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I'd take George Hill over Teague
Phil probably would've resigned Rose with a NTC
No triangle, no trading KP, no signing an injury prone 30+ year old and you probably can't **** up
At this point, everyone that is interested in the job knows more about what NOT to do in NY, than what to do. That's already better than Phil.
Apparently, separation talks started when Phil refused to buyout Melo's contract, which was only a couple days ago. I think Dolan and co. realized that this fool is really about his ego and not the team, so enough was enough. Better late than never. I wouldn't be able to watch 2 more years of Phil's Knicks.I actually cosign this. I'd be happy if Frank turns into an Andre Iguodala lite. More would be better of course, but I can see them having similar games. I would've...
Gotta get the spicy chicken sandwich. They have healthier options too, if you're interested.
Saw this at the gym #knickstape
Lmao the accuracy
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