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One of the best scenes in the series.
May 21st, two hour premiere with Showtime subscribers being able to see episode 3 and 4 right after Showtimes Nevin's says, "Gary and I have seen everything. The version you'll see is the pure heroin version of David Lynch."
Question would you buy these just on aesthetic?
Collecting vinyl is dumb if you're not going to listen to the music. The label the Numero Group put out the discography of one of the best bands ever, Unwound . The packaging on that is insane. The Twin Peaks soundtrack just got re-issued in coffee vinyl. Thee Oh Sees always put out cool looking vinyl on Castle Face Records, which is run by John Dwyer. The techno label Giegling's sub-label forum just put out the new Prince of Denmark record. It's cool to have I...
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