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I would say black women but women have it the worse in general. The system is rigged to screw women over wth Family Court being the worse. They are designed to strip fathers away and turn them into dollar signs. Essentially creating dependent women. Black women face the same hurdles as white women and the added hurdle of being black. If their name is La.....anything its a rap.
She was claiming she was in Boston. I asked her to text me and she wanted to do google hangouts. Found more pics of her on a dating site in Australia and one renting a home in Australia. I asked if she had ever been to Australia and said she said no. I sent her a pic of her I found online, of her standing next to a sign in Australia. She got made and blocked me.
Yeah there's a Founding Farmers right up Pennsylvania Ave going towards M street. One the right side if your going east and before the circle.
Chick messaged me on the color dating app. I forgot the app was on my phone. Wants to come down from Massachusetts. I think she's trying to catfish. [IMG]
No DC area meet up?
I just bought a second pair for cycling. The first were from 2010 and they still work the sun has taken it toll on them.
Shopper's first thing in the am when they are hot.
Why do you think they went ghost? Were they bots just there to try to get you to pump money into the site and once you did, mission accomplished?[/quote]Naw I don't think so. We had very specific conversations.
6+ or 6s+, I hope the 6s+, if not, good luck, hope it doesn't get the disease.
I paid for a month of okc and my matches came to a grinding halt. I had a couple that I was converting from messaging to texts and they ghosted on me once I paid. It sucks because when you pay you can search for chicks depending on how they answered the questions. For instance one question asks if you like receiving anal and I can search girls that answered they enjoy it.
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