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All 3 of them sound like Riff Raff. Rif Raff has an early 2000's Houston Cat in the Hat flo.
I got one baby momma and i can say she works her *** off and loves my daughter more than I ever could. She has 3 other kids, in the military and is moving up the ranks. We tried to rekindle a couple years ago and after I saw what she does, I would even care if she wanted go twerk in the club as long as my daughter was in good hands. If she's your ex, why should it matter if she's loyal or not.
My mind is blown that some of you didnt know some of the stuff posted. Hoop earrings are a sure fire bet the white girl dates black guys. The haircut thing is not as true as the earrings, imo. There are white women that would date black guys and white that would love to date black women, to play it safe they will have the haircut but are with a white guy with black folk tendencies. Same goes for white girls that like hispanic guys. Lil Debbies early look or Kreyshawn's...
Not going to lie I would smash all 3, Debbie, Nasty and Krey knowing it would be a disappointment but friend zone them afterwards.
I found this pretty funny.Back in the 90's my pops spent a minimum of 1k on suits and shoes. Fastforward to now he barely spends 200 on a suit including alterations.In 2012 we went on a business trip/ sisters graduation to NYC. While he worked I shopped. I found Suit Supply and thought my pops would love it, I waswrong. He didn't even want to see the place, saying they were to expensive. We all get dressed for my sisters graduation and I think i'm doing it. Pop's...
I go to clubs and bars dolo all the time.
Can you link me to it
Case Keenum is back
Theres a screen shot from the back of one her att commercials that shows shes working with something.Found thisHas potential. At least for me, she does.
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