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Iirc that Rockets proposal was fake.
This may pay a role but not as much as Ebola and IS selling millions of gallons of oil on the black market for the low. There was just 500 milliion gallons of oil in tanker off the coast of Texas, that (bootleggers) were trying to off load.IS is the reason it's falling will continue to fall. It's estimated these cats are racking in $1 mill a day off black market oil.
Stop the presses, just so happen to read this: A lifelong romantic, Levy started his proposal piggy bank at the age of 12. 17 months ago he met a girl from Michigan State at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena. They crossed paths again in Hot Springs and Indianapolis, and finally, almost a year later, they exchanged numbers at a conference in D.C. For 3.5 years, Tiffany and Levy dated long distance, from SoCal to Michigan. After numerous Skype dates, phone calls, and 350,000 sky...
They must be giving these things away. Everyone is popping up with Brand New Hyundai's. Love your car, COnGRATS!!!!
I would agree but it depends on who you are referring to as "government". If mean feds, I disagree, If mean state governments then we are on the same page. Even then its the big money dealers in these states that are forcing the hand of the state governments.
i still like the movie theater proposal better. No real tears. You cant simp on wifey.
She should get her convictions overturned. They hit her with rape. Not too many people, turn around a marry their rapist.
I always thought Sunny Leone had the best job done. Not OD big but perfect for her body frame.Ava are nice as well but she was naturally big but they have become less full and more loose skin.
Wasn't there a case where the teacher got preggers by a student, went to the pen, got out and married the student.
I'm waiting on a start date on one government position and it's looks like I'm moving along with another position. Government takes forever.
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