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welp got to off a yeezy V2 now just to get the Green hoodie smh
just Nike ID this years Vaporsthey have Chrome bottom options and you can create a all gold upper
any word on the 1050 boots?
I'm looking for the 42mm stainless steel apple watcg series 1 or 2 and can't find it anywhere I guess all the deals are for the small aluminum ones smh
face it we all know Negan will eventually dieI think Ricks group is gonna team up with Zeke group and come up with a plan to kill Negans army off or weaken them internally maybe through the food source (poison)
Im not gonna get my hopes up of having 2 dread heads on the show
So who outta Ricks crew gonna eat some food from Negans camp?
if you got the 3 dots refresh if its just sitting there it works
pretty much
its bot central now after the V2s dropped
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