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Nazanin Boniadi man .. soo fine
might have better luck in the edm thread. good line up. floss is sick.
My squad again: Curry Burks Thad Young Al Jeff Olynyk Ryan Anderson Deandre Tobias Harris Luol Rubio Hibbert Lawson I'm pretty good on C's. I dropped George Hill for Burks. Might pick him up again in a couple weeks. Feel like I have too many C's, I have 3 that only have center eligibility. It's a PG-SG-G-SF-PF-F-C-UTIL-UTIL league.
wow pretty good look
props to adams for laying out, wow.
telfair shooting awful. decent job managing the game tho
we're still talking about the sterlings?
gordon hayward had some bad ones last year
anyone see any coo tees? might pick up this one from adapt.
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