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Bay of E
Bro if 17 is legal, your straight. Your young enough to date her. my mom and pops are 5 years apart. Its likely you guys were in high school together. No need to wait just let cuz know.
How do you guys sleep at night? I literally cant sleep if i dont fap before bed.
I posted screenshots of that vid a while back. She shows more body in the vid shes the devil. Those were posted as well.
lolyeah that does read weird.I cut her off alcohol but pops kept buying her more. Hence me saying he served her on a silver plater.Her dad wasnt with us when we left the club.
Im 34 and smashed an 18yr old about a year ago. Her dad invited us to the club cause he didnt want to go alone. She was getting too loose so i cut her off but here pops kept giving her more. We leave and she says she doesnt want to go home. I take back to the stabin cabin. Her pops pretty much served her up on a silver platter.
She has no body but Eliane can get it.
I remember during throwback season i got into an argument with a store owner in Japan that his jerseys were fake. His aurgument was that because all his m&n jerseys were sewn and not screen printed they were real.
I did that for a while and couldnt take it.
I had an ex of 3 yrs and it was everyday. It was usually eat smash sleep. i gained a gang of weight during that relationship. Last relationship was sporadic at the end she wanted all the time. Multiple times a day. Sounds good but she would swallow and was ready again and got mad when i said wait. it got the point i would avoid sex cause she could go hours.
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