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Hoyer got named the starter? Browns have an early bye, he wont make it past it.   Let OVO Football flourish
7 Threes isnt enough for the Young God Wardell, he should really be getting up 10. 
That doesnt look like it cracks 50..... SMH SSB   Bowser Jr? For reals?
Dog............ WHOA
Couldn't get that One Plus Rom to work but I'm on CM 11 right now with that Android L theme that was posted a whole back. Hoping for better battery life
I listened to it cause it was Tuesday
If you're going to be driving clients around a 2 door car should be out of the question. Never seen anyone in a line of work that required client transportation with one
People on XDA are claiming 5-6 hours of OST with the One Plus Rom on their N5s.   I may have to just take the leap. Setting up all my apps again wont kill me. For 2 more hours of OST its worth it.   I'm gonna try it right now. If anything I can just go back to stock later
Northerner here, I will not tolerate Waffle House slander.
  I hate having to set all my stuff back up after flashing a new rom but it does look good
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