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I'm just posting because I'm never on the first page of these threads. But hope WWE does something with Finn, don't let me down, I know he said he staying in NXT, but WWE likes to make people say stuff to throw us off.
So any update on the Nter that sold the Carhartt Em 4s, or dude just vanished?
But tony didnt witness this so it aint as bad as bruce seeing his parents shot right in front of him@Based Jesus
But wasnt murdered.Seeing your parents murdered can seriously screw your head up.
Basically what I meant in my first post.
Nah i get where you coming from lolJust trolling with that answer
Flying- I would want to fly around in a suit, not a plane.and batman has a social life ? that man is private as hell lolTony doesnt hide the fact he's Iron man, which makes him a bit more popular when hes out.Correct me if im wrong though
Tony has Pepper and Jarvis
Tony for sure. My parents killed in front of me would ruin my life forever honestly. plus Tony has a social life, def need that in my life, woman throwing themselves at me, latest cars, and fly anywhere i want too
^ what he said You can go to any barber in the Bronx, they'll give you a fresh cut. 90% sure you going to get cut by a spanish person so your in good hands.
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