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I picked my pack up this afternoon from TR. The pack is actually really nice, the 3's definitely look better in person.
I got a 10.5 off TR.
Failed at FA. Yikes!
I'm not, I'm in Orlando.I am flying up if I hit.
Less than 3 hours left on the Footaction raffle... Man, if I win these I will be hyped.
Just so you know, I got the code for check-in from my local Footaction.
I already have a planet ticket on stand-by.I've never been to Chicago, hopefully I will visit for the first time Saturday.👀
Got that my 10 minute head start @ Footaction. Let's see what happens. 👀
It definitely has to do with how often you shop and spend there.Footlocker has said it themselves numerous times via tweets.I've literally never lost on any shoe I've tried at Footlocker or Footaction, including every Yeezy to hit at both places that were on the app.
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