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That's your opinion based on nothing because you never seen me play, but ok.
Very good points here. especially #3
I'm going to assume memory in the phone has a factor in this if they stream.
Thats why thin crust pizza was invented ?
Wait theres a rule for this ? I only use the bar and a scrubber for my back.
Bank loans and Credit cards...... that's how it's done.
Theres a video online, they chopped the dude fingers for stealing, all you hear is the butch knife slam on the board as if he was cutting meat. and the guy said ouch and 10 secs later was like nothing.
Nah, this year i'll be ok with just getting into Superstar.Legend looks too much and it was easier last year, i got Legend with about 400 games in throughout 6-8 months.
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