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After counless Ls, I've done that and havent looked back....
I ♡ L
Ls, here we go!!
Everyone is priming the pump.....
USpS has been cracking down on the "abuse" of the priority mail boxes for years. Years ago the boxes were only printed on the outside. Folks would get these free boxes, flip them inside out, and send them first class. There would never be any boxes in stock and PO noticed the lost revenue too. They have since printed the inside too, and enforced a policy. No use of priority boxes without priority mail. Blacked out.... flipped boxes... taped over, nothing. You might get...
@eddiemcnasty PM'd
....everyone get their practice on!!
Mochas again? Pass, I barely wear my Mochas. BC all star weekend? I guess I'll rock my tab swapped CdPs until the wheels fall off.
I think they tried it years ago. Before the footsites. But it didnt work.
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