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YO! ^ Word... On topic, uchemba is a good follow. Voice wild annoying. But visuals amazing. DF!!!
YO! Blk/gold patent leather Jordan 1's. I manage 2-3 hour stints in them. Take em off while driving. The worst. DF!!!
YO! Lol. Y'all in here wildin. DF!!!
YO! Who need? DF!!!
YO!Saying that kinda excuses New York City's racism. If he chooses not to see it there, he'd find ways to ignore down here as well.DF!!!
YO!07/17/09I be knowing.DF!!!
YO!For sure.DF!!!
YO!I've been wanting an 85 White Sox for years. Hoping they'll restock eventually.DF!!!
YO! I didn't. When we switched, I lost everything. I was tiiiiiiiiiiight for weeks. I was at 24,997. Had started taking pics for a collection post for my 25K & everything. Still lowkey heated over it. DF!!!
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