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Wow Matt Barnes really? Putting that in a text message?
Ska with the realness.   A derailment that lasts 10 pages? NBA really byke man    I dont think I could ever do that to a friend something about it doesnt feel right. They are free to talk to any girl I have messed with though, IDC.
Honestly have to check. Gears was always a rental game for me.
Sucker move man. All the way up or nothing.
Multiplayer isn't campaign though. The games just aren't hard, you get gifted a sniper at the beginning of like half the levels the amount of enemies got like halved and there's a myriad of weapons to pick up.The same applies to the cod games
Every game in existence. There hasn't even been a hard halo campaign since 2 so iso it definitely applies there.
Not beating a game on the hardest difficulty alone is a waste of your time IMO. Theres no point in not playing Legendary solo.   That applies to most games really. I dont bother not playing on Hard. Metal Gear Games are like the one exception I've made in life.
Yeah man.... 10/10 thread.
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