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wot m8
any idea when jerseys will go on sale
gimme the m.
People with a higher socioeconomic status can seek care at an earlier age and get diagnosed. People with a lower SES can not.
Yeah, it looks like it's blocked off. Unless you go through that cul de sac thing (E. Curtis).
you'd be able to get more donations possibly
does your phone not let you call back?
Was considering doing the drive from the 1 last week Took the 5 instead.
Not a lot of abandoned places down here that I'm aware of IMO, I think if you're upgrading to another cropped body, you should just invest in nicer glass.Just my opinion tho.Got some places I want to check out this summer ..Bixby BridgeDavenport PierMt. Tam/Muir Woods/Marin areaGolden Gate (is it sad I've never seen the GG Bridge? )HWY 1Maybe make my first trip to Yosemite for 1 day, 1 night.So much to do.
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