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Strong 32nd post.
Is Omar Casspi on your board? @rck3sactown
We need to get Cook on this asap.
You going to draft your super team Knicks players?
I still can't believe the Sixers offered Manu 2 years/30 million Sam Hinkie rolling over in his process right now
if my dude shoe was writing manifestos defending Wes Johnson as a Clipper then i cant even imagine the word count were going to have to read once he sees the Blake slander today.
Eh. I usually have been annoyed when people in the past have pointed out how the show is "falling off" but now I cant help but to feel like one of those people. It pains me to say it, because I have always been entertained by this show through all of its ups and downs... but man, this show IN MY OPINION has gotten extremely boring Harvey's swag is non-existent now, the firm is gone, Mike is in jail with some cliche story about snitching to survive...big whoop. Idk man,...
Dude got Tyler Johnson money. TYLER JOHNSON. Absolute steal man.
There is only one person on the show that sometimes has cringe worthy acting, Vernon.Everyone else is fine, im being completely objective. This show isnt that great, i watch to fill up time and its eye candy, so im not a stan.But the acting isnt a big deal in this show. Everyone does fine, except for Vernon... and he plays a goofball player that is making idiotic decisions, so its really not that far off that he has bad acting for his character because he seems like a...
You act like DLo should of been given a pass from any criticism as a rookie.All players get slandered man, let alone 19 year old rookies who come into the league looking scared to touch the ball No doubt some of it was unfair, and hes going to improve and prove some dudes wrong (hopefully)...but Everyone gets criticism, especially on NT.Look at all the damn hater threads in S&T, and those are for the best players/teams in the league.Yet you expect no criticism or jokes for...
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