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Over emotional? Who was talking about his stamina? Who gives a damn if he'll be "good" with less minutes and more rest? He's getting paid 48 million dollars the next 2 years, so "poor old Kobe" can get all the rest he wants when he retires. I wasn't discussing fatigue I was discussing losing basketball games in a pathetic fashion.
I'm not disputing any of that. This team sucks either way, whether he Hero balls or not. My point is, if you know this team has no chance (Which Kobe is smart enough to know)... Instead of losing games shooting 30 contested jump shots, why not lose games by trying to help your young teammates develop their games? Pass to them, encourage them to create shots and get better. Encourage them to learn fundamentals. Help them with their footwork, help them with their post...
It's really sad man. Kobe is my favorite basketball player of all time. I never ever thought it would be this cringe worthy watching him play. Honestly, it's a pain to watch. I know team tankers are happy and for the most part all of us understand the value of losing right now, so at the end of the day It's a "good" thing that Kobe is playing this way. But man... It still hurts to see them lose the way that they are. And it hurts to see Kobe hurting even the slim...
I cannot believe I just spent an hour of my life watching that episode.... Worst episode of the series hands down
Man no one wants to watch either of those 2 teams on SNF.
Playoffs basically start early next week for quite a few teams. Gonna be one of the most interesting week 17's in recent memory. Can't ******* wait
I guess great minds just think alike.
Mamba.How you gonna straight jack the same exact joke I used on CP on his age quote like 2 hours ago? What part of the lulz game is that, B? [[SPOILER]]
Where's @Kevin Cleveland to make sense of this Corbin slander?
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