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Doubt it, when you think about it, MC is full of different colors, people are literally knitting a shoe with mad different colors lol its a process
But its not canceled and that's the best part. If it ain't cancel by now, then your pair will be made for sure, its just backed up.So the positive side is not canceledthe negative side, huge delay.
Hey NT, i wouldnt worry so much about the emails for orders. If you haven't gotten a cancelation email then your pair is being made trust me I ordered after they tweeted and as many of you i didn't recieve an email, not even a building email. I went to my old job niketown NY and spoke with my old coworkers. Nike seems to being going a different direction with the kobe 9 elite. They are just building them and sending it out. So i spoke with a rep and even though i have...
Wait, GTA V is releasing in october now ? Thought it was september
Whats up NT, Finally was able to cop a Xbox One a few weeks ago, All my friends that were on the 360 seem to have tranfer to the PS4, but i love microsoft too much to make the change, now I feel all alone on the Xbox one lol. Anywho currently have NBA 2k15, Call Of Duty ghost, and Titanfall, and it kinda sucks playing dolo so add me my GT is Spectacular89 Also recommend me some good games...
Bingo sir !! This is why I love NT, always coming through with the clutch, was there more or is that the only pic ? I thought I saw a few
During the ez board days Jordan brand published an article, without realizing ( or maybe they knew ) there was a dude they took pics of and interview, and it made controversial because he had on fake 3s ( I believe ). I tried googling the story and no luck, hoping for my nt brothers still have the pics and story.
I was very fortune enough to be able to buy a MC ID pair the second time around since i was too slow to buy the first time. Glad i don't see no one at all with the colors I went with O_O Will post pics as soon as they come. I have a feeling you guys gonna like what i made :-P
So this earlier and im disgusted how he was sayng he's done this before acting like he's going to do the same crimes again when he gets released. hope he gets a nice long stick in jail.
so it last night and it was everything to me, The fighting scenes were dope, i avoided this whole thread to not spoil it so when i found out who galvatron was, my mind was blown. Def a dope scene how optimus had to tame the dino bots to make them on there side. 9/10 for me and will watch it again.
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