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yoooo man. so sorry to hear about your pops Im glad that recent news has been positive though!Hoping for the best my man!!And yeah man. Im not even kidding, we will definitely link up for a round as soon as youve moved to cali. I visit SD every few months to visit my cousin.And we can always meet up in LA and kick it with my boys @Mamba MVP and @Ecook0808
Not sure if ive entered the big sean thread or the cole thread with how hard dude is stanning for sean in here
There's a reason why we don't like that dude posting in our Laker thread.
I dont understand this logic. If that was his first album and he had been regressing I would understand that a little better.But his album trajectory has been going upwards. His 3rd album was his best album. FHD was the first time he made an album HE wanted to make from front to back.Now he has even more creative freedom and even less pressure from the record label for radio hits.With that said, why would he not be able to make anything as good or better when he has even...
Imho he's always been overrated but that's just me *kanye shrug*
Whoops. My fault Good heads up, repped
He's calling hoody to set up the trade back to Boston
Man I clicked it becaus I thought you were posting a pic No point for me to even keep watching
Dsa what's with the new Avy You can do better my man
What ever happened to Dee Milliner? I thought he was supposed to be the next great DB. @nickmaz96 pls explain
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