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Your correct. It's just piss. Unlike males women ejaculate from two different areas. Women ejaculate looks much like a males without sperm and is secreted from within the vagina. Urine comes from their urethra. Most women can hold their urine for a very short while before the have to pee. Men can hold their urine far longer. A woman that says she's a squired can simply hold their urine longer and have learned to release their bladder at the same time they orgasm. Have you...
I don't **** with black chicks in the DMV. Every-time I try it's been an disaster.
Any suggestions for a VPN?
Dont know why but I would not pull out.
Headed to cali for 2 weeks in the am all by myself. Then Hawaii for another 3 weeks in May,
Hiring Freeze has been lifted. I'd stay away from regulatory agencies in the Executive Branch.
I was going post her. She has a strange sex appeal.
45 Pearland or 288 Pearland?
Supposedly she got the extra skin tailored. Either way I wood not!
This is the reason I've only bought one pair.
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