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Me too. No one wants to play team ball to win the game. I'll be on tomorrow if you still on add me: Coleman2Cool[/quote]Iight got you
Lets see bow wow make his money now.... Dude got the world tight when he posted a video on IG saying he was going to **** on the world. He was getting roasted, saying all his cars are rentals
Brug who you telling Better pic
Recycle pic. People stop to ask " you must have been quick to order those "
Ugh I need some good player for MyPark. Hate playing with randoms, they keep going for theres and thats why the team loses. Add me GT is Spectacular89
He gets it
Because it accomedates the shape of the shoes, for all sizes. there can be a circle box for pizza,
Why is the pizza box square If the pizza is circle and a slice is a triangle?
Nah, nothing going to happen, the area is soft, nothing but white people jogging at 5am then going to work. They'll complain but would'nt do nothing lol.
I live right around the corner, I've seen the car, I don't know why others would rage, the area is pretty dead and a lot of free parking spaces are available. I would probably do the same if i had a brand new car and don't want nothing happening to it
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