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hate how its mlssoccer.commajor league soccer soccer andruh roh
Anyone else not really like Five from ZnT anymore ...
Giving money to Wilson's fund is completely different from boycotting sneakers.
Nike's core base is African American?
Here are some samples of the Rokinon/Samyang/etc ... Samples of the 85mm 1.8
Could look into Rokinon/Samyang if you're not concerned with having no AF.
i was afraid that was going to be the answer
You can probably find a '08-'11 with relatively low miles in that range. That new Honda supercharger will only bring the CR-Z to ~185 HP, and it costs $5000. You might as well get a FR-S/BR-Z.
Just get a newer model Civic/Accord. Will last you forever and will get great gas mileage.
That "fade" effect can be a real hit or miss and it is over done.Not sure why it was used on the sneaker shot., but to me it works with the second and third water shots.
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