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I would of thrown a worse tantrum.A game 7 of a playoff series was ruined because of a dude who ****** Up the time and buzzer.It was unacceptable and I was rooting against the Spurs.
@ Donovan's Oscar performance about not knowing what the reporters were asking about. Leo would be proud @sea manup
That means you care a lot about what he meant.
Give Kobe 48.5 million to coach the youngsters when he's not eating donuts and vacationing in Milan
@Chester McFloppy
Interesting seeing how the script hasnt even been written yet.
Hes a great villain period.Oceans 12 @ the biggest douche character in Hollywood
Derailed was a really entertaining movie.One of Clive's last
@ Byron acting like Luke is really gonna call him for advice. "When Luke calls Ima be extremely honest about each and every player" FOH BRAH.
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