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Theyre not taking 15 people I cant see that happening.
Well RIP to the next three pages    
I havent seen that thing in more than ten years. 
This was hilarious
@mr2cool80 A thought, since we now can @ people on NT, you should start incorporating that into the posts, so the people that get shouted out dont miss it.  Like:Happy birthday breh
I should say that I got over it real fast after my first watch and thought it was cool. I'd give no dambs about getting done like that by Kobe
 I used to do that, but I dont have any new games right now. But when Smash comes out.....I run stock with Franco Kernel underclocked.
Reach and CE are 1A and 1B, but I'm leaning Towards CE LOL REACHNo way anyones doing that playthrough on Legendary in one sitting especially H2 Legendary. Do not have the patience.  H3 multiplayer is still very much alive. The cheating is rampant in high ranked games, but other than that its the most fun I have playing video games even after all this time.
As much as I love the whole NBA Players dominating in Pro-Ams thing, when I saw this yesterday I couldnt help but think that this was a bit Douchey. He put dude in the blender, look how dejected dude looks when the shot goes up. Hands on the knees
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