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Damn I thought I was the only one that thought that wirst looked a lil weak. But I wasnt going to say anything.
My daughters mom is white and my daughters looks like a light-skinned Mexican version of me (6'3" black dude). She's 12 can pass from 16 and I get the weirdest looks when were are together. A lady cop actually asked her how she knew me, asked if she was ok and gave me the third degree. My daughter is very affectionate so she likes to hold hands and sit on my lap and give me smooches. I get the pedo looks. I have a little cousin that also looked mexican when we were...
Freaking Fios hasn't updated On Demand with the new episode.
What's sad is that Dre could have made god mode but he never had a good qb to deliver him the ball.Never believed in those playoff runs. We were fraud and all it took was for Rodgers to expose us then we passed around Like a dumb floozy in her own porno movie.
Tinder's Premium Dating App Will Cost You More If You're Older Tinder, the immensely popular dating app that lets users pick a potential match with just the swipe of a finger, launched a paid version this week in 140 countries. But there's a catch: Your age will determine how much you pay. Tinder told NPR that U.S. users will pay $9.99 for Tinder Plus if they're under 30, and $19.99 per month if they're 30 and above. U.K. users between the ages of 18-27 will be charged...
looks like i wont be on tinder anymore
Any of you guys sign up for the new tinder that dropped today
Of course but what did they look like like when they were young. The cute thin/skinny chicks with no bodies in high school and college typically have kids and get fine. The ones with more womanly curves at a young age get preggers and get bigger. There are minority women that look good at 30 and 40. I bet they weren't nice like Kady is at her age. Kady has womanly curves and she is only 19. Let's see how she looks after she starts dropping kids and she gets some more miles...
As I stated before. I'm 33, the chicks that were fine in high school and college ain't fine anymore now that we are older. You youngins will see. There are exceptions. I just don't see Kady as an exception. I'm speaking from what I have witnessed.We got any pics of kadys mom?
Kady is nice but she is too young to be so fine. She is peeking too early. I'm 33 and all the chicks that were fine in High School College aint today. Tasha Everybody Hates Chris >>>>>>>Kady Tasha will stand the text of time. Its a marathon not a sprint.
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