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Damn, waited too long and now a 12 is gone.
Patiently waiting...hoping they're under $200, $180 would be ideal.
Horrible man, I hope things start to get better around here.
Correct, not swimming he was just splashing around some water, which Disney allows.Also, gator attacks on humans are very rare as said above.They hardly ever happen unless provoked.
Literally everywhere man, any body of water and you take the risk of finding at very minimum one.FWC said they recovered 4 other gators this morning searching for the one who took the boy.
They were on the beach part at the Grand, ready to watch the 10pm fireworks show & he was just playing around in the water. The gator just came up and grabbed him, his dad tried to fight him off and couldn't.
A 2 year old was dragged into the water by a gator at the Grand Floridian about two hours ago. Praying for the baby and his family.
Weak *** collabo, pass central.
Local news...I live in Orlando.They said OFD have said 9 more have passed away.
Yup, 9 people have died now since being admitted to the hospital. Death toll confirmed 59.
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