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I guess the Seahawks are pretty fitting for all this early turmoil within my organization.
I'm 28? What... The... ****... I thought I was 23 this whole time because of where I saw my name in the op. Wow.
Why exactly Are you guys name dropping QBs again?
I actually thought... For some really naive reason... That I had a chance at Luck at 23.LOLBack to the drawing board
Doubt VJax would wanna come back to SD with the way he was treated during negotiations. Low ball central To be fair it as a previous front office team negotiating but still... I'm sure it left a bad taste.
Too durable for you guys.
Definitely not a one year sim... Which is why I was also shocked at Peyton going before Luck.
This is unbelievable... at this rate the best QB left at my pick will be Colt McCoy. The bottom half teams have no chance in any Madden simulations
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