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The Weekend is terrible. Shrugs.
NYC people need to hit up El Vez
OK man. I've argued this ad nauseum through my life cause my music tastes are not that typical but really if you're someone who claims to listen to a lot of rap and can say that the bulk of it isn't about drugs murder and money then:A. I would love to see your discographyB. I wouldn't want to have that discography"Negative" rap is leaps and bounds better than "positive" rap.
That comment just made me go listen to 1-900-Hustler. It would for sure need to be a Drake album primarily and at most those dudes get one song to themselves.
I'm sure they said that about rap when they first broached the subject and now look. Rap music about drugs murder and luxury is the wave and hopefully never goes away.
Rollie on my wrist. Hopefully we get a "Ball hard like X" also. This impending diss record from Joe will be hard. He's been waiting for months.
Interesting. I read a few articles about it when she initially asked me but none mentioned that. I assume the same goes for texts?
My mom wants a phone with a dual sim, but I've never seen the benefit. Don't you have to go into settings and switch between what sim to use for outbound calls?
Trying to nail the average margin of Victory and call the scores of these inevitable blowouts keeps it fun for me.
Those dudes don't really count. The plug is just buzzword language, along with a lot of stuff dudes like tory Lanez and the weekend say. Those dudes talk about doing drugs more than selling the. I'm talking about real intricate stuff about drug dealing, plus the other stuff.
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