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Im in DC and some of the moms out there were looking good. SMH at them getting suckered for the matching socks and shoe cleaner.
Yes, wait times are long but if your foreign and/or have foreign relatives you cant expect your clearance to be as short as someone from here and with no foreign relatives. My clearance took 3 months my coworker and were brought on at the same time but he was from England and his clearance took a year. We both were getting a secret.
Naw, she had been calling me from random numbers so I knew it was possibility that one of these calls would be her.
Finishline left me message and I answered a call from my ex thinking it was another store.
My 14 yr old uses her passport.
The problem with Houston it that all the prime Real Estate in Houston is owned by 3 families. Nike tried to secure property in Highland Village but there was no way that was going to happen. Nike was looking Downtown when the Yao Ming resturant was down there but it just didnt take off like developers thought it would.
They are killing me softly with this CR, I have training in Huntsville next week but I cant get it funded until they pass this damn CR. Now they're talking the DEMs may reject it because of the "MAd Dog" waiver. So we may have a weekend session but House is gone for the holiday. If it goes past tonight we will shutdown. WE cant continue to operate like this. #ENDRANT
I have two reserved pairs but they wont get picked up if Congress doesnt past this CR today. If they dont the government shuts down and Ill be out of work till they get their heads out their butts.
Its not UPS fault. Nike didnt allow anychanges unless they were contacted. UPS was charging you to change Nike's terms.
Got the call from Finishline Tysons Corner. Thats 2 so far.
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