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Finally got my start date for my government position. Now I just gotta pack my house and move 1100 miles away. EXCITED!!!!
not the best quality. she's now my new #1.
Pumpkin Spice Season. Son!!!!
Thats means they are tired of black guys messaging them.
Spent 6 years in the Navy and would take boxes on Jordan's home on leave and put them in the attic. I had hundreds of pairs, mostly heat. Got out and I came home and most of my heat was gone or either worn. I asked my mom what happened and she played dumb and quoted the bible. I came home one day and found my brother cutting the yard in a pair of Jordan's. He claimed our parents bought them for him. I left it alone, until it hit me that when those came out he could not...
So now I tell a girl shes cute!!!!!!!
I don't think Chuck bites his tongue no matter his company. He has managed to piss off lots of folks, even Jordan and their relationship went back years.IMO, he has point and I think people hate to hear what may be true. I am a witness to he is saying. In my 33 years on earth have been that crab in a bucket and pulled downed. I have even had this done to me by my own family.
Wow, my cousin went there in the late 90's and I remember playing ball with those guys. The whole No-Limit crew.
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