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I said it was Goten earlier but that explanation is way more in depth than what I had. I'm with that theory. The Goku Black character design is also the goat. Not having everyone look like wrestlers >>>>>>
Dame Lillard finally getting respect though.
More colors is doubtful. What other emotions would they invoke? It's always been anger. I've been re watching Dbz here and there and it's crazy how strong Vegito really was. He washed Buuhan in base form, at a minimum could go SSJ2, and probably 3 because I highly doubt he couldn't achieve it with Goku already having understanding of it. Also of Goku and Vegeta freed everyone from Super Buu why would they need to fuse again? He would have turned back to regular Super Buu...
I'm biased cause I was one of the few people screaming Porzingis in the draft thread last year but 85
Apparently he edited the stats to what he thinks they should be for the Timberwolves. Or so I've heard. KAT deserves an 88
I have the V10 and really like it. Rooting it on 6.0 just seems like a pain and now I have to deal with ads as a result. Ads Giant Dpi for apps that don't need it
It's crazy to me that people are hating on Super Saiyan Rose, it's really the best concept this show has given us. -People would have been mad if a guy who is literally Goku couldn't go SSJ at all -The cancept around it is cool. A black rose is the sign of death and light pink is opposite of light blue -Do we need to see it again after this? Probably not, but to close the loop on that you just say that it's the equivalent to SSB except with evil energy.
I've only seen bits of Full Metal Alchemist but it looks dope. Hiei is what Vegeta should be.
Wow fam......... Yu Yu Hakusho is the best anime ever. You are tripping.
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