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Chill man its Jersey to the death of me. Greatest place on Earth
I never expected them to sit out, but Doc Rivers has make like 100 idle threats regarding this situation on top of the numerous amount of lies hes told. You knew well and good who you were working for, you knew full well that Shelly Sterling was as deeply involved in this as Donald was, and you didnt care then and you dont really care now. You had no intention to quit, you just wanted to say some PC statement and now you keep pushing your timeline for quitting back waiting...
People were really talking about giving this guy Sportsman of the year... FOR WHAT? He did nothing but lie and backtrack and will continue to do that. The sad thing is that hes going to get it
Two days ago I finally gave an attempt at cutting my own hair. It was EHHH, doesnt look anything close to how I thought it would look. Any of you guys have Youtube Videos/Websites that you read for tips and the like?    No pics though, you guys are wolves in here 
Who is still listening to this 19 months later????????????
I do feel like certain team threads are so close knit that if you're not a fan of said team, its funny to post in there.  I'm in the Lakers thread a lot though for the lulz. Infighting day after day 
This is the version that I kept. FIRE man FIRE
What can Banks really be blamed for though? People have taken beats and made them into hotter songs before this. 
  Thats what people were saying. 
Dope Are you an only child
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