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This trade doesn't make them better than San Antonio or Golden State.
What if I told you I was 37?
I am 100% in control of whether I get fired or not in a scenario where they are just making lay offs. This obviously doesn't include things like me getting hurt or the company going under, but in your standard scenario of getting fired or staying that's all on you.
I will gladly take Rudy Gay.
Until you need the path to operate on its assigned schedule so you can catch your NJ transit train and it doesn't. Making random stops on the middle of the tracks and leaving late. It sucks.
This dude really set an album release date, then when the day came he didnt release it.
They taste slightly different this year no?
The Path is 100 tines worse than NJ Transit. 100
No more self toss dunks.
Still hilarious.
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