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Thats easyPackersPatsSeahawksI think next year we getPats vs Packers
I love prime but come on sonhe lead the team in rushing and threw for more yards then Denver's whole offense! He cant do everything eventually they was gonna hit a wall with a TE being your leading receiver and a patched up O line. Just goes to show how much Cam put that unit on his back.again dont get caught up with the post game interview mess the media is all hurt aboutlook at how he treated his opponents and coachespure sportsmanship! They dont want you to see this
exactlywe all know the media has that hidden racismwhich is why I dont blame Cam for giving the MEDIA the middle fingerlong as he thanks and shakes hands with his opponent im completely fine with itsome of the Broncos are defending Cam saying he was a class act after the game including Manning and thats all that mattersmedia can kick rockshad he not shaken hands and saluted the broncos after the game I would have agreed that he is immature and needs to grow upbut he did so...
2013 Seahawks2002 Bucs2000 Ravensis what the list should bethis years Broncos was no where near those defensesheck I like Carolina D over this years Denver
He did what he was supposed to do! Shake hands and salute your opponenthe does not owe the racist media anything!!!!!stop feeding into that
THISSSSSSSShe was NOT a sore loser! He took his L like a man but we know the media dont wanna show that...he walked out because the Broncos was doing interviews next to him talking about how they shut him downthat plus the MEDIA who called him a "thug" and made hidden racist comments all weekthey deserved to be walked out onim glad he took it like a man and went and shook hands with the Broncos and chopped it up with a few guys after the game.same with Josh Norman... how...
please let the Patriots get inyall might not like New England but every super bowl they are in is exciting and classic level
I dont think there are any floor seatsjust lower in the 100s section
hopefully this MSG show is worth it how many tickets sold?
how much do they give youI have a DS pair might take mine in next week when Im in town for the yeezy show
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