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Bruh you always make such depressing comparisons I know theyll probably be accurate but man its hard to be hopeful with that.
BI is going to play in summer league? NICEEEE. What about Zu? BI-Zo-Zu
Ight, no more players of other teams in the thread title or polls. Lets discuss which one of our rookies (besides Zo) you guys think will have the best career long term for us?
I honestly have NO idea who the dudes around D'Lol are in that picture. Are they his friends or are those Brooklyn Nets players?...
Heard Lavar is pushing hard for Magic to offer Swaggy a new deal, wants him to join BBB and needs him in Purple and Gold. They discussed it today.
Anyone else feel like they get more enjoyment out of good television shows nowadays rather than movies? I can never pick a movie on Netflix or Hulu, i feel like the overall entertainment value and quality of movies has gone down for me personally. Or at least, its just not appealing to me. Recently over the past year I've noticed myself on the prowl for new shows to watch, rather than new movies. Just wondering if anyone else has seen themselves transition this way as well.
Regarding the waste of D'Lo's talents and the #2 pick...It'll be okay fellas, our team can't get any worse. We're lucky to even have gotten 3 straight #2 picks in my opinion, i guess thats why it doesn't bother me as much. But i understand why for some its a tough pill to swallow. Its a shame, it really is. But I just wish we could all look on the bright side some more.
Clarkson should be traded just based off the mustache he's rocking today alone.
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