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solar reds this weekned?
heard the interview, READY for more life...i expect headshots at jay...come for that ***** neck!
hell yeah "VIP"yeah you must have been, I had the bape camo on, came wit my girl..
Bro it's all BS, spike lee walked out with them...and my friend was actually working there and said they were back there the shady *** manager just lied.Couple of my boys got to sign up, hopefully y'all get them. I was honestly hurt lol I came from Houston just to get them ****...but left with bred ones lmao
Can't wait to listen to the interview GOAT villain drizzy talk dat ****!!!!
Naw bro they did some BS sign up and only took a certain amount of ppl. Very wack. If you signed up you prolly getting them. They gonna ship em
**** 100+ deep
Naw I'm out here now, a couple dudes here copped mens sizes
Think it'll be a camp out tonight? lol
Kobe did school MJ too like his 2nd year I think..dropped 33 on that boy
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