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hockey prolly has the most parity
**** man get well soon stevie
got back on the horse started ~2 weeks ago, doing maybe 1.5-2 miles a day. im just happy that im getting out there everyday tbh. i mix in a bit of walking too just cause my stamina is ****. surprisingly, im actually enjoying going out every night. im truly dedicated right now to drop weight. been overweight most of my life. started dieting around the same time. basically been chicken breast, broc, cauliflower, spinach, and lean turkey. going into the food threat is...
Probably the same V6.
it's a show about photographers trying to get a shot, think its produced by canon
anyone watch tales by light on netflix?
watching that older man talk about losing his business was heartbreaking
samsung savage
Over under Russ takes 40 shots tonight.
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