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Yeah man that offense is real.
Isn't the Vr a smart watch? I don't see anything about a watch there. I'm. Confused.
I'm not James Bond so idk what he's saying. Please fill me in. k
Wasn't saspin job. The MVP ladder is just highly dependent on team seeding that's all
The fact that they're the 4th seed in the east would not have him there. Spurs have the second best record in the league. But yeah that guys doing the same thing he did two years ago to start the season off.
In any other season Kawhi Leonard would be number 1 in the MVP race right now. The amount of out put he's giving while not sacrificing any of his efficiency is remarkable.
Laptop/XB1 Deals please.
So a hard inquiry fell off my credit report this week because its been two years, and somehow my score went down? I am at a loss
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