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zero thenlike I said if its not my Ducks I just wanna see some good gamesim not trying to watch Iowa get beat upim not trying to watch Oklahoma wet the bed like against Texas
Rumored ending [[SPOILER]] Update about Morgan in the finale [[SPOILER]]
not gassing the Pac 12 at all I could carelessif its not Oregon in final 4 then I just wanna see 2 good games with the 4 best teams on the field and if Stanford wins out I feel they deserve to be inbut the beautiful thing about this is it will all be played out
crazy how I went to school with buck now everybody in fantasy is after him never looked at him as a NFL thought others on the team would make it before him
Beat #6 NDBeat ranked Pac12 opponent in conference championshipOklahoma took a L to Texas... think about thatStanford took a L to #17 Oregon (who is playing arguably the best football in the country right now and could end up in the Fiesta or Rose Bowl) and they also took a L to #16 Northwestern who only took a L to Michigan and Iowa.Im confident Stanford would get in if they win out especially if they man handle ND
That final 4 would be so trash give me Clemson Alabama Michigan St Stanford if all these teams win out
told my friends this after the whole Maggie in the sewers episode went down. I got the vibe like she wasnt gonna be on the show much longer. Maggie is gonna die and tell Glenn she is pregnant while fading away or Maggie is going to open up to Glenn and tell him the news only for her to get killed right after she finishes her sentence.... bookmark it. Its a shame how predictable this show is getting Shasha is bound to get the boot too. Surprised she made it this long
Noonly jobs available better then Miami are...USCLSUTexasGeorgia (maybe)
Les to Texas Strong to Miami Jimbo to LSU Mark to FSU Where can we place Chip?
Any stores gonna have Halo Master Chief Collection for sale?
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