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Agreed on JJ, said it yesterday I hated this guy in college and now he's one of my favourites
I meant a sign and trade scenario but I know it's nonsense. I just want that guy on the Spurs.
That's the closest parallel to what's going on here and I just feel like if you asked me back then I would have screamed that the Mavs should blow it up. Winning heals all though.The Lowe post.@PMatic I also agreed that none of those guys wanna leave. That JJ Redick thing is a pipe dream.
I don't think they're the second best team in the conference but for how long do you ride the ship? I also don't think they blow it up as things stand now. Unless they fail in spectacular fashion in the post season. I flip flopped on this a lot. They're playing so good now that I've taken blowing it up off the table.
I was listening to the latest Zach Lowe. Podcast and they touched on a subject that I consider to be one of the most interesting sub plots of the season. What happens if/when the Clippers lose? Do they actually blow it up? If so who goes? I pray JJ Reddick is up for trade.
All I know is if I hear one bar about Sallie Mae... Stop trying to front on us like you know what these problems are like.
Paperboy wouldn't have let us down like this man.
Really? That's disappointing. That was the only watch I'd consider buying.
Those bars about KanYe are surprising. Someone disses you on their first track in like 18 months. You gotta diss them back. Don't let the people down KanYe.
Really expected the Internet to be all over this after every loss they get.
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