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YO! I go to bed every (most) night(s) beside a woman who slanders Kal-el every chance she gets. The clear parallels in his story to that of a "messiah" is too trill to me. The bat cool and all. But his arms too short to box with gawd. DF!!!
YO! Am I the only one old enough to remember the original animated series when the turtles were referred to by their full names? I cringe every time I see/hear "Mikey." DF!!!
YO! He's God's SON!!! How's that not interesting?!?! DF!!!
YO! The hate for the son of Jor-el is so thick in here. My disappointment and disgust is chest level. DF!!!
YO! Meth, when'd you get funny? DF!!!
YO! #OnASabbaticalAnt DF!!!
YO! DF!!!
YO! anthony_dion DF!!!
YO! Nice set. DF!!!
YO!And there it is.DF!!!
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