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Depends on the kite's size and the weight of the person.
Nike dri-fit tees are hands down the best. Ive had mine for years. Iron off the check if you like.
which rack is this
I had the a similar situation this weekend. Chick reminded me of Amy from Bing Bang Theory. She had a belly but was skinny eveywhere else. Was an 32h bra. Problem was she was a virgin, had no clue what to do in bed and no sex appeal.Called me last night wanting to come over this weekend, so she could practice her oral.
The girls and guys from those nerd conventions she attends all report she has a phatty.
Don't be embarrassed it just barely being used. It started with Barry. Iirc it was that started it.
I think she is a lesbian. Which sucks
If those topless pics are hers then yes. Not sure if they were confirmed
I have one myself (12 yr old). She keeps a blade on her and is cold with the heat. Blade is her daily carry. She knows inside thigh and twist.
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