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Another reason for KP to hate us.
Might be alone on this one, but always was a fond of Tracee
More like it.
Be debt free from everything. After that, i'll be free once again.
My brothers from New York, i just had crack. Go to 159 Mott Avenue Manhattan A MIlk and Cream Cereal bar just opened up I took my girl and a friend and it was heaven I had a fruity Pebbles milkshake My chick had a fruity pebbles ice cream Both huge fans of the cereal And it taste like heaven.
With these games you never wanna play online.Ive seen videos with MK where people do like 100 hit combo combo, gives the opponent no chance.Some players out there know exactly what to do.I know this isnt the correct game, but i'm using this as an example, and im sure Injustice will have videos like these when tourneys get released.But peep the type of combo online people be doing, your health bar is gone before you know it.
Be your own boss of your company or be a worker for a company but make a lot more money then being a boss of your company ? And why ?
We giving him a max. The more you accept this, the better your life will be.
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