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Ain't mad at Lou for flourishing in Houston. Happy for him
Sources are telling me Kobe is considering coming out of retirement for the vet minimum and will accept bench role to mentor young players as s favor to Magic.
I agree.Subscribed
Lethal Weapon got renewed for season 2 @CP1708 I've been lurking a lot but I just wanted to mention I've agreed with all your thoughts on the show. It's been a really entertaining hour of weekly television. Something with a lot of heart yet still light and easy to consume for casual viewing. Really happy to hear the news
Elaborate plsI watched, it was good but I feel like I'm missing the messages in between the lines
4 way tie with noble constantly on licensed's ballsLol
Not sure if the DLo Stan brigade or Whip is a bigger detriment to this thread. Close race for most agonizing presence and worst takes going on tbh
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