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This, that CAAD12 is looking great. Want a CAAD10 but its hard to find one in my size 60+.
When is Birdman going to finally come out the closet?
She looks like she would not be cute naked.
I was dead at Angela asking "what about my notes" when Birdman walks out. But I studied, i really studied!
TMZ has rustled way more feathers than Charlemagne and their people are nobody's. Fox News anchors has rustled whole communities and folks that could touch them and walk.Charlemagne will be fine. He's playing a role just like Bill O'reilly.
With fast fashion taking over the masses, trends are changing more rapidly.
Naw im black, it doesnt fit my build.
Nike isnt the only company that has been sued over its outlet pricing practices.Stores that sell clothes strickly for the outlets are:Kat SpadeJcrewMicheal KorsOff Saks*Last Call Neiman Marcus*Nordstrom Rack*NorthFace*GAPBanana RepublicRalph Lauren*BossTrue Religion*Brooks Brothers*Hilfiger*Nautica*Under Armour*Levi's*Kate Spade**Will have clothing thats in mainline stores but they are usually on the final few/ clearance rack.List is not all inclusive just what I could...
I hear these wont have the gold 8 on the back.
Reason i refuse to visit NYC in the summer. Yambs do look good though, glistening with sweat.
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