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YO! Word. DF!!!
YO!Inquiring minds, indeed...DF!!!
YO! Maliah face so hurt tho. And Cyn was my 1 pre-reduction. DF!!!
YO!Pretty much.DF!!!
YO! Thought I was the only Linda Cohn guy. And I liked fat Kelly O. DF!!!
YO! Celtic Hi's & Bin II's DF!!!
YO! anthony_dion DF!!!
YO! "Do you know me?" DF!!!
YO!You lost.DF!!!
YO!Then she was wrong, & her charges shouldn't have been dropped. That said, as instinctive as his reaction may've been - Ray has to expect a reasonable amount of backlash and punishment from his particular employer. The punishment that he has subsequently received is, for the most part, inadequate to the general public.DF!!!
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