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I havent handled any of the JE stuff yet and kinda burnt out on buying stuff onilne before I have had the chance to try it on. I do however own a coulple Reign + Storm t-shirts, sizing is different and quality was on par with my Zanerobe stuff. I like Zanerobe's sizing much more. Now that I dont live in Texas and now reside snowy Pa. I can justify paying a lil more for winter clothing. I couldnt really do it if was only going to get a weeks worth of wear a year in Houston.
Yep, I'm all over this. I'll get JE once I get the fit right. I got tired of buying clothing just to realize after a couple wears, I should have gotten a different size or not really feeling it. JE isnt as prevalent so most won't even know there is a difference, for those that do they are welcome to fight me over it.Bought Cotton On joggers before I got Zanerobe and it made me appreciate Zanerobe's quaility a lot more. Still ended up getting the wrong size in my frist pair...
That video of the solider, is not a cloaking. Its simply shot with a crappy camera (possibly old camera phone) that could not capture the fast movements. It probably had very low frames per second. Not to mention it probably has been converted many times and has lost its quality along the way.
are you a vet
This, my federal resume is like 10 pages long and my private industry resume is 2 pages max. I dont have computer access right now, so I cant do my job. So right now Im just shredding old personnel files and some of the resumes are pretty long.
I started my government gig yesterday and today I got another government offer w/ a 20K increase in 2 years.
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