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@Meangene45 funny how you was " joking " about a certain character dieing and then that's what happens a few hours later
The best line he ever said about politics ." it's a big club, and you ain't in it "
So much truth to this !!We are the ones that vote people in. It's just our choices suck
10 years ago, the old me would love watching these videos.My first was 3 guys 1 hammer ( the worst of the worst probably )Now if i look at it, i would faint for a few seconds But it was curiosity that got me wanting to watch them. We think we live in a peachy world. Theres a website for ISIS and everyday it gets updated with beheadings. I dont watch it but i read the info.
Same here, i gotta watchGothamFlashSlasherLuke Cage
2k16? You'll be a superstar in 2 years in 2k17
What !!! BlasphemyAll i see is Xbox tourneys everywhere lol.No hate on PS4, i love God Of War.But Xbox has my heart
Rick has to be the star of the show.But I like Morgan's values in the dead, he doesnt want to shoot them, just uses his stick.Simple things like that builds his character little by little so it does have my interest.But I do see what you mean.
Continue watching it, its decent.Morgan comes back, makes it very interesting.
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