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Cravy thing is that he is getting both girls and boys.Lesbian girls and he tells guys he's a dude and they dont care.The chick he gets are some of the baddest chicks, I've ever seen.Not to mention he used to do porn.
My cousin does his hair and he knows my mom. Found me on both pof and okc. SMH[IMG]
Good beat, really dry lyrics. Ill do a youtube rip. Is that Tasha, though?
Depends on your locale. Down-South these names arent common. I want everything but the jacket from JE and the coated pull over from En Noir.
The Chamber of Commerce is a goverment building. When I say Big Biz I mean BIG Private biz. I just doesnt look good to have a skyscaper with the name of its founder on it ovelooking the national Capital.Can DC really take more people in DC, Its cramped as it is. Metro sucks, it can barely get you in not mutiply that with more people which would create more congestion. Not mention the high water table. A good rain closes off streets, and skyscrappers need a good deep heavy...
Think about it, the nations capital and the residence of the nations leader is in DC. Do you really want to foreshadow it with a Big Biz skyscrapper. Not to mention the massive national security risk.
If that commute was mostly riding, instead of driving I could do it.
Yep, thats usually how it works.My mom would tell me that a girl knows within 5 seconds of introducing herself if she will sleep with you. It's just up to you to keep her interested. Unless your standing next to your car, it wouldnt matter cause she would have already decided to sleep with you.We all know it would be different if she decided not to sleep with you, then change her mind after she sees you pushing a Lambo.
I will say one thing, the perception that New Yorkers are rude, can't be further from the truth. Maybe I never encountered any true New Yorkers during my visits but they are generally nice folks. I like to visit a minimum a week and the first I always need to reaclimate myself with the subways and have to ask someone how get somewhere or avoid a closure.
I had a supervisor when stationed in San Diego that lived in Rosarito, Mexico. He would drive to the border park his car, walk across and catch a cab home or have his wife pick him up.
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