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Respect to Under Armor for taking their shot. You know that has to hurt... Making that big of an offer and still not getting him. Ouch.
Kanyes my dude but I'm disappointed. Damn near Same set as the yeezus tour concert. No surprise guests or anything. Good show but he didn't do anything he hasn't already done the last 2 years... Flame suit on for ye stans
Shaub was 2 easy wins for us. Carrs actually gonna make games competitive
I probably won't win any of your votes, but I'm fairly confident that if we compare our full rosters stat averages after the seasons over that I'm going to have one hell of a squad. Probably will be the best, most well rounded statistical team in 2/3 seasons.
Dudes just love to argue for a living. Simple as that Ska.
Dudes, it's not that serious. You either want to help and make a quick 50 bucks or you don't. Why wouldn't anyone with skills want a quick 50 bucks for 30 minutes of light work? She's not a Forbes top 100 corporation... She's just a lady who wants to Make cupcakes and make some side Money. WHO DO YOU THINK SHES GOING TO BE, THE BILL GATES OF CUPCAKES? What the hell you scared of? That Skas friend will turn into the next Nike of the baking industry? From her kitchen?...
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