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lol you getting old fam, can't even differentiate between the new age trash rappers
Son it's like the go to so corny
But you have to admit **** was working perfectly for him at first.
I think the only questionable writing is the Dre storyline so far But I just watched an interview from rotimi(actor who plays Dre) and he said this season is Dre's time to shine and we learn the real motives of his actions and he says he's a mix between kanan and ghost. He also says two main characters die this season
No one else disappointed they reeled everyone in w/ that migos ****? Today's episode was garbage. They interviewed a whole bunch of ppl that nobody gives a damn about smh.
Street cred thread in disguise
If only the young dudes knew Joe budden was a punching bag of his own generation. He be talking bout the beefs on everyday struggle like he was a typhoon moving clashing w dudes. ***** was getting smacked and apologizing every other week... I just did my googles on YouTube. There's even more videos y'all might be right about it not being Raekwon, looking like there's a vid from informant Vlad about a dude named Hanz or something. I don't really remember too much about...
Lol who gon remember Joe budden 🤣🤣🤣🤣 his career in speaking on other rappers has definitely eclipsed his rap career or what's left of itI do remember Raekwon smacking back in the day, and he did the video w the ice pack after
Lollll laker fans gon be like "why he couldn't do that here" 😢
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