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they really weren't. damn near 80% of this thread was clamoring him to play the 5. now they're slowly starting to realize that he really isn't ready, but what do i know...i've only been saying that since forever
i want to see Melo drop 30+ ppg, but still lose every single game
you're crazy
welp, at least Rose's contract comes off the books. if we resign him, i'm talking a step back. if we resign him for any more than $15mil per year, i'm walking away entirely until Phil's stupid arrogant *** is gone.
i hope his flight gets delayed every hour so he cant leave, and just has to wait until Monday to fly out to wherever the **** he's going.
punch him in the stomach
whoever is pro Phil can buy a Nets jersey
Rose and Noah for Rubio and Pek. idc if he doesn't play. i like the fact that his contract is shorter than Noah's and is making less. keep Billy and Kyle, bc we aren't going to get fair value back. Kyle is playing well and isn't even making $5mil per. get blown out by 18 tonight. that's what i'm expecting/hoping for today.
I'd trade Pek for Noah straight up
trading Rose for RJ is a lateral move at best. financially, we basically keep a Rose type player for roughly 50mil until 2020 or overpay Rose. I prefer to just keep Rose and let him walk in the offseason. I'm tired of having no cap space. Regardless if top (or any) players wanna come here or not, I'd rather pay some bums than have 3 max guys and cripple us for years.
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