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been thinking about the side hustle thing. I used to airbnb my place and was doing QUITE well. Only reason I stopped is because I got a new job and my schedule wasnt as flexible any longer. however thos uswed book thing seems lucrative lol
I mess with Russilo. I think he does like black women though. I love his NBA commentary. But yeah Cari 41 AND I DONT GIVE A DAMNNNNNN
just keep at them, i'm 242 and I do 4 x fail whenever I do pull ups and I can usually get about 35-37 (total). I'm built like a 3rd string fullback at a D2 school tho
i need to figure out how to carve so I can get the yambs. I can turn heel and toe side but it aint the prettiest thing you ever saw, lol. and i wanna be able to link turns at some point. hitting the Poconos prez day weekend.
Right on time! I was looking for neew googles. Had a pair Of Smith joints in Utah last month and I was basically blind out here with how they were fogging up. smh
lol. knew I would come in here and see Ye is trash posts. but calling TLOP and MBDTF trash.....ion know about all that lol.
Selling these banned 1's I got from Hibbett Sports. They were a display shoe and do not come with the alternate laces. Never worn. No trades. Paypal Only. Will be shipped UPS or USPS with tracking number
Very underrated when discussing french fries. I would place them in the elite category
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