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If you 100% know you're not going to take it, just withdraw. They will have someone else lined up to go within two hours.
At the very least it validates the fact that things are being discussed. This is the world we're in.
Typed that backwards. The Celtics followed Melo just now Isaiah Thomas tweets ""Isaiah Thomas follows MeloCeltics follow Melo on Instagram 
Melo just followed the Celtics on Instagram.   2017: Where IG follows are news
I'm thinking drive because that's the life I live.  But i know people who in the summertime go to Nantucket from NYC like every weekend, its lightwork to those kind of people.
NYC to Boston is like four hours by car one hour by flight. That isn't material to rich people.
But......... Might as well contract the Kings now, cause this current regime is dead in the water.
His qualifications are that he played the game professionally. We can say the same thing about every player turned GM. Only thing is that Vlade is bad
"Are you worried about future ramifications for you saying that you weren't going to trade him two days ago and then you trade him"   "Thats a question for those people"   WHAT???? You are the people Vlade.   What a joke.
One of the worst Pressers I've ever seen. My condolences Kings fans.
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