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Shipping on stockX is $14 and the discount for new accounts is 25$, any discount is appreciated.
Footaction still has pairs, I just checked out a 9.5 on mobile.
Glad it finally went through for you guys
Paypal, went through smoothly.
I was able to check out 20 min ago with a 7.5, maybe they are all gone
Email first saying you won and to give your phone number, then they will call a couple days later to order over the phone, you pick your size when they call.
This album is a collection of vaulted songs between Lasers-Tetsuo & Youth to fully fulfill his obligations to Atlantic. Lupe has said it's suppose to be a appetizer for Drogas and Skulls, which are his final 2 albums in which he had full control over with no interference from Atlantic, hence the name Drogas LIGHT.
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