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Rck you need dat famous Sacramento anger management
Man that's harsh but still hilarious
You sure that's all you're saying? Because to me you're saying that all you're saying is that what you're saying is you enjoy to watch people say goodbye. Is that all you're saying?
LaDanian In b4 Chester posts the LT on the bench picture
Why even bother watching exit interviews? I don't get why any of you would still waste energy or time on anything related to this past season I'm mentally checked out until the draft lottery. Time to move on.
Bye gtb
He will. Along with Demarcus, LeBron, Westbrook, Love, and Harden.They'll all be Lakers by 2015
Dat you know what shrinkage doe
False. GOAT Summer treat.
Can you elaborate on the specifics of how it's changed things?
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