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He has a rep for trying really hard to get under people's skins. Instigates a lot. Russles jimmies every day.
Superb gon' Superb.
@REHSILIENT Follow all non-creepy #NT back
I thought your game was like Peyton tho?We'll use you for the mini games and free throw contests. But for the ones that matter we may need you to just chill on the sidelines
Fitness and sports are my passion man.Where in So-Cal you reside
Wonder what some of you dudes look like. Am I about to meet up with a bunch of Yao Mings? Or Slava Medvedenkos? Or you dudes lookin like Bill Russell? Or some of you dudes lookin like Herc from The Wire? Ska that's you right I bet Kal looks like Brandon Routh. I've been told I look like that middle eastern Caspri dude from the Kings Gtb probably looks like DJ Mbenga Which one of you dudes is THAT dude that calls every ticky tack foul when hooping? I bet it's...
You down to come down to SB when you're in Cali?If so we'll make this happen in may?
I will break at least one persons ankles. Question is... Whose?
gtb will be the water/Gatorade boy
Honestly would love for a Lakers thread vs. NT hoop summit. I think we'd be good. CP to keep score Ska to set picks and grab boards Kal to pass and defend Seaman up to bring some international Chinese flare and swag to the team Me to shoot the ball everytime down the court I think we have all aspects of good team ball covered
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