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The Jordan Brand (Carolina) vs Nike (Oregon) should be a pretty good game.
Not surprised after the Rondo situation and D.Wade not going to Dallas and stayed in Chicago to hang out with LeBron. Hoiberg has been lost control.
they need to have one of these everytime the Russ gets a team assisted triple - double. Heard about the 70, then, I read the ESPN article about how they were fouling to get the ball back to run up the points. SMH. Need James Harden to win the MVP, so this putting up empty stats thing doesnt catch on like the #Popovching nonsense has.
EVERYTIME Bonzi took Kobe the block it was ugly.
Unless i'm mistaken is finishline doing what they do to Kobe feature model to the LeBron 14 and just not carrying them? I see the soldiers and mamba instincts but not the featured numbered shoes.
1st half of the latest Jalen and Jacoby podcast was pretty good. Windhorst was in for Jalen and it was pretty interesting. Still think Bron used him as a puppet to go on TV and get Dray suspended though.
Dennis Schroder out here looking like Jeremy Lin when you force him to use his left hand to dribble.
Left Taj out to dry and had him going to contest the shot and leaving his man. Wonder what Taj and Doug thought when they found out the entire organization is in on this nonsense (for a triple double avg.)
Silver has probably gotten in front of that and gotten the Memo to both front offices.
Because we had this exact convo today and never thought about it this way, but it makes sense.
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