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So what do you propose we do if we lose our pick?I mean options are limited, free agent choices are limited, the CBA doesn't give us a lot of realistic options outside of the Dwights of the world. We gotta do something.
Easily thread of the year so far. **** is hilarious
I'm so happy with the bolts. First draft in a while I felt like the had their **** together all 7 rounds. Start off with a playmaker, then address nothing but secondary and o-line. Value picks too at that. Both Lamp and King were great values. Can't wait to attend games this season Especially the summit against the broncos
Been ridin for him and beast mode since before they were drafted but dudes act like I'm just a bandwagon AR stan in here
My college didn't have a football team (UCSB) so I rooted for Cal.Had to root for someone in the UC system and it damn sure wasn't gonna be UC Davis
HOWLIN PALLETS used as luxurious replacements for box springs
Yo this sounds really nice to get into.Any tips on getting started for someone with ZERO (absolutely none) experience and no yard?I have a patio for my apt but not much else to work with.Any starter packs or such?
I know its only been out for an hour but i listened the whole way through and… I am being objective as possible. I went in with 0 expectation, I respect Wale and I respect his talent. But objectively speaking, just a huge MEH for this album. *sigh*. I'll just leave it at meh.
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