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There is a 25% code?
Got a 15% code, from the supervisor. He was really cool & apologized for the other guy telling me they were going to ship.
Just got a cancellation for my Sport Blue 3's, no idea how. I checked out at 10:00, plus the guy yesterday said they look good and ready to ship any time now. Definitely getting a code today.
I'm sure he will get picked up by somebody quickly, I think he would do great on Atletico.
Weird my Sport Blue 3's keep going from Submitted > In Progress > Submitted.
That's in 07/08...
Theo only 2 goals behind Sterling having played 22 less games.
Jacks strike was beautiful.
Just grabbed a 13 about 10 ago off the app.
As he is saying, don't give up because you get an Out of Stock message. I tried probably 10 times after I got that on the Corks & ended up getting them.
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