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Bruh your trolling sucks. Everyone and their mamas were projecting DLo to land top 3 and be a franchise pg for years to come. Go take a breather and come back with better troll attempts tomorrow
Looking at how damn near every pick is up for sale from 3-32... i think we should count our lucky stars that we got Ingram here. Anything lower than top 2 (or worse yet no pick) would of been a headache, i can only imagine. We'd all be going after each others throats over opinions on Dunn, Buddy, etc. We really did get fortunate here, i hope you guys realize that. Of course theres no guarantee Ingram will pan out to be elite but ****, i like our odds with him a lot...
Hold on let me call my brother and have him call Kareem and ask him to call Brandon to see if he is interested in being a Laker.
Who you hoping the Knicks draft this year in the 1st round?
Yeah i seen P up to no good behind closed doors... was wondering what that was all about.I see how it is
missed you
Heard D'Angelo was hired to be the photographer for those engagement photos.
You're trippin man. She's well above a 6. Plus he's happy, so no reason to hate.
New Poll Ideas? Should i wait until Ingram is officially picked first?
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