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If the Warriors lose maybe my guy @itsaboutthattime will come back
9 threes for Westbrook lol.
Wow at this Kobe with fake Muppets thing. Will not watch.
The only thing that was bad was how besides the T-Rex and Pterodactyl, none of the other Zords really stood out and looked like Dinosaurs.
I didnt have a problem with Zach. Jason was the worst character in this movie.
I dont consider it to be trivial. I value shooting above all else, and PG is where 3 point shooting matters the most.   Thats just me though, carry on with the John Wall debates
Westbrook does by a mile.   I need Wall to shoot better before I'm ready to anoint him anything
Yamcha about to get his feelings hurt
Those costumes are still terrible and IDK how but they need to fix it.
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