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Best news I've ever seen. Demar is my favorite player now.
Give Byron a second chance guys. Bring him back as assistant and let him get some real time to teach our players how to man up.
Since they don't have his bird rights how does it affect contract offers? What's the max miami can offer him compared to the max other teams can?
Trade them 2034 and 2036
I would do that trade in a heart beat.
Who said it wasn't, Magic?
GS barely won with OKC's bench nonexistent and Russ having 500 turnovers. They'll be fine.
Can't wait to see him get canned once again and still get excuses from supporters
WELP. Good game @Chester McFloppy enjoy your skinny vanilla latte with 3 pumps of sugar free caramel and almond milk instead of regular milk tomorrow morning with my money.
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