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DeRozan being the leading scorer on this team was always a farce anyways. Hes nowhere near the best offensive talent.
Cosign man, its climbing up the list of best songs hes ever made from top 5 to top 3.
Macklemore Cant Hold Us should have been it. That song gets everyone hyped.
Yes its Eastern Standard
Never leaving my possession. I gave my older brother my NES and NES I know he probably threw them out or something
Times ticking
Never watching playoff games in large crowds. Too many people who dont know what theyre talking about Bunch of people thought those werent going to fetch more than 2k. 
 Just to give the stragglers a chance. I could switch it to tomorrow at the first games tipoff those are my only options.True but its game one of first round most of those games are really going to go the way everyone expects them to go, but you guys are right, theres plenty of people in already might as well lock it down when its supposed to be locked down.
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