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My boy and his wife are both 13's step 3 and 100% disabled. As a couple they pull 200k in salary and 80k in tax free disability.
Well thats the same thing folks said to him wanting rap.
Yeezy did have some nice fits when he was rocking other designers. Now he's wearing mostly his own line which is meh.
Are you shipping loose shoes without their shoe box?
You should settle on the bike and groupset. That way you know a good deal when you see it. Craigslist is always a great option. That was my first option but 60cm is hard to come by in my area on the used market.
I live in dc
The good deals dont start til August - October.
I stayed in the Embassy Suites during Comic Con during the Attack Of the Show era. It was the best time of my life even-though I was not there for Comic Con. Met a slew of chicks , a few even flew out to see me back home in Houston.
Ultegra. 16.5 lbs.I got a great deal. I initially was going to cop from REI since they had the best deal in my area $2100. All my LBS wanted 2300+ until one said $1850 otd. They werent allowed to sell Cannondale instore since there was already a Cannondale seller 2 min up the street.My landlord said their was a big falling out between the 2 stores and that may be why I got such a good deal.
I'm a Contract Specialist in DOD and I hire contractors. Most service contracts are 5 years (base plus 5). Every year after the first year the government has the option to extend. I have seen instances where someone in the government get into with a person with a contractor and they decide not to extend and the contractors are on the street. You have the right of first refusal. I have seen instances where the govt will wait year before they say the service is a need again....
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