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YO!You lost.DF!!!
YO!Then she was wrong, & her charges shouldn't have been dropped. That said, as instinctive as his reaction may've been - Ray has to expect a reasonable amount of backlash and punishment from his particular employer. The punishment that he has subsequently received is, for the most part, inadequate to the general public.DF!!!
YO! People are upset over the word "provoke"? You're not serious, g. DF!!!
YO! I wouldn't say how he said it was wrong. It was incomplete. And when pressed to expound, he dug a deeper hole. Hard to feel sorry for him. And someone else hit the nail on the head. THIS should show him, all that "pull your pants up" talk couldn't save him from this. Son need a timeout. DF!!!
YO! If you find Michelle's rape insinuation to be in poor taste, eh - I won't argue. Though, I understood that to be her furthering the logic Stephen A. continues to implore across social concerns, which is blaming the victim. My mans saying that she "let her emotions get the best of her" is a part of the thought process that suggests that a woman could SAY something ("in an emotional state") that would provoke a man to swing. It's bogus. DF!!!
YO!Though, I think I understand you this is a bit silly, also.PEOPLE push buttons. Men & women. I do make the argument that if in a heated argument, a woman loses her composure & her default is to become physically violent, we shouldn't expect the other person (man or woman) to somehow keep their composure and simply "walk away." The flip side of this coin, however, is of there are men who'd argue that there are women who can provoke violence with their words - wouldn't...
YO!Jumped the gun? How, god?DF!!!
YO!... so simple, that even the overly loquacious Stephen A. Smith couldn't clearly say that?Ha.DF!!!
YO! 1 - He took the L when he doubled down. Anyone claiming to know what he was "trying to say" has to understand why there are those of us who wanted him to clearly state what he was "trying to say." 2 - When asked for clarification on what he believed provocation to be, that was his opportunity to clarify his statements. He instead apologized to women who "misconstrued" what he said. THAT was his biggest mistake in this. From that point, an apology was absolutely...
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