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Only thing he would kill is the ratings B.Even worse than Vince Vaughns season 2 performance did.
I'm not a New Yorker, but can it really be that easy to "get around" at 2 am all across the state of NY without a car man?Especially when Naz was going from point A to B to C to D in zig zags.I mean, thats one hell of an uber ride for his brother...and this was 2014 so uber wasnt really even in play like that then.He'd have to be taking a taxi and following naz nonstop that night to end up where he ended up.Not even close to being realistic.If it was his brother they...
Just hit my rep limit repping everyone involved in this wonderful discussion about drinks.
Always on the money with .gifs man.Ron Swanson Now thats a man who appreciates a good steak and whiskey
you dudes soundin like james bonds in here.way too classy for us NT folk Goose neat is tho
Gentlemans Jack is surprisingly smooth and drinkable for its price range. Its only 10 dollars more than a regular jack bottle, but the drinkability is on point with Ciroc (as far as darks go, not in direct comparison).Put 2 shots of that in a glass with ice and a splash of pepsi and youd be surprised how subtly dangerous it can be.I dont mess with bourbon or cognac tho, henny is okay if it is the only option, but overrated as hell yeah i said it come at me.
I cannot believe you really put those recycle bin ghost rider movies and G rated national treasure on a "back-up" list and a great movie like Matchstick Men on the "lesser films" list.You need a doctor check up b?Matchstick Men belongs on the top list if anything, and half those B list films belong on the F list.
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