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I have no idea how they expect to finish before the season starts, its probably not even in the plans. I've just been reading the articles on Grantland and listening to podcasts. Shout out to @Big J 33 for putting me on Pocket man, its really a great app.
iYen is gonna come in here and hit you with some real disrespectful gifs
What are we even arguing about here? Kobe is one of the primary reasons the Lakers had the success they did in the 2000's and hes also one of the primary reasons the franchise is in disarray now. What else is there to say?
Yeah you can. 4 player CO-OP
Son..... If theres another Banjo-Kazooie...... INSTACOP
What do you guys think about leaving a permanent job for a temp one, if its something you really want and theres a chance for perm but it may not be great?
The MCC Live Stream tomorrow is running through Youtube. Good thing too I wouldnt have been able to watch it otherwise.     Cant wait to see more. Theres so much this vid did a poor job of showing me.
Is this Rom rooted? H3 game play is up. Looks super duper smooth. Not that I expected them to initially but after I saw them make changes to CE I kinda had hope they would address some of the things that were wrong with H3. I love H3 though "flaws" and all. I'm also curious as to what versions of maps are going to be used. bungie made changes to a pot of maps in H3,...
Neither did I. My cousins did though, and I lost my mind when I saw it. My aunt used to have a rule that they couldn't get a new game unless they beat the other one to completion. Smart parenting.
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