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Lacy been careless as ****. You can't blame the rain for his fumbling when James Starks never even remotely bobbled or lost control of the ball. Starks is a lot more reliable and elusive. If I was McCarthy I'd just give him the bulk of the carries the rest of the way. Bring Lacy in for short yardage **** or to run down the clock in 2nd halves. Other than that he's been extremely unreliable, you can probably tell by his gut gaining inches by the week as well.
He was supposed to be the next big star out of Fresno St. Dudes were saying he would "flourish" with AR. If you can't flourish with 11 or More weekly targets from Aaron Rodgers you ain't gonna flourish anywhere.
Garbage *** dude man.Countless opportunities butchered.
Thanks for doing that, i didn't want to be the one to. I already have a bad enough rep around here as it is It's funny to hear a Jay Cutler fan say such things.Que the picture of him biking on the sidelines during the 2nd half of the NFC championship game
I know you guys are trolling.Other dudes are Srs tho
Dudes gonna write the narrative Rodgers ain't clutch though. He threw that as he was being hit to the ground. Right through the hands, literally. Cut his bum ***.
Davante ******* Adams. Why the **** would you even trust him anymore? Absolute trash WR
Dudes thought Davante could replicate Jordy's production Dude has been the worst football player on the entire field the whole entire game. Mistake after mistake. Missed route after missed route. Drop after drop. I would not be surprised if Montgomery is promoted when he's healthy soon and seeing Davante demoted to WR4/5. He's just been horrifically bad man.
**** **** ****
Good half of football given the super wet and sloppy conditions. Should be a good finish. Happy Thanksgiving homies
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