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I either want him to go to the Clips or Cavs. The man deserves a ring!
i don't want to get TOO excited, but damn if we get Marshawn
regardless of who we draft, we're going to hurt their potential as long as we try to run the triangle
Maybe Rose should start playing 2k...
avi to post
technically everyone contributes on a team. even if they don't play in the game, they are still there to practice with the guys and provide competition. Shump really isn't a good player though. he's an overrated defender and he's athletic. i'm not saying he's garbage, but he definitely isn't worth his contract.
i'd take AP for a one year deal. i would prefer that the base salary is low, with heavy incentives. at least if he gets hurt, we know Richard and Washington can fill the void. i don't think that either of them are quite ready to be the main guy just yet.
We lost by 20 and Melo only took 9 shots in 36 minutes. Hmmmm....maybe he's team tank?
Kmart is one of my favorite Knicks of all time and he was only here for a season
Such a talented player, but he just can't stay out of trouble. I'm down with drafting 2 corners. We need help badly. Then address our DT and LB needs.
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