Man I would pay resell for a pair of tigers in a us 9.5 Anybody can lead me to a pair of hyper blues the most recent release few years back in size 9.5
man what if someone had cameras setup on the island and had a live stream going on the web and twitter on some Hungar Games type steez
F&F have a separate link and page that gets emailed to them or their managers/assistantsthey already have their pairshence why most of F&F have been posting them on IGthe "inner circle" gets theirs straight from Kim
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