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Office came through, and also early delivery on the NMD OG's! Kinda crazy, I checked out on the app during the craziness when they dropped on the 6th and got the confirmation e-mail and everything. I randomly opened the app on the 13th and saw I had a pair in my cart and figured i'd try to check out. Sure enough it went through and I got confirmation. The pair I bought on the 13th got here already while I am still waiting on the first pair. Very pleasant...
greens are done
Santa Monica
Heads up, Just tried the "0423" code someone posted earlier for SM, BH, or Glendale Galleria and it worked.
I paid for the shoes...? You do know they didn't give away the shoes for free right?
Of course comments are expected, that is not what i said, but calling people annoying, telling them to "RELAX" is not needed. For the lucky people who won the raffle communication with Barneys has been all over the place and the majority have no information about their pair at all, which warrants a customer to reach out to a CUSTOMER SERVICE REP, whose job is to solely provide customer service to the paying customer in a professional manner.
Thanks Easy!
I'm happy to be in this position, I won the raffle (which wasn't free, still had to pay 400$ for them) and it's not a "free" 400-500$ profit if i wear them is it? I simply called and asked for any info about my pair after days of being told that i would receive tracking info, which I didn't. I think 4 days without any info is being patient, you disagree and according to you, waiting 1 week is an acceptable time to reach out to customer service. Bottom line is that only...
Right after? look at my posts, i got a call Monday morning and was told i'd get tracking info the same day which i never got.
customer service is their job, It's fair for a customer to ask about an order which they've received no info on days later, not to mention she was unprofessional in her answer to my one question, not a million.
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