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The shocking thing about that HORSE event the first time was how many threes Rondo made. 
Can someone explain how the classifieds section of Backpage even exists? Operating in a legal grey area of some sort I assume?
I dont need Kid Cudi ruining my Childish Gambino music thanks
I still dont understand how Backpage is even allowed to have such a section. Someone school me on this gray area of prostitution
I wont get mad at him or anyone else for making that point, its valid. But it sure does make him seem petty. If theyre actually going to try that Rising Stars event may end up being really good.
Couldnt even tell you man. I started Skyward Sword over a while back I'm probably just gonna play that now. When I was younger I used to play a ton of stuff but now its mostly bread and butter things. I just buy that I know I'll like. I know the next game I'm buying for sure is Metal Gear whenever that drops. Literally had nothing else on my radar until then. If Sunset Overdrive goes for like $20 maybe I'll buy it, same goes for Far Cry.  I should say that I havent even...
Never heard of any of these games. Hope they can turn my XB1 into a video game console as opposed to a $400 Netlfix Machine
That picture is a photoshop
Ron said "keep it 100" . Everyone of these episodes has been funny
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