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In my experience Zanerobes dont shrink. They will go back to there normal state. Have you tried pulling up your pants.
Im with you. My boy is from Sinaloa so I'm sure he can hold is own. He goes to sinaloa frequently and the yambs he brings back are top notch. I would never go to sinaloa.
Looks like they are looking for a sperm donor.
I did when I was living with my ex of 3 years.Shoot up the club already filled dead bodies. I ain't mopping the chit up though.Nasty? Yep!I'm a grown booty man!!!!
Have any of you guys messaged random broads from other countries. My homie loves going to Mexico and he will set stuff up with chicks over there. Tells them he needs tour guide during his visit.
Damn, same here.
Was it a dry fit cap?
Was it from the Karmaloop side or one of the boutiques.
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