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Any of you guys wearing Rapha. I like there stuff both on and off the bike.
I don't think you read that like I typed it. I said said she was too thick for me and jet said keep her as friend. I replied to him to show a friendship is impossible with this chic cause she wants a relationship which I ain't trying to give her.
I had to drop her. She trippin. I met this chick the week before last and she acts like we are a couple. I asked her Friday if she wanted to go on a hike Saturday, she said naw but we could go Sunday, I tell her I want to get a bike ride in Sunday but I can do both.Saturday afternoon rolls around and she says she usually rests on Sunday i'm like wtf, why did you offer Sunday. She asks if I'm still trying to get a ride in on Sunday and I'm like yeah and I can tell she is...
I couple weeks a ago I met a chick on We're both government employees and work in the same field. She gives me her address, Google it and notice she lives in a new Multi-Million dollar building. So I pick her up and we head to a local restaurant. I notice her clothes are extremely baggy, she's wearing jeans, tall looking grey t-shirt and a puffer vest. She's looking like an early 2000 Queen Latifah. Through the course of conversation she mentions she part of an...
PM me too
I smashed a big chick back in my early Navy days 2000. Met her on the chat line. She catfished me. Stabbed her in the backseat of my ride behind a funeral home. It's was not my cup tea. Sweaty flabs of skin.
I had one yesterday and another tomorrow, both are from match.
For my DC heads, i need advice on where to go tomorrow? Im in Arlington chick is in Bethesda shere can we go that halfway for teh both of us.
I didnt see medium. They were the very first version of TF all large. Burlington 13 Baileys Crossroads.
Your in in Clarendon? Im actually closer to Texas Jacks!
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