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well i'll be at the ******** game, since i live out here. i didn't make it to the Ravens game last season, and i def missed a good one
might as well change the name if we're not going to black and silver...
As much as I like Melo, we're not getting a #1 pick for him.
Guys, we're drafting 14th. Let's be real...
Melo's IG post lol
i retract my previous statement of it all being Dolan's fault. no way Dolan is cosigning what this *** hat is saying right now.
Realest post in a while
did you guys REALLY expect this team to lose the last game? KP and Rose haven't been playing, so it's not like you can blame the coaching staff at this point. Melo probably wanted to play his last game (potentially) as a Knick at home. players will not lose on purpose. yall getting upset for no damn reason.
40 FGA minimum
EJ Manuel > McGlovin
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