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WOW that sequence by Houston that will be a gif
Couldnt you just get the OTA then root it again afterwards?
24 turnovers through 3.5 quarters and over 9000 fouls....
TURNOVERS. I'm so angry, losing a game because of something like turnovers is infuriating. Not taking anything away from Dallas they came to play but 22 turnovers? 20 through three quarters? Come on now
Well this game is over
Horrendous play by Los Spurs
I have no idea what you are referring to kind sir
I am also curious as to the answer of this question. Please respond.I bought a suit over the weekend that I planned on keeping so I took an older suit of mine that I dont really care all that much about due to the fact that the jacket is two sizes too big and a R when I wear a S to see what kind of work they did before I give them my new one. Took them some picks of what I was looking for(mostly pics of @Pinoy732s fits) and this is how it came back. I didnt expect them to...
19 turnovers through 2.5 quarters..... WTH
That boy Kemba is FEARLESS
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