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Smh having faith in Rondo
This really has been the most active day ever.
If you go out to eat you should always tip regardless of the circumstances, if not then you shouldn't be eating out I am sorry. It's common knowledge how this system works and how their wages are heavily tip dependent, that extra 5-15 dollars isn't killing you. Just do it.
IDK why but I imagine playing against a kid primed for the league would have been cooler back then. No Rivals or internet to let you know who is going to the league from like age 14
I saw that. Paul Pierce who grew up a Lakers fan has now played for the Celtics and the Clippers. LOLOLOL 
Been MIA for six hours, what did I miss?
Hey man chill. Its been two episodes.
Guess we're just gonna hate Louis forever now SMH
150? Guessing I should wait then Whats a typical sale that I should be looking for?
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