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Very rarely manual focus. Sometimes I manually choose focal points though. Use youtube for lightroom tutorials, can be very helpful. I don't ever shoot on P, but someimtes I do AV. Try AV mode out.
lol **** these guys.
You'd think they'd update the GoFundMe.
I have a Tamron 17-50. My main lens.It's really good. It's just heavy, considering I'm also gripped.
Haven't shot in a long *** time. Gotta get back out there. Dropped moms off at SFO, figured I'd stop by Twin Peaks for the first time.
He's from Belgium ...
Sounds gucci.Flourish fam
Man, wish Canon made a 35mm 1.8 for ~$150.
PLEASE remaster CoD1 + UO.
Nope. Still use a desktop as well.
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