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Before I say Zombies which ones are they World War Z zombies or Walking Dead? Before I say Alien, are we talking Independence Day or War of They Worlds.
Yep AF quality is really good, way better than H&M and F21. Will get some of their joggers when it gets cooler.
Keenum is killing himself
Here in Houston AF, Hollister and Aero is refered to as "*******" clothing among some of my hispanic friends. Logos/branding have died out but is still big south of the border. I personlly like there stuff just not the branding. The Uniqlo's, Forever 21's, HM's and Zara's are killing thier business.
Yep there was a documentary about it not long ago. They have electricity and water in some areas.
Shes alive but I bet things arent well for her.
All asked was weather the crackheads youve seen won or ever been nominated for an oscar. Simple yes or no would have sufficed. Never alluded that an oscar meant greatness, but you did allude that a crackhead was in some sort of way comparble to Robin Williams. Of the many distiguishing facts I could have said, I used an Oscar. Which is normally won by those who get paid pretty good imo to act like a crackhead and not by actually being crackhead.Whats race has to do with...
Did any those crackheads win an Oscar or even get nominated?
They are still filming iirc, so he may be in a "Daryl" zone right now. He was pretty dapper for the pratical joke not long ago.
What, Robin was a beast. They way he transitioned from character to character was stunning. His situational comedy was uncanny.Carey is a great as well.IMO
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