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are you a vet
This, my federal resume is like 10 pages long and my private industry resume is 2 pages max. I dont have computer access right now, so I cant do my job. So right now Im just shredding old personnel files and some of the resumes are pretty long.
I started my government gig yesterday and today I got another government offer w/ a 20K increase in 2 years.
Started my new gig today. Don't have computer access, so they gave me a busy task. Wont get computer access till Wednesday. Learned my 6 years in the military will apply to vacation time. Was told I worked 8hr days w/ a 30 minute lunch, I hate hour lunches. I can come in anywhere from 6am to 9am, I opted to come in at 6 so I can leave a 2:30, SWEEEETTTTT!!!!!!!
Just send a car to get her.
Just moved to Pennsylvania yesterday, so I didn't get to watch the game. Great B-day win. They seem happy to playing together.
I busted my knees in the military so I'm stuck with cycling. I cycle in nike running stuff since its cheaper that cycling gear and can be worn out side of running w/o looking OD out of place.
Don't understand the Steve Harvey hate. I watch Family Feud now that he is on it. He's light years better than any other person. He must be doing good cause he is killing the ratings.
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