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so in love with my 6 thinking about not even rocking it with a case the white/silver is
held both in my hadn today walked outta of the store with a 6 the 6 plus is just too big I had a 5 and 5s and the 6 is big difference it self the 6 plus seems more for people with big hands or dont mind a ipad mini size phone
every iphone i have had i never went over 16gb i dont really use it for music but I load it up with pics and apps which says a lot cause I love music but if im at home i just use my mac book itunes library if im at work I wold do the same in the car im on pandora or ESPN radio if you dont really use your phone for music or videos its no need to get over a 16GB and if you upgrade your iOS from your computer instead of your phone it wont take up the space if im not...
thanks antidope do you know what the actual size for picture to fit with out stretching it? like how mine is now
nice try but im talking about like my avyim trying to get this picture to fit without the white bars
anybody can help me with putting the black bars on this
yeah im holding off until friday when I get my 6 or 6+I have too many tweaks and stuff that I dont wanna give up until I have the new devicestill cant choose over 6 or 6+
try months
I thought I had my mind made up and I was getting the 64GB 6 for sure I just left the AT&T store and the 6 plus is not as big as I thought torn
NTers aint got no love
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