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Terrance Jones has great intangibles, but his shot is so damn ugly
30 for 30: The Air Ball Game
I'm happy to see Stephs okay.
Nah^The GOAT
Make it stop bro? MAKE IT STOP?You actin like Jigsaw from SAW got you trapped in one of his games, clamping your eyes open and forcing you to watch the Steph injury on repeatChange the damn channel for a few minutes and go grab some food. No ones making you stare at the tv and watch every replay
You dudes keep going with this Real Housewives of NT drama I bet Ska is going to delete the entire thread Settle down
A lot of tickets cops hand out are, but anyone whose dumb enough to tempt a cop by breaking a law on purpose in front of him deserves to be pulled over
I saw it.I see the edit.Smart man
The real rockets BYKE?
Bruh shut up.We ain't even warriors fans and we can all admit that was a hard fall.Stop Tryna prove you're right and just wish the man well
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