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Game was highly entertaining I will say that much. I enjoyed it
Nothing they can do man, they're out of gas. But so many possessions where Davis didnt touch it. Insane
How is that a pun? Shut up Reggie Miller 
He's hurt thats why he's not playing.
Oh I'm not trying to knock Cole by any means but you should have heard the way Reggie was talking, like Cole was out there shouldering a load equal to that of LeBron or something 
He's staying right where he is and taking that rookie max that only the Pels can offer him.
Its irking me man, they're really acting like he had a mountain of responsibility on him for those Heat teams. Times like these I'm reminded that this broadcasting is directed at the casual fan.
Second worst paint defense in the league doing what the second worst paint defense in the league is supposed to do.
Secnd worst paiGoing home to play his acoustic guitarYeah Reggie Miller Norris Cole is that guy. He's playoff battle tested, he's seen things
Ehhhhhhh. I dont think being licensed has done anything to help me keep my job over anyone else as of yet, nor has it been a determining factor in getting anyone fired. I will say that all of a sudden they're starting to add license requirements to like every job posting when it was never a requirement in the past. I'm licensed cause I wanted to be, never felt like a need.
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