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Dude watchin them maybe Morgan.
He def sold his sole.
Thats a lot if you got nothing.
That means she aint tired of your chit, yet!! I told a previous ex, everything we needed to be successful. We tell each other when we are upset with one another and if either has to raise our voices, there is no need for us to talk. I rose my voice once told her that I didnt want to do it agian, did it again and told her to pack her stuff and go.
HAve any of you guys used an auto clicker?
We all have ebola and isis to thank for the cheaper gas.
Watching it again. Still real tears.
Nope we have an extreme shortage for Nurses in Texas and especially in Houston. It's so bad that they bringing in nurses from other countries.
Houston is built on two things Oil and Cancer. That being said, nurses do really well out here. The only ones not working are the ones that got caught up in drugs and there are a lot of them. My ex wife was a nurse and she would say male nurse were work horses (heavy lifting) but the yambs and $ they got, more than made up for it. Nurses don't get out much, so any convenient male that would give them attention got the yambs. Scrubs was her true life in a TV show.
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