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Vince Wilfork, DT. Felt bad about holding it up if anyone wanted to keep it going tonight
OH MY ******* GOD I ******* hate drafting behind sohi he did this same **** to me in the nba redraft over and over again one spot ahead of me every time Man. God damnit. Ugh. IM too mad to even think of another pick right now I'll make one in the morning. ****. I really am gonna end up starting Dennis Dixon
Thanks Ska I'll take the W E you're my dawg, I got you man. Soon. Thanks J
Can we get a new post of all picks on this page please?
Was planning to take him to pair up with Vontaze this round just to piss off Chester.Can't beleive he was thought of being out injured
I don't give a damn about you guys all reaching for QBs.I refuse to pick an average player when great players are left on the board just because others are doing it. [[SPOILER]]
Where is Eag Em to make sense of all this?
Thanks guys. Seaman's article alone made me wanna come back... Pure lulz I'm just into evolving and when the thread gets stuck in the same gear, with the same negativity, same points and same reminders of how bad we are on an hourly basis there seems to be no evolution within the thread. Nothing personal but I had to take a break from being stuck in that same gear. Unfortunately I've lurked the last few pages to see if it's any different and similar arguments are...
Percy can't run routes, though. Cobb in the slot >>>
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