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That would distract from the greatest spectacle in cinema.
Team splits? Make a playlist where are no teams. Watch it somehow put people on teams , it wouldn't surprise me if it happens to someone.
I am 25 years old and I stand by what I said.
Hunger Games man. So good I can't even put it in words. Best movie series ever.
Thought it was gonna end there myself it seemed like it fit.
So freaking good. Love this movie series man, love it to death Love these movies man, more than batman, more than spiderman . Favorite movie series, Whenever that box set drops it's coming home with me
I havent had trouble today at all
I wouldnt trust a word MS support says, theyre more clueless than anyone. They've been telling flat out lies about this situation as a means to not refund anything.   "Xbox Live Engineers"   Either way early December isnt a big deal to me. I've waited long years to have Halo back, I can wait two more weeks. 
I've only played competitive games in customs myself but I wasn't expecting to in matchmaking at this point. That being said people want to try and get a custom together today at like three?
Go play HCS, you'll get a competitive game. No other playlist is going to foster a competitive environment. Playing social and saying that there's no competitive games makes no sense it's not supposed to be.
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