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Oh man that trailer was Good casting, those 2 are hilarious
Took advantage of the VC sale they had the past few days ( 450,000 for $50, normally for $99 ) and made a SG/SF Lockdown Defender. My god there OP I barely got any badges with him and it was hard for others to score on me. Def gonna grind to get the grand badge for him, shoulda made one for the beginning.
TODAY WAS A GOOD DAY. Although i'm not that interested in Paige, but its hot to me when celebs have there stuff leaked
Nah someone needs to confirmed this, is it really Xavier ?
Wait, the black dude is Xavier woods ?
That video though 😂 Brad all up in it with his cam 😂 I'm crying 😂
oh damn, i just saw it,,,,,, best one currently.... She a freak
Shut your ***** up [[SPOILER]]
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