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probably the realest thing you ever said
So downloaded it, didn't listen, but waited til I was gonna hop in the whip. It's .... different. back to starboy.
gawd that steering wheel red trim around the vents is wack tho
Anyone going to Twitchcon?
But it's not like they appeared in the package magically.Dunno where it's been before.
I wash everything first before I wear it.
I had a package once arrive in San Jose (where I was living). Then it went north to Richmond, then back south to Frenso, then finally back to San Jose. Got the package three days after it was initially in SJ. This was USPS. Infuriating.
Real dope vid.Got a good head on his shoulders.
I read that the skating community all already knew.
If I'm eating on toast I like it a little runnier like that.
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