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I wanna do a MyTeam association but don't wanna start it up ( xbox one )
only difference is, his is more expensive, mine is H&M
I'll play, flame suit on Pic was with my first name during the ezboard days airjordanboy23 around 2005ish or before ( got banned for posting a pRon link ) 2015 earlier this year
Random thought Haven't told anyone on Nt yet that I'm a proud father to a baby girl and as a new dad i literally get depressed if I'm not around my daughter, so it really makes me question dead beat dads that don't want to be in their child's life? Like i seriously want to talk to one and just say why My daughter means the world to me I'm constantly thinking about her if she's ok, what does she need and other things. if I'm away from her for a while i just get sad and...
Pretty exciting for this season, we'll see how things go,,,,#6 knicks fan checking in. With a baby on board I'm not gonna post as much, but ill be in spirit in this thread
I miss this show Needs to come back already
Holy jesus, has anyone been in the JB forum recently? Its been years for me, went to check out the ovo thread, during the ezboard days it was popping, now its just a bunch of teenagers and useless posts.
Only issue is I have no proof of these, it wasn't a purchase, the store had to keep the receipt, only proof i have is a pic of me and the store where i got them
lol Bro, i like to wear all my shoes, and these are too much white for me, over the next few days, ima keep looking at them and continue to try to like them more and more, but if i have to part ways, i rather trade to get stuff in return that I would wear.
Damn, Im a huge fan of the Jordan 10 line, and i really wanted to like these, but ultimately i don't think these are for me, i tried one shoe on and its extremely white for my liking. only the soles really pop out, I'm not a reseller at all, so ima just put these on the market for trades, only NYC meet ups, a shoe i favored in return is the DB 9s,
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