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Yeah that 4th and 18 play was like watching a movie everyone around me was like "we lost thats it they are gonna drive down the field and score"Then to see WR released so free I seen it and was like then Gholson made the throw and he caught it you could here a pen dropBut when the ref announced the penalty you would have thought everybody hit the lotto at the same time
Yeah the best live sports experience I had was this years FSU vs Notre Dame game. Nothing tops that college football atmosphere with 2 programs with so much history. Seeing those gold ND helmets in person was and I was sitting in the corner end zone where that last play happened I have been to Cali a few times and have visited the Rose Bowl even sneaked on the Field on a random day but I have never been for a game and me living in Florida I have never got the chance to...
because they will be the 1st of the remastered series XIs with the slide out box to make it seem like we got to have em when in reality it should have been that way the 1st go aroundI see how JB works just like apple. They include something so simple the next go around that should have been a given on the 1st go around
got my tickets in for 175 cant beat that love my FSU connects 8th row behind the bench
The XI has endless potential if done right
naw JB love the XI xmas hypeI would be fine with either one of these samples they have done in the past
Like Hov said "Ye goes left field pushes the envelope and opens the door for hip hop to do something different. He gets criticized for it while the rest of Hip Hop catches up and gets praised for it"Ye did 808s and Heartbreak signing his heart out on beats with phaser filters and gets hate for it while Drake came along did the same exact thing and got praised for it now all rappers trying to singYeezus was like a punk rock/indie type album that Kendrick Untitled...
Yeah I know a couple of dudes that went to school with her in south floridaI have ran into her a couple a times at shows before she really popped off
Man 30 years? I wasnt even aliveLets post something thats more up to date like the last 10 years or something
Did Michael play in Bred 1s?
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