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Also Kawhi Leonard mvp coming next season.
I've always maintained that anywhere is great when you're rich. I could be rich in Albuquerque and be happy.Waiting for the next part of this Beat the Warriors plan to happen though.
Makes sense. I'm not moved by this at all, never thought we were getting Paul.
No we are not but it's not a big deal. Summer 2018 is what really matters.
Sure are. It isn't even close at present.
This Houston Rockets team is better than what the Spurs are going to field in 2018 unless something drastically changes.
The Clippers just imploded. Lottery team. All bad.
This part is true. I'm more worried about the shots that CP3 gets but that's an easy fix.
I am in shock.... What is going on fam? Chris Paul one of the best mid range shooters of all time is gonna play for a team where they shoot zero mid Rangers.
It's hard to beat having the highest payroll and the second worst record.
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