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The saying "Your not ugly, but broke" is true.
Lots of folks don't know thus bit if you want to go fed Houston is great. The locality rate is higher than DC but the cost of living is much lower. If you dont belive me look it up, come back and I will tell you why.
There are a gang of Naval Bases in San Dawg. Even Marine Corp bases.
Water indicator goes all the way back to the 3. Iirc the 3 had only one and it was in the in the headphone jack (see pic). The indicators multiply as you move up in the different versions. Do a google image search of "water damaged iphone indicators".
Got the OLY's not sure if I'll keep them. Got too many shoes.
I'm on the federal side of the gaurd. DC may not have any slots, I can't see a recruiter passing on filling slot. You go get some FaceTime with the recruiter. If the guard doesn't have slots a recruiter can't make one. I would look at Maryland and VA. I hear Maryland is desperate and DC guard is not that big.
Are you moving to the DC area? Did DC tell you they had slots available?
I need more information. What state are you trying to leave and what state are your trying to join?What are you ultimately trying to accomplish? Why are are trying to leave your current state?
Probably wouldn't wife but if she asked to visit the stabbin cabin, I wouldn't say no.
My current chicken and my previous chick has/had this and I'm not a butt man. More so my previous chick. Her weight would fluctuate and it was like smashing a different chick. Miss DEM yambs.
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