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Looks like this will center around the three girls. According to imdb the dad, uncles, and aunt will be in one or two episodes. Not sure how i feel.
I met my girl on OKC and if it werent for okc we would have never met.Im not sure if we would have crossed paths
40k and your doing good in houston.
this.i wont buy another pair due to sizing. i had to go with a 13 in the triple blacks.
I would point you to Houston Police Dept. and Harris County Sheriffs office. They are allowed to work extra jobs in uniform. $30 an hour is the minimum. They do anything from personal security to working special events. If you see police at sporting events they pull $60 per hour. They can begin working extra jobs as soon as they are out of probation.
I made really good money working at Schlumberger back in 07' and hated going to work everyday. When oil prices dropped in 08", I was laid off. Went into Law Enforcement for a while and enjoyed the hell out of it and made no-where near what I did at Schlumberger. I graduated with a business degree and left Law Enforcement. First job sucked, made decent money and still less than Schumberger. Left that job and now im happy at my new spot. I get a promotion next week after an...
Low Key Brag.I see you!
Wasnt this a made for tv special? iirc Denzel is 20mil a movie actor. Movie budget was probably less than that.
This! In Houston they had a screen off to the side during the game.Khloe is most def not Roberts child. Look at her younger pictures.
DC voids 2,800 tickets issued for parking on snow emergency routes last Friday
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