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This.THREAD WORTHY TOPIC SKA.I refuse to fill in the blanks until it has its own thread!
Dat System
For the sake of the thread vibes for this upcoming season I think its safe to say... GO CUBS!!!
Nice, a paid year long vacation for a woman beater.He gets to go enjoy Hawaii on the NFL's dime.
Your friend is not in the loop, and many of you are naive and misinformed. Goodell made that phonecall to Twitter HQ and sent over his goons to cut down the social media backlash this morning.
@Rolaholic @DeadsetAce i know ya'll already got the .mp3 share it with the NT fam
Objectively speaking, as a business man he has been a great commissioner for the sport and for the brand.As a human being though, dude has had his blinders on to any important topics of injustice, abuse, violence, etc.Complete clown status when it comes to common sense and dealing with the human aspects of the sport, both on and off the field.
Eh. Im not going to complain. 10 episodes is still 10 episodes of greatness. The fact that FX renewed it so quickly is the big deal here, to me. That means we got plenty more of Atlanta to come and thats what i think we should be pleased with
Bruh. It's been on my calendar all year.Will start binging it tonight
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