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The thing is they really aren't olive. They dropped the ball on that colorway. It if woulda been a true olive green that woulda easily been the best outta the 4
I love y'all
Imma give the new album a listen when it drop..I've tried with all the others and it's a no go, the beats weren't good enough to drown out the bad raps. But this go around I have faith.
We CAN beat Dallas !!
I like 2mph prod. But I can kinda see what you're saying with she ain't in love I like that one too. Understandable though since it's like a girl song
Can't tell them boys nothin
lol ain't d riding it's just facts. You know, something y'all don't use. Just a bunch of coulda shoulda woulda "what ifs"
U right future would sell out the garden by himself. He would also be nominated for best international act by himself too. And have a platinum album 🤔Quantify your claims pleghboi. Numbers don't lie 😬
lol wtf those are fire
Lol helllllllllll naw ftwwl2 >>>>>> ghs easily When I come around by its self is better than ghs. Dom was FLOWINGG on that tape
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