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He gets it
Because it accomedates the shape of the shoes, for all sizes. there can be a circle box for pizza,
Why is the pizza box square If the pizza is circle and a slice is a triangle?
Nah, nothing going to happen, the area is soft, nothing but white people jogging at 5am then going to work. They'll complain but would'nt do nothing lol.
I live right around the corner, I've seen the car, I don't know why others would rage, the area is pretty dead and a lot of free parking spaces are available. I would probably do the same if i had a brand new car and don't want nothing happening to it
I'm not salty, yeah you won
It was 9 points, i wouldn't consider that a blow out. I'll give you a match some day, what I'm really looking for is teammates for my park.
It's free if you have EA access. game is addicting, if i ain't playing 2k, I'm playing this.
I've been wanted to go to the park, some peeps on here invited me, i don't do private matches.
added right backI'll run in 2k with anyone just hit me up, I may be playing plants vs zombies just shoot a message and ill jump on 2kplants vs zombies is just too fun
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