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Looking forward to this release. But if its on the level like last time (finishline having less than 100 pair total online etc.) What's the point?
Never thought I would say Speights can't jump, but I really think he cant. Missed the dunk in the finals , got hung earlier this year. and let Livingston block his shot. Jalen Rose was right it seems his weight fluctuates during the season and it affects his jumping.
Those laughs and smiles during the first half for the Clippers disappeared by mid 3rd qtr.
Just saw thar Derrick Jones Jr got sent back to d - league. Didnt James White get released after the dunk contest?
$ increase on the elites?
Just saw where Brewer says he wants to take Ingram under his wing. Said he sees alot of himself in him. Apparently going to show him how to become a veteran by cherry picking.
So does this move take magic off of espn? Dont see how he can be president of opearations and still work espn/abc.
this observation had to come from one of the "lucky" fans who were lucky enough to be in on the draft and have input. SMH
This Boogie Cousins trade has basically made the Kings irrelevant in a BRAND NEW building. With that thought process they shouldve moved to Seattle.
If this trade is legit, Kings lost big time. But to be expected for a team that want to cherry pick and have fans have a say so in the draft room
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