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People that adopt little black girls but down know anything about black hair. Got the baby looking like bushwick bill. smh
Have you heard a 99 accord factory sound.It was crap in 99
Not before one of them.
Too big for me.
Hope P does a good job on his bio pic. He gotta talk about how he pistol whipped Pimp C and had him shook. P was a smart dude and he was self made man.
Not sure. still debating.
I waz born in 80 and would think krs1 would be more for those born in the mid to late 70s
saw the new show im confused gotta watch it again. are the zombies real or just their imagination?
My girl is a patent lawyer here in DC and does It Works. She actually has a catalog of products that she sells to clients. She goes grocery shopping with them and breakdown what products they should be consuming. She tells them they dont need the products if they just stick to the diet plan.I got a military buddy that does Herba life and he puts on fit camps everyorning on the beach for his clients for free.Both are fitness nuts with great jobs and get a satisfaction of...
I got the factories for when I do drive in the winter which is very seldom.
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