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No its not that. I've never seen him say something good about a rap album ever. Being that it's the only genre of music J listen to I only hear those reviews and its all biased nonsense.
Realistically, he would not have. Never seen a positive rap review come out of dude ever.But if he did I'd have my doubts cause he's destroyed other Drake projects and this isn't the best of them so it wouldn't make any sense.
That dude is a loser bad has a vendetta for rap music. Idk why people even bother checking for that dudes stuff.
Care to expound on this?
Add whoever that guy is at the end of Faithful to the bad features list. Keep The Family Close is Tuscan Leather level for me man. His second best intro for sure.
This Kawhi Leonard stuff is the epitome of a hot take. I await the silence when he continues to play well going forward.
Are these real?
That's a tough one, I think I'm gonna go John Wick though, he'd definitely lose to bond if it was straight up hand to hand but once a gun is involved....
Good looks. No excuses by Pop I like it. We have to do better.
What was the Pop presser like?
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