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Just saw that Westbrook is not starting, guess people really see through all these empty/shallow triple doubles and stat chasing. Leaving his man wide open to wait for a rebound. Or going to get the ball back from a team mate if they dribble more than twice when he has 8 or 9 assists and the game is almost over.
That Russ travel was on par with Bron's in the finals, the first time Golden State and the Cavs matched up. Only difference Bron took more steps and no call was made.
He's going full Chad Pennington with some of these throws. Just setting receivers up.
Is Memphis really running Tony Allen out there as POINT GUARD? And right on time Marc Gasol is bringing the ball up the floor.
Rodgers hail mary again???
Did Julio throw that towel on purpose?
I was thinking about the same with the pricing. $175 for the retro on the 25th and then $175 again for the 14's on the 28th? Wow.From reading the press release of where these retros will release (store wise), it seem just like the Kobe prelude deal. So unless they hit champs, finishline, etc., it is basically a waste of a Saturday morning or whatever day they come out.
Have a feeling these are going to have the availablilty of the Kobe retro stuff that sold out instantly. (Not many people are going to have a realistic chance) And for an inflated price as well. Are these going to be playable as well? Or is it going to have dialed down cushion and basically be fashion over function?
Just tuned into the bulls vs knicks and the 1st thought was, doesnt the nba/tnt flex out of games like this?
Remember when the radio show was in Atlanta for the final four or something like that. Rusiillo said one of his biggest regrets was not attending freaknik. Had to rewind a few times to make sure I heard that correctly. That threw me off for a minute.
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