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I went exact same size in dynamos as my sureshots.
DO NOT WANTGlad no one likes the Frees. I was able to get all the ones I wanted for less than retail. Just picked up 3 pair in the last 2 days for 110 each.
Anyone know where the Hyper Turquoise are on sale? i need 11.5
Enjoy that first wear cause one wash and they will look terrible.
I was swimming in the 12.
I sized down and they still touch on my frees.
Fit wise they seem to fit like a pair of TR Ricky's (straight). Your picture looks to be Joey's (Flared).
Those pants dont seem to have a taper. They seem tight in the thigh and flare from the knee to the hem. The stacking seems to go from the hem all the way to the knee. They seem to fit like True Religions. They are the specifically specs of Kanye and not all body types will pull them of. Most don't know but Kayne is a skinny-fat dude. Looks skinny but is fat underneath his clothing. He carries his weight in his belly, butt and thighs. Last I saw him he damn near needed a...
For refrence I wear a 12.5 in lunars and 11.5 in frees.Frees have a wide toebox. I love frees due to the size I can wear. Lunars, not so much.
If you follow fashion, you will notice that the jogger trend is normal in other parts of the globe. I remember seeing European and Japanese peoples doing it during my travels in the Navy in the early 2000's. Since so many of them commute throught the use of bicycle they needed something long but would'nt get caught in their chains. What they do daily became a trend here in the US, bike riding was not cool in the US until the media made it cool. People in their crop pants...
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