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So this earlier and im disgusted how he was sayng he's done this before acting like he's going to do the same crimes again when he gets released. hope he gets a nice long stick in jail.
so it last night and it was everything to me, The fighting scenes were dope, i avoided this whole thread to not spoil it so when i found out who galvatron was, my mind was blown. Def a dope scene how optimus had to tame the dino bots to make them on there side. 9/10 for me and will watch it again.
Home of the the crappy knicks
Yeah I don't know why they named that lol.
It comes like this
I'm in New York, just got it yesterday. It's right on the menu
2 Big Macs 2 medium fries 20 nuggets 2 drinks All for $14
Carmines, because they raffle the 2s. So everyone on line right now is for carmines.
Plan was to go to flight23 and stay in line for a few hours,,,,, heard theres a line already
Nah, first release.
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