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Do you? Bc then you should know that weight doesn't matter. Contraction matters. Not to mention that KP is hella skinny to begin with.
Idk. I think DLo could use guidance from a real one like Melo.
He has one of the highest ceilings and also the highest bust potential. Idk why y'all hating on DLo so much. It's his second year...give me DLo and Clarkson for our 8th, top 10 protected pick next year, and Pookie.
At this point, idc who we draft, as long as it's a guard. If we draft any other position, Phil is resigning Rose. If THAT happens, I'm never coming back in here again.
I don't think it's about the money. I think he just wants it out of the way.
I wouldn't mind getting Hill in the 2nd
Bc the players don't care about draft picks....idk why that's such a hard thing to grasp. Even if we cut everyone and signed a bunch of DLeagures, they're still trying to win. If you are an athlete, you don't lose on purpose.
Even though Fultz is the obvious #1 pick, he doesn't really fill a need for the Celtics. Granted he's going to be the 2nd best guard on the team, they already have Bradley, Smart, and IT. I can see one of them getting traded. What Boston really needs is a wing scorer. On the flip side, the Lakers are definitely taking Lonzo. A rotation of DLo, Lonzo, and Clarkson will be nice. Philly, Sac, Minny, and Orlando are definitely taking guards. Idk about Phoenix though. I can see...
I had zero expectations for the lottery
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