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YO!Which one you get? I really want the faded joint. But next M&N I get will either be the '55 Jackie Robinson or '88 Bulls shooting shirt. Need them to bring back the '85 Fisk White Sox jersey in grey. And I hate I never got a #12 Bulls when Nike had the NBA contract. Now the jersey is so different and will have ads on them when they get the contract back.DF!!!
YO!While that may be clear, it's never been "clear" that he did it which is why he was found not guilty. The same doubt that the defense cast in the minds of jurors remains in my mind as well.DF!!!
YO!Hear me when I tell you, ain't nobody like prime Tyra Banks.DF!!!
YO! Y'all some suckas. Ayesha shouldn't speak? And comparing Ayesha to Savannah? Clown activities bros. DF!!!
YO! @anthony_dion I'm outchea. DF!!!
YO!No way these are adult women.DF!!!
YO! A baby. DF!!!
YO!Boy, if you don't get cho...DF!!!
YO! It's HBW, no question. But I don't believe he smashed ol girl from the show, & definitely not Micha. DF!!!
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