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A week later and no started email... Pretty pathetic.
Good to know, thought I was black listed.
Ordered last Wednesday and I still haven't received a started email.... I can smell the coupons already.
Foam Pro's run true to size, always, you must have a wide foot to need to go half size up on Pro's. Foam One's run a little tight when going tts at first due to the double stacked zoom in front.
@ needing a bot to get non-TLO shoes.
I'm sure a ton of hypebeasts will. That's a Nike color way now, not even ID's anymore.
I was just saying this thread is full of people only driven to these because of the colorway...
Local Foot Action got 130 pairs...
Shots fired? Cool so he bought old beat up browned Carolina Pro's, he's some OG Foam head. Yet he doesn't know Champs doesn't sell Foamposites...
Nike upped that limit to 2 per, that rarely happens. Usually they take shoes from multiple pairs being allowed to be purchased to a single pair.
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