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yep i saw that
I recently forgot that linked my exs iphone to my icloud. i havent had an iphone since we broke up 09'. i opened it up and there are all her pictures with exs and now husband. She was freaky when we were together but there were somethings she wouldnt, like make movies, rear action and consume my kids. she always said she would if we got married. i fap to the pictures and vids. there also pics of her sisters. not sure how that happened. i fap to those too
Let champion get it. So i can the real authentics.
After reading stories in this thread, im glad I work for the feds.
Someone needs to embed that instagram vid. She twerked a lil in that vid.
How many times have heard someone say "That person never changed".Tell me a person that changed and I will tell you a situation that change.People don't change, because as soon as you think they show their true colors.Im 34, and have learned that something may happen for a person to act different, all it takes is for them to get comfortable and they are back to there old ways.
Born and raised in Houston, graduated HISD. Houston has good food. has everything you need urban. Washington Ave. is a wash now. Midtown is where it's at, everything down there is free entry. Westhiemer was my spot in the summer, I could always pull a drunk hipster chic drunk on Blue Ribbon. Biking around in tank tops, booty shorts and chucks without bra and panties. May or may not be shaved. Torchys Tacos Schlitterbaughn
Situations Change, never people.
You pay property taxes every year.He has had plenty of bad experiences, especially in the beginning. Mostly dealing with the help. He believes in employing people who are smart but cant leave drugs alone.He pays cash for all his properties, no mortgage.He has a non-profit which is his main business and love. Real estate is his side hustle.Renting is not for the faint at heart. Your are pretty much at the beg and call of your tenants.
What you need to know my pops has property in texas cali brooklyn dc
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