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and still get to keep KP Thought he was gone when Rose rumors first surfaced.
But rondo played a hell of a season with the kings so he wants to start, unless you move rose to SG
Would love that but Heat going to give him a maxWe have a good shot at Dwight or Noah.Would be nice to have Drummond though
Those saying that this is a bad trade are liars. Can't tell me Knicks getting rose isnt exciting? Like ya was happy with Calderon playing PG
Im ok with the ending, with dean cashing in and winning, wanted seth to win and he did, but dean winning throws a bit of a curve ball which i like. Worst moment of the night when Big E grabbed karl anderson and Gallows was just looking at big E waiting for cass to go to his spot and hit him with the big boot, but cass took too long and it was just an akward 10 seconds of big e and gallows looking at eachother while holding karl
I'm hype 👌. Suprisngly I'm more exicted to watch this then game 7 😂
I wanted to come in this thread guns blazing, but all of ya said the good jokes already.
Def have to check out Burger Bistro
It's exactly what im thinking, no way in hell a regular guy brung a gun in there, security in there is actually good in terms of tryna to get in, so has to be someone part of the show.
Still wondering how the gun was in the event in the first place. I go to Irving plaza for a lot of these concerts, and security always pats me down, even as far as taking off my shoes just in case. So someone didnt do a good job, or an someone from the artist's group brung it.
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