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....... And I still do.
The worst post in this thread
I've read every post so far and yes there is dead beat moms too. I'm going to say this as myself then, it was my decision to have sex with my girl, and IF we were separated and she got pregnant, i will not resent her bc as a man i made the choice to have sex, its not the kids fault. So if me and my girl are not on the same page, thats no excuse why the kid should be raised by a single parent. I will be there everyday whenever he/she needs me, you don't have to have a good...
So i haven't been posting a lot lately Because last year septmeber me and my girlfriend found out we're having a baby so I've been preparing myself for this next chapter in my life. She's due april 25th and having a daughter so while in my own thoughts i just don't understand dead beats, all i wanna do is being around my daughter when she gets here, spoil her and love her, this is a human thats going to look up to you and come to you for everything, like who can deny...
I rarely ever ever quote on NT,,,,but this right here
Me too. No one wants to play team ball to win the game. I'll be on tomorrow if you still on add me: Coleman2Cool[/quote]Iight got you
Lets see bow wow make his money now.... Dude got the world tight when he posted a video on IG saying he was going to **** on the world. He was getting roasted, saying all his cars are rentals
Brug who you telling Better pic
Recycle pic. People stop to ask " you must have been quick to order those "
Ugh I need some good player for MyPark. Hate playing with randoms, they keep going for theres and thats why the team loses. Add me GT is Spectacular89
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