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These look great. Want a pair myself
Man... I made a thread like this years ago and all dudes commented was "I bet you probably only buy used shoes." :/
Voted. Good luck to Steezy
Nice pickups and wears lately fam
Very nice, cosign x2 on the Earthkeepers
You should probably expect a few PMs from Niketalkers tonight
My favorite pair of bootsA couple of my pics for the rugged footwear challenge
No worries, I was just joking. AE's truly are a must, even the SF elitist highly support them.
While I don't actually "hate" any of the colors.. Neither are good fits. A white undershirt would have looked MUCH better in the second picture, and feel free to just do away with the black suit until you go to a funeral
Obviously he doesn't.. Seems as though him as Wisith are the only ones in this thread who don't have a pair Wisith's reason being that he is a baller, however
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