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Saw this on twitter
on the internet at work, it blocks me from viewing certain things
pics por favor
What you guys think ?
WWE Payback matchesWWE Payback potential matches
Yup, it's for the belt in a House Of Horrors match.
What i don't get is that in May it is confirmed Randy VS Jinder. So whats the point of Randy VS bray if we know Bray is going to lose. I mean i know we pretty much knew that, but theres legit fans of bray that probably thought he was going to win. All you need is to find a betting app and place your bets on Randy winning at Payback
Sad to say 2k has died for me. Bought Rainbow Siege when it was on sale for $25 and it has taken over my Xbox. I try to get back on 2k and 5 mins into it im like
But bacon is soooooo damn good
Good for them. Many blessings.
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