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Everything I see Ingram involved in makes me happier and happier we were able to draft him Outside of his obvious talent on the court, he Seems like a chill *** dude
Need both of ya'll to back up.
I did.I thought it was a GREAT pilot episode for a series. Fox series usually dont grab me in their pilot episodes, they gradually get better.But this was a very enjoyable first episode.Sidenote: Zach Morris BYKE
HOWLIN man **** will never not be funny.i still cant believe he really snapped that ball
Donald BrownSeyi AjirotutuThe go-to playmakers starting after injuries.Enough said.
It sucks man.Outside of prime LT he has never had a consistent running game. (Donald Young was our starter a few years ago )Melvin obviously had a tough rookie year, now this year he's looking a little more sharp with some more consistent blocking.Our O-Line has always been injured, last year he was playing with a 4th STRING CENTER... 4th STRING!! Look it up Keenan keeps getting injured, Gates is always banged up now.Norv Turner as head coach for most of his prime Defense...
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