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ITCVapes and Mech Sauce. Amazing juices and great prices. You can pick up 120 mL for like $20.From ITCVapes I recommend Milk, Spoonlicker v2, and Mint Cookie.From Mech Sauce I recommend Captain Loopy (arguably my favorite cereal flavor, and I don't even f with fruit loops), Mech Milk, and Empress Milk.Coval Vapes has great flavors, $15 for 30ml. They do a flavor of the week where you get two 30ml for $20.I bought Lenola Cream a couple weeks ago. ******* amazing. Top 3 juice.
dont own it personally but a homie of mine does so i've played with's a beast, really great phone.
dumbfoundead video was dope too #underwatersquad
isnt the head the only thing you can see when you're sitting in a car? hm.
HRE P101
tbh re30s are my least favorite volks
Was hesitant about game compatibility on W10 but looks like almost everything works.
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