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I understand high prices when a new drug is released but ain't this been around for a minute.
Dropped my girl today, that I met on OKC. Guess its time to fire it back up.
Not going to lie that vagina cream helped a lil.
Tempted to get a Note7 but at&t dont have subsidies anymore. I either lease or pay outright. Im already paying $100 for my grandfathered unlimited plan. Ill wait till the 7 drops and get a 6s Plus.
I booked my pops a spot and the door had a keypad. Host texted him the code. He never met the host.I booked a room in a BnB Bed-Sty in 13" for 5 days. Since she didn't have any other bookings lady gave me a whole floor of a brownstone for the first 3. I didn't spend much time there. The third day she moved me to the top floor where she had done extensive reno. I was watching tv in the common area and walks in this tall italian goddest. She had been there 3 moths on...
Its not necessarily cheaper. Depends where you want build. Most homebuilders will buy multiple acres land and develop neighborhoods. First you have to find a plot of land and buy it. Then contact an homebuilder to build your home.
Pops got his cut and burned the ends. No turning back but he's in his 60s.
Says I need a code
No love for this. Im still using it on my 4.
raises hand
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