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its not about sneakers btw. its more lifestyle, culture, that kinda stuff
i've been doing some research and I am looking to start my own interactive blog/forum. Something similar to NT but obviously not on that scale. I've looked at Wix, Wordpress, weebly, etc. but they don't offer the functionality that I'm looking for. I see that NT is run on fandom/wikia so I see thats a possibility. Have any of you guys done anything similar using another platform? tips, advice, useful material?
been thinking about the side hustle thing. I used to airbnb my place and was doing QUITE well. Only reason I stopped is because I got a new job and my schedule wasnt as flexible any longer. however thos uswed book thing seems lucrative lol
I mess with Russilo. I think he does like black women though. I love his NBA commentary. But yeah Cari 41 AND I DONT GIVE A DAMNNNNNN
just keep at them, i'm 242 and I do 4 x fail whenever I do pull ups and I can usually get about 35-37 (total). I'm built like a 3rd string fullback at a D2 school tho
i need to figure out how to carve so I can get the yambs. I can turn heel and toe side but it aint the prettiest thing you ever saw, lol. and i wanna be able to link turns at some point. hitting the Poconos prez day weekend.
Right on time! I was looking for neew googles. Had a pair Of Smith joints in Utah last month and I was basically blind out here with how they were fogging up. smh
lol. knew I would come in here and see Ye is trash posts. but calling TLOP and MBDTF trash.....ion know about all that lol.
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