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Teddy with the wheels
Every time I see the threads been bumped rush in here like thinking some kind of information about the album has been leaked. 12/9 needs to come already
Heads up guys, Amazon has a bunch of great blu Rays on sale for 3.99 They're pretty much price matching a lot of deals but for those of you who don't wanna deal with the commotion this is a convenient time to cop. Full list of movies on sale is there. Includes fight club, taken, limitless, silence of the lambs...I copped those 4 Much more too. And I'm...
You guys should add a shot for every time Chester slanders Russ and his stats today too. It's inevitable. That will get you guys faded all by itself
Happy birthday to all of you guys from this past week
You're a music forum fraud
It's almost December 9
it's embarassing but I can't be mad at Kobe ball hogging and clanking jumpers while the rest of the team air balls lay ups meanwhile giving up 140 points a night... If it leads to a top 5 pick to pair with Randle. Keep it up Lakers, I ain't even mad,
Are roids allowed in our league, commish? is a dope site. Peter King is that dude. Great info there for football geeks if anyone's interested it browsing.
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