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It's an interesting product, sure, but who is it targeted at? No professional will be replacing their rigs/setup with this. Looking at the sample photos (which are shrunken) of this camera, it's just not that great in low light. A lot of noise. For the price I'd rather get a used 5D + some glass or a new APS-C.
I like Google. But if everyone says the new SK is flames I might try it out for a bit.
RIP internet
yisssssssss kristina chaibruh german/asian chicks be FIRE.
well damn @tokes99, sick stuff as always man. so dope.@Keko Jones, second one is my favorite. Love the colors from the signs and bridge on the water.In the last one, not sure why but the binocular thing seems real out of place - kind of distracting i guess?
that ******* tattoo
it's not the same.a lot of people probably wouldnt be able to afford to drive.public transit in europe isn't like how it is out here.
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