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Finally after months of waiting bc they lost my ID, they found it and shipped it overnight, Ordered these Jan 1st and got them yesterday But I'm very happy with the way they came out Couldn't get mambacurials so i made these
My black and green zanerobe Kobe 9s Size 32 slim fit, Feels really nice.
I rather be in jail Homeless ? You don't even have freedom when your homeless, you start stinking and get ask to leave the area anywhere you go, so theres no freedom, and it'll be very hard to make something of yourself. In jail, i get a bed, shower and food, and get to go to school so when i get out I'll be somebody that made something for myself. I'll graduate with something so when I'm released, ill get work.
Some of her pranks are Especially the terrorist one because thats not to be played with, but here's why she does this stuff. Cliff Notes if you don't wanna read the whole thing - She makes pranks - they all go to far with touchy subjects - all staged - Tryna make a point with all these pranks Here are some of it
Cant stop wearing them Second time
Hey guys, I Un-ds my all stars today before the Snow tomorrow (NYC) And I believe someone ask me to show a full view of the pants I wear with them There the Zanerobe Joggers
60 degree weather today in NY, so I Unds these Don't think NY sees much of these, a lot were looking at my feet
Lol I don't want the attention, but people said my name, just wanted to clarify things, but continue with the thread
Like 2 pages back, My name was brung up bc i was simping on PR girl or something like that i forgot her NT name.No regrets here
how did I become in this thread without even knowing what's going on lmao. Yeah I posted that girl as my wcw, no simping just minor flirt here and there, and she send me the pics as IG safe so I got the ok to post. Let's not lie and say she isn't cute but it was just minor here and there. Some of ya take it to the extreme. But it's cool. Her body is So call me simp if you want, but those pics were for me
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