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Not being able to wash your car in your driveway
ONE OF US!7D tho.Ill shots @astronout
LG just cause their devices changed the game.But Huawei damn near perfected it when no one really had any high expectations.
When I rooted I would just flash stock roms anyway So no need to root my Moto X.Plus the features that were on roms I liked are already implemented.Samsung only cause they were one of the first - and they did it well. Unfortunately VZW ****** it up.Huawei and LG though, for sure tho.Not saying much tho, as the only other OEM is HTC (besides Moto).
Yeah I'm trying to find a way to set it as MTP as default. Doesn't look like you can tho.
Marshmallow bros. When you connect your phone to your computer, does it set it to "charging" as default?
bruh this is fire. SHEEEEEEESH xanny family aint no time seven rings fly **** only
I disagree. We hear more about the bad stuff than the good stuff.Not to say that there isn't bad stuff that doesn't go reported though.
Silver 964, white 993, and that OG 911.WANT ....
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