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NMD's are better, the boost from what i heard looses its comfort over time and feels like a pancake.
The key to life.
Well we can scratch off Finn vs Neville
Nah his twitter says he was wrestling in Atlanta last night.And reading an Atlanta paper that was he was featured on 5 hours ago.
JImmy SuperFly Snuka passed away.... The Rock reported it.
Cant be, he just won a title with WCPW last night with bully ray as his manager, hes on a good run over there.
I couldnt get a game last night for nothing, lagging out every game.
I truly believe Melo wants to stay and win in New york. Does that mean he will ? Nope But he likes the spot light and bright lights here, the attention is on him and lala He wont get that nowhere else. Does he get frustrated ? Of course, look at the talent around him, its hard when you have little help.
I kinda do too Why couldnt vince just let him drop the stardust act.He has to be kicking himself in the head
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