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you cant use army bases addresses right? got family stationed in Germany and really wanna scoop the 13s excuse me for my ignorance but I have never copped over seas over the internet
got Chicago's locked up now my attention is on to these
Thats a good trade if you getting the 3s
I dont get down with white jerseys because they are dirt magnetsbut this is tempting
been on edge all week not knowing if I would get these because we actually dont rig our raffles so we have to enter the raffle with the public just got the phone call for my size
the black ones are dope love that they are bringing back the 3m on 13s
I need to know the sizing any body got shipping updates?
Its the lightingThey exactly how Chicago 1s should lookPersonally I dont see any flaw on the shoeyall will see once you get them in handthe leather soft and nicethe padding is goodand the best part is that feels so soft and comfy like a SB tongue
send me the link in a PM please bro
Well we just got kids in..... 4 pairs total lol 1 of each in men's For those who don't know I was one of the ones who posted a pic saying how my store revived them early The quality on the kids pair is just as good as the men's
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