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Irrational hate issues? Hardly. I've been in here defending MCC since launch. They've been doing a lot with the limited time they've had with this game. I had no problem with 343 a a company until today. They earned my hate with what they just gave me. Straight up bastardized Halo today, disgusting. Lol at people on Gaf, that right there is the problem
No Midship.... I cant with these dudes man
Imagine if Bungie didnt get tired of making Halo games and used Reach and H4 to test what they were going to do for Call of Duty in Space. None of this would be happening. Feedback  And these are just from the streams I happened to be watching. 
First time I've ever been legit disappointed in a Halo game. Its like they dont even care about what becomes of it. This is what happens when you hire a bunch of people who admittedly hate Halo and tell them to make a Halo game. As it stands right now    I really really hope 343 learns from this beta. I really do. Listen to your fans, not the people that buy every new game and play them for a month or so then move on to the next. Listen to your fans. IDC if it takes two...
Game looks awful my goodness.    This is a caricature of Halo. 
I was thinking the same thing. Internet about to go ham with this one
He used everyone's real name on songs though. That can't be commonplace
Thank goodness for Youtube
 The war against Sprint in H5 begins today
Nick really let that happen though . Inb4 angry parents   I definitely need more of this show in my life or another show. Netflix save us please
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