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Holy mother of god, Who is this?EDIT: nevermind this is just a good angle.
I thought the Chally was coming to an end soon.
The article reads he is was actually charged with "Planning the Murder". I can just imagine the conversation he had with his co-conspirators.
Houston is the land of trucks and suvs. Can't do the Smart thang.
I'm being taxed for something I never use. The analogy has been said before, but it's like being taxed for car insurance but you don't drive. Now because I'm healthy and young they need me to sign up in order to pay for the sick. If I don't they will penalize me cause I won't pay for something I don't need. I liked the system as it was before, pay for what you need.
I hated this whole unviversal health care since Hillary tried to implement in the 90's. The system seems to be set where they tax the healthy to care for the unhealthy.
Yeah this pic is really old. If I remember correctly thus was at the house of a none Hispanic in Mexico city. He was a cartels money launder.
would love to see this guy back on the screen
This, I just got off a cruise and man are they jovial people.
Atleast when it come back, Sal will be back
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