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I love Chipotle but theres this place called El Vez by where I work that is super Chipotle. Its so good, I actually plan on going there tomorrow.
Can someone link me to those things that prevent your shirt from untucking?   Please and thank you.
I wouldn't expect anything else from a grown man with that haircut.
Eh, I dont really count league play like Gamebattles and so on, its hard to coordinate with 3-7 other people at times. What I'm envisioning is a: -Playlist with visible skill based ranks-Win/loss based-Party restrictions-No Join in Progress If a COD had that then I missed it, and I'm lowkey upset I did.
For as many reasons as you could praise the Clippers for winning that series you could find an equal amount of things that would back the notion that the Spurs simply threw it away
Really crazy that cod doesn't have skill based ranks after all these years. It would add a whole new level to it.
That celebration is cool to me. I like most of the elaborate celebrations. Miss the NFL allowing them.
Whichever is cheaper.
Does @Drigguh still post here?
The company that my brother works for does that, it's fairly common. This is actually the second company that he's worked for that offers that. I will tell you that it turns into ten hour days and on Fridays from time to time he ends up logging in and working anyways but more often than not he has the Friday to himself.Sidebar I'm at work right now had some stuff due Monday that I didn't finish Friday.
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