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Def have to check out Burger Bistro
It's exactly what im thinking, no way in hell a regular guy brung a gun in there, security in there is actually good in terms of tryna to get in, so has to be someone part of the show.
Still wondering how the gun was in the event in the first place. I go to Irving plaza for a lot of these concerts, and security always pats me down, even as far as taking off my shoes just in case. So someone didnt do a good job, or an someone from the artist's group brung it.
Going get the guy killed RIP to the person that died though
Link to this story ?
I can't son,When i get mad, i play WWE 2K, and throw is *** in 3v1 handicap matches
Nah Miz gotta go, tired of his **** a little tired of some of the social outcast members, serve no purpose on the roster.
In New York,,,,,, we take it home B.
Waisted no time And since when Booker T been doing this ?
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