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Oh man, missed again... haha. Been offline for the past few days and of course there was a re-up. Oh well,
Trust me i've been monitoring that page ever since the first deal was posted a few weeks ago, but i always seem to miss it by 5-10 min. One day i'll get lucky and catch them on the low.
OMG just missed them again
41 is my size, at least thats what i take in the SL high tops, but man what a steal at just over 300$. I definitely can't justify paying 900$ for any pair of shoes but at 350$ thats a no brainer. Some good luck there on 2 pairs!
Wow congrats man! i've been checking on that link every once and awhile but missed it again today. Hopefully i'll catch them for the low one day.
Shipping on stockX is $14 and the discount for new accounts is 25$, any discount is appreciated.
Footaction still has pairs, I just checked out a 9.5 on mobile.
Glad it finally went through for you guys
Paypal, went through smoothly.
I was able to check out 20 min ago with a 7.5, maybe they are all gone
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