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nike eggplant foamposites sz 11.5. $100 shipped. US domestic shipping only. No trades.
nike air griffey max 1 freshwater sz 11. worn a handful of times. still in really good shape. $80 shipped. no trades. domestic shipping only.
When he said he walked down the the police station like malcom x......i started dying
Going to Salt Lake City for a ski weekend. Anybody got any recommendations on what to do around the city?
its not about sneakers btw. its more lifestyle, culture, that kinda stuff
i've been doing some research and I am looking to start my own interactive blog/forum. Something similar to NT but obviously not on that scale. I've looked at Wix, Wordpress, weebly, etc. but they don't offer the functionality that I'm looking for. I see that NT is run on fandom/wikia so I see thats a possibility. Have any of you guys done anything similar using another platform? tips, advice, useful material?
been thinking about the side hustle thing. I used to airbnb my place and was doing QUITE well. Only reason I stopped is because I got a new job and my schedule wasnt as flexible any longer. however thos uswed book thing seems lucrative lol
I mess with Russilo. I think he does like black women though. I love his NBA commentary. But yeah Cari 41 AND I DONT GIVE A DAMNNNNNN
just keep at them, i'm 242 and I do 4 x fail whenever I do pull ups and I can usually get about 35-37 (total). I'm built like a 3rd string fullback at a D2 school tho
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