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still lost by a 40, my word
watched first half highlights, kinda glad I missed this blood bath
hey guys, new to this thread but longer than I can.remember. anyways, just posted a track from my upcoming project on my cloud. theres also all of my recent work on there if you wanna take a listen. any feedback is.much appreciated
speaking of manga, thought they was finally bout to do my boy Vegetto right but they cut him short again. at least he overwhelmed Zamasu like he should have, looked like he couldve handled him in base form
tossin powerlevels out the window now lol. I get that Goku was holding back but damn do they make Blue look.lackluster
maybe even moreso. also, never seen that Jeff Hardy gif Hardy Boyz was them dudes lol
man Feel...
definitely my favorite arc post skip. things finally starting to feel real
they had the sugar cookies too
man I want a tee
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