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It's been funny to lurk this season. Nothing has changed thread wise, honestly
LOLI don't wanna hear a peep from you if they really hire Cable AKA Tomsula 2.0
I don't have a comeback for this, it hurt my soul
Not even the best rocky movie let alone best sports movie Washed
I would be happy to assist as co-GM for anyone who would like my services
Salty "man" posting 4rom his moms basement Laughing at other "clowns" when his 3ntire team is always fishing come championship time
Come to cali and call me Olivia to my face McKittycat
If you don't win every year you're a fraud.
Nah man. If you gonna slander be ready to give out some props if dueI won't tell tolerate hypocracy I'm ready to spray
Ain't gotta pray for ****. You saw the skills in full display with your own eyes. Taking out the "best team" in football on the road apparently isn't good enough to give credit to unless you go the whole way Go McSleep
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