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Laying here with one chick. She wants the d but I have started sleeping with another chick.
So nobody going to ask the obvious question? [[SPOILER]]
I really want that fresh prince joint but ait trying to wait a month. Guess ill wait until the fall and i cant wear it anyway.
If she has an sense of humor, it could be a great opener.
Not gone lie she has come a long way. She had a nice body before and that baby did'nt hurt it.
Menswear has been around a minute. My pops has been referring to mens suits to menswear since I was a child. He always told me to meet him in Menswear of Niemans when I was finished in the mall. I knew that was wherever the suits were.
She has come a long from the those shower scenes in her underwear.
Prenups are an necessary evil. Especially if you need to protect your assets that were required before the marriage. Only an idot with money would get married without the prenup. With court decisions being what they are, men are getting racked over the coals. I have already stated how the court (not my exwife) tried to screw me over during my divorece. It got to the point my exwife wanted nothing to do with any of the courts decisions. You need a prenup to protect you...
The only problem I have is that it was purely for sport. I can see if he planned to eat it. Hunting 101 = Kill what you plan to eat.
You didnt like Southpaw.
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