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he just couldn't help himself.I respect the fact that he can say so much with so little
Clarkson with those early leadership skills on and off the court
Nah I heard he's turning a pillow cover into a sock. Stay tuned.
Link to the thread most entertaining
iTunes updates are now at midnight on Thursday nights (technically Friday's). This weeks updates have already happened. They're going to have to put Ye's album in on its own tonight if it's really dropping.
I respect this post, good takes.Serious. Understand you a lot better now.My bad for giving you a hard time earlier.Repped.
Honestly had no idea, good info.Repped.
So now you're complaining about how boring I am?3 complaints on the page, and you're worried about other peoples constant complaining?
Did you or did you not just complain, again, for the 2nd time on this page?*plays Kanye - Facts*
The irony.You just added a complaint to the 15 pages of complaints, so that just makes you one of us.A little food for thought, complainer.
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