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Have you heard from him at all?This post popped into my mind and put me in my feels.
I rode uber today and got to speak at length with my driver about how the business side of uber works for him. It's not as lucrative As it seems, at least in NYC what with the mass amount of competition and having to drive into Jersey so often. He used to be a yellow cab driver and said his biggest regret was going to uber from yellow cab. He makes less money and bought a brand new car for Uber so now he's in the hole for that.
this score.
This might really be a sweep
I never got the lollipop ota for my Note4...what gives?
I have a credit union and A Wells Fargo account for when I leave the state.
Boxer Briefs are where its at man if you're trying to avoid that issue. Boxer and Boxer briefs>>>>>> Cant do those regular briefs
Timmy doesnt even play Center now, you guys always use this argument like he didnt spend the majority of his career at the 4 Historically the weakest position in the league, excellent point 
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