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Great twist in the Foamposite story coming this year. Nike is stemming away from patterns but now playing with different materials.
100% Happening. Look for them in the Fall before Christmas, after back to school.
Remember who confirmed these LAST SUMMER. Anyway...they look GREAT.
This is the most limited Jordan release of the last few months probably dating back to the "Fear" pack.
100% Certain production on these is bigger than Gammas. Might match up to what the Oreos did if not more.
100% Confirmed this will probably be top 10 biggest retro production for one shoe from Jordan Brand..might even reach and say top 5. This is also a full family launch.
Yep. Third style drops 6/14
Edit - Date is 5/3 GR Full Family. Theres another Jordan 11 low coming 4/19. Mixed up the color codes.
These baby posites are the first of Foams for kids. I can confirm GS sizes on several of 2014's actual Foamposite launches. Retail will be $180.
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