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I put myself on CS after a year of dealing with the other parent directly. When I started, I was paying $558, went up to $800, now its $333. I didn't want see or talk to my ex and CS accomplished that. Its easier dealing with the courts than the other parent. For $333, they keep a track of my payments and pay her.
Naw they had to at the time. They were hemorrhaging money at the time.
I think ex is still using my Netflix.
Dont Ford own Range Rover? if so, I would say the Range looks like an expensive Navigator.
David Carr?
A lot of these spaces that owners are rented out are managed by Property Management Companies and in a lot of cases the properties are owned by foreigners. Property Management Companies are hired based on their ability to turn a profit. If they don't, another company will. So, Property Management Companies are in no position to look out for the tenants.
I like Lexus, but hate that the interior buttons looks as if they came out of a entry level Camry.
My pops, sister brother and I test drove one a few years back when my bro was looking for a car that thing is nasty. We were gone a good 2hrs, on a test drive.
Bruh that girl in your Avy, I saw a her on reddit a while back and still cant find her gram.
Prior military and they get a spit shine
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