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Thats just a loose connection. It happens when electricity has to jump and creates an arc. Make sure you get a nice tight "virgin" secure fit.Not going to lie, it does look a lil janky.
Guess your right I got a couple homeys that were locked up from 98 to 08 and they jam screw like i did when back in 99. We hate riding with them.
Screw Fest still goes on? Who in Houston still listens to screw?
Ive been on Shawnee since Becker.
That would be epic.
Not sure why it was tolerated for so long maybe because of our freedom of speech. Either way I don't see europeans flying a Swastika.
My loop snapped on my chukkas and more are bout to snap. Is this grounds for a voucher?
Bruh them are the befoe pictures. Clearly from the early 2000's
This, for some reason she looks really good in pants.
I'm a black guy and I met this mexican chick in school. She would come over we would snuggle on the couch after studying in just our underwear. On one visit she wanted to go swimming in my pool. She didnt know how to swim and she wrapped her legs and arms around me, holding on for dear life. I was so hard i could have punched a hole in sheetrock. We go inside to shower. She goes first, I purposely rush after shes finishes thinkin she would come in while I'm in the shower...
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