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I take the train to Hoboken every day. This is nuts lucky for me I have to be in NYC by 7:30 for work. I'll never ride in the first car of a train again after this. The injuries and fatalities are awful, hoping for the best for everyone involved.
Row BB the other side of the court . by the visitors tunnel.
Shocked that both of them actually had solid stuff to say.
$347.26More than I paid for my Knicks and Nets vs Spurs tickets.But in the realm of courtside seats this is cheap as far as I'm concerned
Just bought a courtside seat for Sixers Spurs. Never sat courtside before.
That would be a valid point if they didn't come out and say that they saw none of these issues in testing. How do you not see this? That studio employs at least 100 people, you're telling me that not one of them noticed the myriad of things wrong with this game? Again you don't need a beta to see the things that I'm talking about, just play the game. You don't need a beta to see that when you move the reticle it flies all over the place like it's on skates. You don't...
What about CE-H3 is remastered? Unless remastered is a synonym for broken. You don't need a beta to see that the aim acceleration is broken, the spawns are wrong, the weapon times are wrong, etc etc etc. You just needed to play the game for five minutes and all these things become painstakingly obvious. Fundamental things within the games themselves don't work.
Game is Terribad
H2A If H3A actually happens my expectations are low and I wouldn't be shocked if all the guns and grenades contain magnets like they do in H2A
This is number one on my list of things wrong with MCC period. I just watched two games I played a while ago on YouTube and you can just see the reticle sliding all over the place it's disgusting. It's hard to ignore something like that too because it's the primary function of the game. I switched sensitivity multiple times to try and compensate for it but it doesn't come close to solving it.Then the simple things like the weapon timers and the spawns. Things that are...
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