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Looking for 7 games either way. With no Olympics, FIBA or whatever else this summer. This is gonna be it for a while. Although the ice cube 3 on 3 could be entertaining.
Thats what I do, turn down the volume on the TV and match it up with the radio. Keeps it basketball instead going off on tangents. Used to be a great listen when him and Dr. Jack Ramsey used to have the call together on ESPN radio.
So does Bron guard Thompson or KD? In 2012 he went to Thabo while KD took Bron from the jump. Last year he went to 1 for infiniti Harrison Barnes instead of Klay. So where does he go this year? It has to be Durant from the jump because the JR vs Durant mathup does not really make sense.
until I read it myself, I would have never believed it. Almost 1/2 billion $$$ in games 5,6,and 7 so why not milk it?
Has LeBron been called for a foul in the second half?
We are all seeing what Doc Rivers saw when he was taking Ray Allen's minutes
Looks like the NBA got the memo to the refs to keep the games going to Saturday (game 6). Anything over a week long and it falls out of the mainstream
Correct, I was going by him being drafted in 99.
If its over for Manu that puts it at 3 left from the 90's Dirk Jet Terry Vince anyone else?
LOL at Legler taking a shot at the stat hunter, saying Durant has gotten better in Golden State -- he can move around without the ball because he knows it coming back to him. they didnt do that in OKC.
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